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  • 22nd December 2008

    Will Young to appear on Question Time in February

    Will Young is to appear on Question Time

    6:39 PM — Pop singer Will Young is to appear as a panellist on political discussion programme Question Time next year. Mentorn Media, who produce the show for BBC One, said he would appear on the February 5th edition, which will be recorded in Dunstable.

  • Nativity scene featuring Mary in drag upsets Amsterdam Christians 20

    The "gay" Nativity scene upset Christians

    6:15 PM — A Christmas celebration that featured the Virgin Mary played by a drag queen and Joseph in black leather shorts has offended Christians in Holland.

  • Documentary about shamed US evangelical Ted Haggard airs next month 5

    Haggard resigned after it emerged he had hired rent boys

    4:02 PM — Preacher Ted Haggard will talk publicly about his fall from grace at the American Television Critics Association next month.

  • 20th December 2008

    Little Britain stars accept damages over fake claims their show was condemned by USA gay groups 9

    Matt Lucas as Mark & David Walliams as Tom (Credit: HBO/BBC)

    1:06 AM — Little Britain stars David Walliams and Matt Lucas have accepted damages and a public apology from Express Newspapers over an article published in the Daily Star Sunday in September that falsely claimed that gay rights groups considered their programme offensive.

  • 19th December 2008

    PinkNews.co.uk expands reader participation with new website

    PinkNews.co.uk has launched a new site

    12:01 PM — Today PinkNews.co.uk is proud to announce our new social networking and social news making website, my.pinknews.co.uk.

  • 17th December 2008

    No Will and Grace spinoff says star Eric McCormack 3

    Will and Grace was cancelled in 2006

    5:10 PM — One of the stars of hit comedy show Will and Grace has said that talk of a new spinoff is just a "fun rumour."

  • 16th December 2008

    First Baltic Pride will be celebrated in Riga next year 2

    Riga will host the first annual Baltic Pride

    4:58 PM — LGBT organisations from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have announced their plans to hold a joint Pride event next year.

  • Sir Elton lashes out at X Factor 9

    Elton John has expressed disdain for X Factor

    3:53 PM — Singer Sir Elton John has expressed his disdain for reality TV show X Factor. He told an audience at London's O2 Arena that he would rather have his "c**k bitten off by an Alsatian" than watch the show.

  • 15th December 2008

    Britain has had “one or two” gay Prime Ministers claims actor 10

    Has Britain had a gay Prime Minister?

    5:43 PM — Sir Ian McKellen has said that Britain has "already had one or two gay Prime Ministers." In an interview with Seven magazine the X-Men and Lord Of The Rings star did not name names.

  • 14th December 2008

    Film Review: Inkheart

    Helen Mirren stars as “Elinor” in Inkheart

    3:20 PM — As with buses, so with films – you wait ages for a movie with a certain basic premise, then two come along at once. Be it alien invasion movies Independence Day and Mars Attacks! back in 1996 or asteroid strike flicks Armageddon and Deep Impact in 1998, or even the ultimate double-whammy of Fail Safe and Dr Strangelove back in 1964 (both based on the very same book), the history of cinema is littered with similar ideas hitting the big screen at around the same time. It's still rare, however, for two movies with such similar basic ideas at their heart to come out in the same month – but with Inkheart out this week and Disney's Bedtime Stories out on Boxing Day, that's precisely what's happened: two children's films about men who can – quite literally – bring stories to life.

  • Film Review: Madagascar – Escape 2 Africa

    The cast of Madagascar Escape 2 Africa

    3:16 PM — In 2005, Madagascar ambled into our cinemas as just one of countless computer-animated kids' films featuring talking animals getting into scrapes. It's tale of a bunch of New York zoo animals who end up having to fend for themselves in the jungles of Africa, following the Shrek mould of chucking in movie references in an attempt to appeal to adult audiences, and on the surface had little to make it stand out amidst the seemingly never-ending line of similar talking animal animations that the last decade has brought us. Yet somehow, something clicked. It wasn't a classic, certainly, but something about the ninja-style penguins, or perhaps the talented voice cast – principally Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer, Jada Pinkett Smith and Sacha Baron Cohen – helped it to rise above the herd.

