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  • 3rd October 2008

    Nick Brown becomes second gay man appointed in reshuffle 13

    Nick Brown has been appointed Chief Whip

    5:15 PM — As more details of the Cabinet reshuffle are released, it has been confirmed that Nick Brown will replace Geoff Hoon as Chief Whip.

  • Organisers claim homophobic fire department closed gay festival

    Side by Side was meant to showcase work from around the world

    1:11 PM — A gay and lesbian film festival which was supposed to open in St Petersburg yesterday has been thrown into disarray after city fire inspectors ruled the venues were not suitable.

  • 2nd October 2008

    Melissa Ethelridge to get married ahead of California vote

    Melissa Etheridge is getting married

    8:43 PM — Lesbian rock icon Melissa Etheridge is getting married. She told US celebrity TV show Extra that she intends to tie the knot with girlfriend Tammy Lynn Michaels.

  • Gay star Will Young invited to appear on Question Time

    Will Young is to appear on Question Time

    6:51 PM — With a degree in politics, Will Young is better qualified that most pop stars to participate in the cockpit of debate that is BBC's Question Time.

  • Last chance to get tickets for Stella Duffy night

    Stella Duffy has published 11 novels

    2:10 PM — Writer, playwright and actor Stella Duffy will be "in conversation" at the National Theatre in London later this month.

  • Sydney Mardi Gras gets government funding for first time 1

    This year marked the 30th anniversary of Mardi Gras

    1:23 PM — One of the world's best-known gay events is being given state backing. The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras generates more than $30m (£13.3m) for the city and state of New South Wales.

  • 30th September 2008

    Hollyoaks: Will Frankie and Darren be forced to tell the police about Jack?

    Hollyoaks is on Channel 4 daily

    7:36 PM — Newt goes missing at the start of the week and Frankie and Darren are desperate to find him. It seems that the young lad's disappearance has been sparked by the fact that he spotted Jack the previous night. As Frankie and Darren hunt high and low they soon reach the conclusion that they might have to call the police. But are they ready to reveal the startling truth about Jack?

  • Sean Penn boasts to Madonna about kissing boys 11

    Mr Penn and Madonna were married in 1985 but divorced four years later

    1:06 PM — Sean Penn, who is to star in new film Milk, has shared an on-screen kiss with co-star James Franco. The actor was reportedly so excited about his first gay kiss that he sent a text message to Madonna about it.

  • Veteran actress claims coming out killed her mother 22

    In 2002, the actress was awarded an OBE for services to drama

    12:50 PM — Award-winning stage and screen actress Miriam Margolyes revealed that she believes coming out as a lesbian caused her mother’s death.

  • Top author to create gay characters 4

    Mr McCall Smith’s first <em>No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency </em>novel became a best-seller in 1998

    12:21 PM — Alexander McCall Smith, the best-selling author of The No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, will introduce gay characters into his new books. The new gay characters will appear in Mr McCall Smith’s 44 Scotland Street and Sunday Philosophy Club series.

  • 29th September 2008

    Record turnout at Asia’s largest Pride event

    2008 Taipei Gay Carnival ended with a Pride parade

    6:23 PM — The Taiwanese gay community celebrated the highlight of the 2008 Taipei Gay Carnival with a Pride parade on Saturday.

  • Liverpool gay village plan frustrated by council 5

    There are plans for a gay quarter in Liverpool

    1:32 PM — Business leaders in Liverpool have criticised a proposal from the council that streets around the city's "gay quarter" be closed to traffic after 10pm.

  • Danish man sought embassy protection after Sarajevo violence

    Violence flared at Bosnia's first gay festival

    12:00 PM — One of the people injured when a homophobic mob attacked the opening event of Bosnia's first gay festival has spoken of his ordeal.

  • 27th September 2008

    Film Review: Quantum of Solace 3

    Daniel Craig plays 007 in Quantum of Solace

    2:36 PM — Not quite the traditional Halloween movie this, yet somehow it's still strangely appropriate for the second Daniel Craig-starring Bond film to come out on a date long associated with the dead. Because this is one film series that has well and truly risen from the ashes like some kind of latter-day Dracula. James Bond hasn't been this cool for years – and to think that just two short years ago, as we awaited the release of Casino Royale with a mixture of hope and dread, many had written off the Bond franchise for good.

  • Film Review: Where the Wild Things Are 2

    Max Records plays Max in Where the Wild Things Are

    2:33 PM — After the sheer madness of his only two feature films to date, 1999's Being John Malkovich and 2002's Adaptation, it's a safe bet that Spike Jonze must have been low down on anybody's list as the ideal director for a big screen adaptation of a hit series of children's books.

  • Film Review: Ghost Town

    (L-R) Dentist, Bertram Pincus (Ricky Gervais) can see and talk to ghosts such as Frank Herlihy (Greg Kinnear) in the comedy Ghost Town. Photo Credit: Sarah Shatz

    2:29 PM — Channel Four's late night comedy series The 11 O'Clock Show may only have run for three years, and may never have overly troubled the ratings, but it somehow proved a test bed for two of the biggest British comedy phenomena of the last decade. Launched in 1998 and hosted by Iain Lee (now best known as a radio presenter) and Daisy Donovan, the comedy elements of the show were always a bit hit and miss – which may have been why two characters in particular stood out so clearly above the rest.

  • Film Review: High School Musical 3 – Senior Year 3

    Zac Effron and Venessa Hudgens star in High School Musical 3.

    2:26 PM — If you aren't aware of the phenomenon that is High School Musical, it's a safe bet that you're over the age of 15 and don't yet have any children or grandchildren under that age. For its target demographic – mostly girls in their "tweens" (roughly 8-14) – High School Musical is like Harry Potter, Barbie and Pokémon all mixed together and combined with a serious sugar rush. It seems that they just can't get enough of this wholesome franchise of sickly-sweet, unbelievably innocent films, where pristine teenagers sing and dance about the joys of young love, close friendship, and being true to yourself.

  • Film Review: The Rocker

    2:20 PM — There's been a fairly strong tradition of Hollywood comedies revolving around the idea of aspiring rock gods, from the oddball antics of Bill and Ted and their time-travelling escapades in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey through the Wayne's World movies, up to the recent hit School of Rock, with many more along the way – including the oft-forgotten Airheads from 1994, which helped launch the careers of both Brendan Fraser and Adam Sandler.

  • Film Review: What Just Happened? 1

    Robert De Niro in: What Just Happened?

    2:15 PM — Back in 1976 the young Robert De Niro, at the height of his powers, appeared in a restrained classic movie about moviemaking, The Last Tycoon. Based on the final, unfinished novel by one of the greatest American writers of the twentieth century, F. Scott Fitzgerald – a man with a strong Hollywood track record of his own – it revolved around a workaholic Hollywood hotshot producer and his efforts to form a relationship with a young woman. The parallels between the moviemaking genius of the lead character and that of the masterly young actor portraying him were apparent to all.

  • Film Review: How To Lose Friends And Alienate People

    Simon Pegg and Megan Fox star in How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. Photo Credit: Kerry Brown

    2:12 PM — British comedy's invasion of Hollywood continues apace. Ricky Gervais is hailed as a comedy god, with awards aplenty alongside appearances on cult favourites The Simpsons and computer game smash hit Grand Theft Auto IV, as well as a bunch of small roles in films such as Stardust and For Your Consideration, and his first starring role in a Hollywood movie coming up later this month.

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