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  • 25th June 2008

    Pride London hit by volunteer walkout 5

    Pride London is the UK’s largest Pride event

    4:17 PM — Members of Pride London’s production team have walked out with just ten days until the event. Volunteer producer Ryan Haynes, who has been organising main stage acts for Pride London for six months, will hand over his duties this week.

  • 1,300 sign online petition calling for Heinz gay ad to be reinstated 48

    Heinz has made no response to the many gay consumers offended by its actions

    11:32 AM — At least 205 people have so far complained to the Advertising Standards Authority about an advert featuring two men kissing.

  • Comment: Pride seems to be the same all over the world 3

    How is your local gay pride different?

    10:57 AM — Although I have probably been to as many Gay Prides in the last year as Fred Phelps, I won’t be going to any of them this weekend.

  • Will Smith shows Letterman why once you go black …. 1

    Letterman started to ask Smith how he’s in such good shape

    10:44 AM — David Letterman has greeted many a guest with a warm embrace, a kiss on the cheek, but none quite so intimate as the pucker he got last night from Will Smith.

  • 24th June 2008

    Jerusalem Pride goes ahead despite court challenge 1

    In 2005 a man stabbed three Pride participants

    1:32 PM — Israel's Supreme Court yesterday rejected a petition to ban this year's Jerusalem Gay Pride parade, which will go ahead as planned on Thursday.

  • Video: The gay advert that Heinz decided to pull 21

    Heinz had no response for the many gay consumers it had also offended by its actions

    1:22 PM — Heinz said in a statement: "It is our policy to listen to consumers." Presumably that includes gay people too.

  • Stonewall calls for Heinz boycott after they pull the plug on gay advert 56

    Heinz had no response for the many gay consumers it had also offended by its actions

    1:20 PM — Gay equality organisation Stonewall has called on all consumers, gay and straight, to boycott leading worldwide food brand Heinz following its decision to pull a TV advertisement that depicted a same-sex couple.

  • Boy George denied US entry visa 1

    Boy George is only the latest in string of celebs faced with visa troubles

    11:34 AM — United States Customs isn't keen on giving singer Boy George "Time" - according to reports on Monday, the former Culture Club lead singer has been denied a visa.

  • Indian activists plan Pride marches in three cities

    Pride march organisers said they fear they may be targeted by religious groups

    11:01 AM — Gay rights activists from planning Pride events in New Delhi, Calcutta and Bangalore this weekend, undeterred by the fact that homosexual acts are illegal in India.

  • New biography reveals Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s gay experience

    Stephen Watts tells of Hefner’s Chicago hook up with another man

    10:27 AM — Mr. Playboy: Hugh Hefner and the American Dream is set to hit bookstores later this year, and Playboy founder Hugh Hefner has called it "the most authoritative book ever written about me."

  • 23rd June 2008

    Blue Peter, lesbian rumours and a man in drag

    Blue Peter is the longest-running kids show in history

    5:51 PM — What would Valerie Singleton think? Former Blue Peter face Stuart Miles is all set to shock audiences at this year's Edinburgh Festival.

  • Pride London’s special events for under 25s

    Pride this year is running with the theme of "Myths, Fairytales and Legends"

    5:18 PM — This year's Pride London festival kicks off well in advance of the main parade on 5 July - especially for the under 25s.

  • Gay designer to dress James Bond 1

    Tom Ford made his name designing for Gucci

    4:14 PM — He may have been overlooked, along with many others, by the compilers of the Independent on Sunday's Pink List, but internationally-acclaimed designer Tom Ford is set to become even more famous.

  • Net addicts skip meals and sex in favour of porn and games

    Akin to other 'addicts,' sufferers experience withdrawal symptoms

    1:12 PM — The internet, one of wonders of the modern age, is in fact a place of sordid and unhealthy addiction, according to a leading psychiatrist.

  • 21st June 2008

    Film Review: Mamma Mia! 1

    10:24 PM — If, a few years ago during the height of his James Bond-inspired superstardom, you’d told Pierce Brosnan that his next genuine global smash hit was going to be a musical, he’d probably have called security....

  • The Dark Knight: One of Heath Ledger’s final films reviewed 2

    10:20 PM — When news emerged of Brokeback Mountain star Heath Ledger's untimely accidental death back in January this year, many film fans were shocked by the loss of such a promising, rising star whose portrayal of a closeted gay man changed perceptions of homosexuality across the world.

  • Film Review: Baby Mama

    10:09 PM — You might well think: "This is another one of those chick flicks about a thirty-something woman trying to juggle a career and independence with the tick-tock of her biological clock...."

  • Film Review: City of Men

    10:04 PM — Don’t be fooled by the fact that City of Men is being released by Disney’s grown-up arm Buena Vista – this is about as far from a Disney flick as you could hope to get.

  • Film Review: WALL-E

    10:00 PM — You have to pity the producers of WALL-E, the latest computer-animated offering from the enviable partnership of Disney and Pixar. Despite the relative flop of their 2006 outing Cars, this pairing has a great track record of churning out the likes of The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, A Bug’s Life, and the Toy Story films.

  • Film Review: Journey to the Centre of the Earth 1

    9:56 PM — Brendan Fraser’s career is an odd one. He’s still best known for his outings in the Indiana Jones-inspired Mummy franchise, to which he will be returning next month for the third direct sequel, not counting the spin-offs The Scorpion King and The Scorpion King 2.

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