  • Film Review: Hamlet 2

    Steve Coogan and Elisabeth Shue star in Hamlet 2

    3:12 PM — There was a time during the mid to late 90s that Steve Coogan was almost unanimously regarded as Britain's best comedian. He came from a strong troupe of comics, first coming to the public's attention via the cult Radio 4 satirical series On The Hour - that also launched the careers of the likes of master satirists Chris Morris and Armando Iannucci as well as Jerry Springer: The Opera writer Stuart Lee and his erstwhile comedy partner Richard Herring. First broadcast in 1991-2, it was On The Hour that saw the first appearance of the comedy character with whom Coogan will forever be associated – the Terry Wogan-inspired presenter Alan Partridge.

  • Rufus Wainwright not a gay marriage supporter but criticises Prop 8 15

    Rufus Wainwright (promotional photograph)

    3:05 PM — Gay star Rufus Wainwright reveals that he's not a gay marriage supporter, but argues against Proposition 8. Singer, Wainwright, has told the New York Press"Oddly enough, I’m actually not a huge gay marriage supporter."

  • 12th December 2008

    Elton John loses defamation case against The Guardian 18

    The article mocked Sir Elton's charity work

    5:48 PM — A spoof column satirising gay star Sir Elton John was not defamatory, the High Court in London has ruled.

  • Holloaks Spoilers: What will come of Tony’s future?

    Hollyoaks is on Channel 4 daily

    12:04 PM — Theresa is sick of living with Nana and works her charms on Myra in order to move in with the McQueens. Tony is playing on her mind, but can she go through with her allegations knowing that she lied? While she worries that she could be in trouble for wasting police time and the whole village will be talking about her, Tony is resigned to his fate and gets his financial affairs in order before gong to the police to change his statement.

  • Jade Goody attacked over lesbian slurs 13

    Jade Goody is a reality TV star

    12:01 PM — Comedian Amy Lame has branded reality TV star Jade Goody homophobic after she said that lesbians have "really short hair."

  • EastEnders Spoilers: Whitney searches for her real mum

    Whitney tells Bianca she wants to find her real mother

    11:48 AM — Whitney hears Bianca talking to Ricky about her and Tony and runs off before deciding she wants to search for her real mum's address – a discovery which knocks Bianca for six. The Jacksons are still reeling from the fallout of Tony's actions and wondering how it will end for them all.

  • Coronation Street Spoilers: Will Jed and Maria bring Tony down between them?

    What has Carla got in store for the devious Rosie?

    11:42 AM — Maria is locked in the house with her husband's killer and listens stunned as he tells her that the affair was going on for months and admits that he did want Liam out of the way. Tony then offers her a million pounds to stop the accusations. Maria is aghast and sets off to the police station. Carla can't understand why Tony won't sack Rosie but he insists that he would also have to sack Sally and that would arouse suspicion. Carla decides to let Rosie know exactly how she feels about her betrayal before heading over to Maria's to tell her side of the story. Carla tells Leanne that Tony knew about the affair but has forgiven her but Leanne is not convinced that Tony is the forgiving type. Meanwhile, Jed Stone has heard Maria's accusation and thinks he is on to something – he lets Tony know that he is going to compare notes with Maria.

  • 11th December 2008

    Eid pardon for Kurdish journalist imprisoned for writing about gay sex

    The journalist was given a Presidential pardon

    3:35 PM — A doctor sentenced to six months by a Kurdish judge for writing an medical article about sodomy has been pardoned and released.

  • 10th December 2008

    Mayor of Moscow’s message to gay Eurovision fans – stay off the streets 18

    Gays on the streets at Paris Pride

    9:59 PM — The Mayor of Moscow has used a Eurovision Song Contest ceremony to warn gay people visiting the city for the event next year that they are not welcome on the streets.

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