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  • 20th June 2008

    “Gay” circus premieres in Barcelona

    The Gay Circus will premiere in Barcelona on July 25th

    1:15 PM — Circus performance is the latest art form to be given a gay treatment with the creation of a "new notion of circus based on male and female acrobatics and oriented to a gay and lesbian friendly audience."

  • Civil servants to recreate Round Table at Pride

    Civil Service Rainbow Alliance is making its third appearance at London Pride

    12:21 PM — This summer, the Civil Service Rainbow Alliance (CSRA) is making its third appearance at London Pride. Following this year's 'Myths and Fairytales' theme, the CSRA will be dressing up as various knights of the Round Table.

  • Cumming hailed as inspiration to gay youth 8

    Alan Cumming is to be honoured by the US gay community

    12:09 PM — Award-winning actor Alan Cumming is to be honoured by the US gay community after The Trevor Project called him an "inspiration" to youngsters.

  • 19th June 2008

    Carly Simon comments on lesbian rumours 1

    62-year-old Carly Simon is finally putting to rest those lesbian rumours

    5:32 PM — She’s back with a brand new album—the highest debuting release of her career, thanks in part to a partnership with Starbucks—and now, 62-year-old Carly Simon is finally putting to rest those lesbian rumours.

  • Cardiff will celebrate Pride in September

    Cardiff Pride will take place on Saturday 6th September

    3:25 PM — The Welsh capital will have a Pride event this year following the cancellation of Cardiff Mardi Gras. Cardiff Pride will take place on Saturday 6th September on Coopers Field.

  • Turkish trans singer faces jail over Army comments 1

    Ms Ersoy has been a household name since the 1980s

    1:25 PM — A well-known trans performer in Turkey is facing jail after a TV outburst where she implied that military action against separatists is not worth soldier's lives.

  • 18th June 2008

    Hollyoaks: Max meets his end on his wedding day

    Hollyoaks is on Channel 4 daily

    11:08 PM — OB is distraught as Max lies dead in his arms. Tom and Steph are equally devastated. Steph asks OB to head back to the wedding party at The Dog and tell them what’s happened. That’s never going to be an easy task.

  • Little Britain star’s civil partnership to be dissolved

    Matt Lucas is best known for the characters he plays in BBC comedy Little Britain

    1:30 PM — Little Britain star Matt Lucas is to divorce from his partner Kevin McGee- 18 months after they entered into a civil partnership.

  • New series exposes the level of drug use in London clubs

    Current TV covers topics that have been flagged as interesting by viewers, it has featured a number of stories from the PinkNews.co.uk website

    11:17 AM — A New TV series called 'Wasted', which is due to air on Current TV next week, will expose the ways in which drugs and alcohol are used and abused by young people today.

  • 17th June 2008

    PinkNews.co.uk goes interactive with new my.PinkNews.co.uk feature

    Stories that readers vote for may then be written up fully by the PinkNews.co.uk team.

    6:23 PM — PinkNews.co.uk has today launched its new my.PinkNews.co.uk website. The site allows readers to pluck stories that interest them from the internet and post them online for others to see.

  • Star Trek star talks about upcoming marriage on US television 2

    George Takei, famously known for his role as 'Mr. Sulu' on Star Trek, has been with Altman for 21 years

    11:11 AM — Celebrity gay couple George Takei and partner Brad Altman appeared on CBS’ The Early Show this morning to speak out for marriage equality.

  • 16th June 2008

    Amy Winehouse in hot water after shocking video found

    Winehouse attended rehab but left before her stay was scheduled to end earlier this year

    11:59 AM — Video taped footage of troubled British soul singer Amy Winehouse in a crack den singing racist chants and performing sexual acts with her husband has allegedly been obtained by tabloid News of the World, FOX News is reporting.

  • 14th June 2008

    Queer as Folk creator receives an OBE

    Russell T Davis recreated Doctor Who for the BBC

    12:37 PM — Queer as Folk creator Russell T Davies has been awarded an OBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours List. Mr Davies who revived Doctor Who for the BBC in addition to creating spin off Torchwood has been honoured for services to drama.

  • Hollyoaks: Steph and Max’s wedding plans go awry

    11:53 AM — In soap world there is no such thing as a normal wedding and Hollyoaks is no different.

  • Hollyoaks: Eli bombs the Loft

    11:33 AM — Revenge is the name of the game in this week’s visit to Hollyoaks as Newt blames Warren for Frankie’s misery.

  • Wanted

    ngelina Jolie stars as Fox and James McAvoy as Wesley in Wanted.

    10:50 AM — Giving it a brief glance, this could seem like ideal and stereotypical summer blockbuster material. Big budget action flick with lots of shootouts, stunts and set-pieces? Check. Glamorous female lead? Well, you’ve got Angelina Jolie as a kick-ass assassin, so that’s got to count as a check.

  • Drag Queen Lily Savage to receive MBE from the real Queen

    Paul O'Grady aka Lily Savage is delighted with his award

    12:37 AM — The gay comedian Paul O'Grady is among a number of high profile celebrities to have been bestowed an award in the Queen's Birthday Honours List. Mr O'Grady, who first shot to fame as drag queen Lily Savage now hosts a chat show for Channel 4.

  • Sir Elton John: Diana trusted “the wrong people” 3

    Sir Elton said the Princess of Wales trusted "the wrong people"

    12:18 AM — Sir Elton John has claimed that the late Diana, Princess of Wales trusted "the wrong people" towards the end of her life.

  • 13th June 2008

    Dublin shows its Pride at 25 years of progress

    This year's Pride festivities include the Parade on June 21st

    9:00 PM — Dublin's 25th Gay Pride festival opens tonight with a launch party to mark the beginning of the ten day festival taking place in the George on South Great George's street.

  • Online bids open for a date with Apprentice contestant 1

    Alex is flattered to have attained a "sex symbol" status

    1:31 PM — The Apprentice finalist Alex Wotherspoon has put himself up for auction on a charity website. Gay men have a chance, alongside everyone else, of bidding for a night out with the ex-model.

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