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  • 31st December 2008

    Bookies predict George Michael, Amy Winehouse or Pete Doherty will be first arrested celeb of 2009 3

    Throughout 2006 and 2007, Mr Michael was regularly in the headlines over various drug related incidents

    12:40 PM — Bookies William Hill have named George Michael as third in the running for first celebrity arrest of the new year.

  • 30th December 2008

    Playstation game restricts gay words

    The text filter does not allow users to type the words "gay", "lesbian" or "bisexual" when communicating with other players

    11:31 AM — Playstation's latest venture, PS Home, is described by Home Service Manager Daniel Hill as "unique compared to anything else in the gaming world."

  • Sean Penn to win award for gay politician role

    Milk is a biopic about the life of gay American politician Harvey Milk

    10:22 AM — Holllywood actor Sean Penn will be honoured at January's Palm Springs International Film Festival for his role in new film Milk.

  • 29th December 2008

    Film Review: Frost Nixon

    Frost Nixon

    10:41 AM — Back in 1977, British satirist turned talk show host David Frost managed to secure unprecedented access to former American president Richard Nixon, still a global pariah and national disgrace following his 1974 fall from office after the notorious Watergate scandal. Little-known in the US, despite having managed to get Nixon's agreement to an almost insane 28-hour interview, stretched over 12 days, Frost had failed to sell the interviews to any television networks, funding the project out of his own money.

  • Film Review: The Spirit 1

    The Spirit

    10:35 AM — Liked the over-the-top, heavily stylised Sin City, with its quirkily graphical black-and-white, comic-book feel? Can't wait until 2010 for the sequel? Well, this might just keep you going until then.

  • Film Review: Defiance

    Daniel Craig in Defiance

    10:31 AM — Actors who get cast as James Bond all too often find it hard to shake off that iconic character. Our last 007, Pierce Brosnan, has been finding it particularly tricky, picking up roles as sleazy losers in the likes of The Matador and cheesy all-singing, all-dancing clichés in Mamma Mia in a desperate attempt to show that he can do things other than look good in a tuxedo while fighting baddies and performing spectacular stunts. Bond before him Timothy Dalton spent a good decade carefully picking parts that would shake off the threat of typecasting, from villains to more nuanced and subtle characters on stage and small screen.

  • Film Review: Slumdog Millionaire 1

    Slumdog Millionaire

    10:23 AM — As unlikely award contenders go, a film about the Indian version of popular TV quiz show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? made by the guy who brought us that classic piece of mid-90s drug-addled madness Trainspotting has to be up there with the weirdest of them.

  • Film Review: Bedtime Stories 3

    Adam Sandler stars in Bedtime Stories

    10:16 AM — After the release of the fun family adventure Inkheart two weeks ago, you may think that there's not much call for another movie about children's stories coming to life. But this is a very different take on a similar basic idea, and certainly shouldn't be written off right away. Where Inkheart opted for thrills and spectacle in a relatively straight, classic fantasy quest, this offering has instead gone for the comedy route – as the presence of Adam Sandler in the lead should attest.

  • Film Review: Che

    10:07 AM — Argentinean revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara has long been a student hero – his beret-wearing, long-haired image adorning countless walls in university buildings world-wide even before his death, aged 39, by a Bolivian military firing-squad in 1967.

  • 28th December 2008

    Film Review: Australia

    Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman star in Australia

    11:05 PM — Romantic epics, and especially romantic epics set amid tragedy and destruction, have long been some of the most popular – yet hard to pull off – of all film genres. The proof is in the money this type of film can make. 1997's Titanic, decidedly a romantic epic set on the most famous sinking ship of them all, is the highest-grossing film of all time.

  • Hollyoaks Spoilers: Will Nancy and Ravi reunite?

    Hollyoaks is on Channel 4 daily

    10:43 PM — Nancy is embarrassed when she wakes up next to Kris, and things go from bad to worse when Sarah walks in. Later Nancy is excited to receive a text from Ravi asking her to meet up in the Loft. However, when a random caller humiliates Sarah live on air, Nancy says she'll stay with her tonight and cancels her plans with Ravi. But Kris and Ravi have decorated The Loft for a night of romance, and aren't prepared to let all their hard work go to waste.

  • 24th December 2008

    Comment: Channel 4 should pull the plug on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad not allow him to address the nation 15

    Peter Tatchell on an anti-Iran demonstration

    7:40 PM — Channel 4's decision to allow Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to deliver the Alternative Christmas message is aiding and abetting a homophobic tyrant says gay rights campaigner and Green Party Parliamentary Candidate Peter Tatchell.

  • Council considers naming street after Sir Elton 2

    A street may be named after Elton John

    1:33 PM — Harrow Council is considering a plan to name streets or local landmarks after famous former residents. Pop star Sir Elton John is among the names under consideration.

  • 23rd December 2008

    New York Times admits publishing fake letter from gay Mayor of Paris 3

    Mr Delanoe is the Mayor of Paris

    1:02 PM — One of America's most respected newspapers has had to apologise after it published a letter they claimed was written by the Mayor of Paris.

  • 22nd December 2008

    Will Young to appear on Question Time in February

    Will Young is to appear on Question Time

    6:39 PM — Pop singer Will Young is to appear as a panellist on political discussion programme Question Time next year. Mentorn Media, who produce the show for BBC One, said he would appear on the February 5th edition, which will be recorded in Dunstable.

  • Nativity scene featuring Mary in drag upsets Amsterdam Christians 20

    The "gay" Nativity scene upset Christians

    6:15 PM — A Christmas celebration that featured the Virgin Mary played by a drag queen and Joseph in black leather shorts has offended Christians in Holland.

  • Documentary about shamed US evangelical Ted Haggard airs next month 5

    Haggard resigned after it emerged he had hired rent boys

    4:02 PM — Preacher Ted Haggard will talk publicly about his fall from grace at the American Television Critics Association next month.

  • 20th December 2008

    Little Britain stars accept damages over fake claims their show was condemned by USA gay groups 9

    Matt Lucas as Mark & David Walliams as Tom (Credit: HBO/BBC)

    1:06 AM — Little Britain stars David Walliams and Matt Lucas have accepted damages and a public apology from Express Newspapers over an article published in the Daily Star Sunday in September that falsely claimed that gay rights groups considered their programme offensive.

  • 19th December 2008

    PinkNews.co.uk expands reader participation with new website

    PinkNews.co.uk has launched a new site

    12:01 PM — Today PinkNews.co.uk is proud to announce our new social networking and social news making website, my.pinknews.co.uk.

  • 17th December 2008

    No Will and Grace spinoff says star Eric McCormack 3

    Will and Grace was cancelled in 2006

    5:10 PM — One of the stars of hit comedy show Will and Grace has said that talk of a new spinoff is just a "fun rumour."

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