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  • 18th May 2010

    Brighton Pride terminates bar contract after row over finances 8

    Brighton Pride terminated Aeon Events' contract

    3:47 PM — The company contracted to run Brighton Pride's bars until 2011 has had its relationship with the festival terminated. Aeon Events, the gay-run promotion company which owns the Wild Fruits night, said its contract was terminated after it demanded to see proof of the festival's financial position.

  • Doncaster Pride secured by £24,500 grant but will charge entry 3

    Doncaster Pride will charge £3 entry this year

    11:11 AM — Doncaster Pride has been given a £24,500 grant by the National Lottery but will charge visitors £3 entry for this year's event. The festival will be held at Doncaster Racecourse this summer, which organisers say has resulted in "significant increases in costs".

  • 14th May 2010

    Graham Norton takes over Jonathan Ross’ radio show 5

    Graham Norton begins the new show in October

    11:33 AM — Graham Norton is taking over Jonathan Ross' Satuday morning BBC Radio 2 show. The gay presenter was tipped as the most likely successor to Ross, who is leaving the BBC after 13 years.

  • 12th May 2010

    Glee creator calls for boycott of ‘bigoted’ magazine column 6

    Glee creator Ryan Murphy attacked the article

    7:01 PM — The creator of gay-friendly comedy Glee has urged a boycott of Newsweek magazine over a "bigoted" column. Ryan Murphy said that an article questioning whether gay actors could play straight characters was "needlessly cruel and mind-blowingly bigoted".

  • 11th May 2010

    Cynthia Nixon on coming out, her partner and bisexuality

    Cynthia Nixon called her partner "a short man with boobs".

    2:48 PM — Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon has described her decision to come out. The star, who has been with fiancee Christine Marinoni for six years, initially kept their relationship secret on the advice of an unnamed publicist.

  • Elton John to perform in Morocco despite calls to ban him 4

    Elton John will still perform in Morocco, festival organisers said

    11:23 AM — Elton John will still perform at a music festival in Morocco despite calls to ban him because he is gay. An Islamist group said he could encourage homosexuality.

  • 10th May 2010

    Bloc Party’s Kele criticises Nigerian attitudes to gays 5

    Kele Okereke said he had problems with some aspects of his heritage

    4:42 PM — Bloc Party singer Kele Okereke has said he finds it hard to relate to his parents' culture. The out gay singer was born in Britain to Nigerian parents, but said that he had problems with Nigerian attitudes to homosexuality and women.

  • Gay Boyzone star Stephen Gately ‘died happy’ 9

    Stephen Gately died happy, his civil partner said

    11:43 AM — Stephen Gately died at a time in his life when he was contented and happy, his civil partner Andrew Cowles has said. In one of his first interviews since Gately's death last October, Mr Cowles described his partner's happiness at writing a novel and being open about his sexuality.

  • 6th May 2010

    Cannes Film Festival to get first gay award 2

    The Queer Palm will be Cannes' unofficial gay award

    4:47 PM — Cannes Film Festival will have its first unofficial gay award this year. Inspired by the Teddy award at Berlin Film Festival and the Queer Lion at Venice Film Festival, an independent group is establishing the Queer Palm.

  • Country music star Chely Wright is a lesbian 6

    Chely Wright came out this week (Photo: MTW65)

    11:35 AM — US country artist Chely Wright has announced she is a lesbian. The 39-year-old Kansas native came out after months of rumours about her sexuality.

  • 5th May 2010

    Emmerdale’s gay plotline nominated for British Soap Awards 4

    Danny Miller as Aaron Livesy

    4:15 PM — Emmerdale's gay storyline has helped it bag the most nominations at the British Soap Awards. The plotline sees Aaron Livesy (played by Danny Miller) struggle to come to terms with being gay and the mixed reactions of his family and friends.

  • Glee’s Jane Lynch had lesbian affair with teacher 3

    Jane Lynch revealed she had an affair with a teacher

    12:59 PM — Glee actress Jane Lynch has revealed she had an affair with a female teacher. The 49-year-old, who plays cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, said she struggled to accept her identity.

  • 4th May 2010

    BBC criticised for ‘violent’ homophobic attack scenes in EastEnders 15

    Syed (left) and Christian's relationship has been exposed

    3:33 PM — The BBC has received around 40 complaints over a homophobic attack scene in EastEnders. In the episode, broadcast last Thursday, gay character Christian Clarke, played by John Partridge, was attacked in his flat after his affair with Muslim character Syed Masood was revealed.

  • 30th April 2010

    Gay Lady Gaga impersonator gets online abuse 11

    The real Lady Gaga

    3:52 PM — A gay man who was on Britain's Got Talent for his impersonation of Lady Gaga has spoken of receiving abuse and threats on the internet.

  • Documentary to explore coming out 12

    Ahmad is one of the two men featured in the programme

    2:02 PM — A Sky documentary is to follow two gay men as they prepare to come out to their families and friends. I'm Coming Out, to be screened next month, follows 24-year-old Ahmad, who is a Muslim, and Neil, 55, who has spent his life in the closet.

  • 29th April 2010

    Vinnie Jones ‘has a big gay following’ 7

    Vinnie Jones said he had a big gay following (Photo: Eddie Kay)

    11:37 AM — Hollywood hardman Vinnie Jones has said he has an army of gay fans. The footballer-turned-actor credited the leather outfit he wore as Juggernaut in X-Men for his popularity.

  • 28th April 2010

    3,000 expected at Kidderminster Pride 6

    Kidderminster Pride takes place this weekend

    3:32 PM — Kiddersminster is to hold its second Pride event this weekend with an expected 3,000 visitors. Last year, the town attracted 1,000 people to an event at a pub and organisers say people had to be turned away.

  • Doctor Who star Matt Smith to play gay writer 2

    Matt Smith will play a young Christopher Isherwood

    12:05 PM — The latest Doctor Who actor Matt Smith is to play gay writer Christopher Isherwood in a drama about the writer's life.

  • EastEnders star John Partridge to wed long-term boyfriend 23

    John Partridge said he would make an "honest man" of his boyfriend

    11:40 AM — Gay EastEnders star John Partridge has revealed he plans to tie the knot with his boyfriend Jon Tsouras. Partridge, who plays gay character Christian Clarke in the soap, said the pair had decided to take the next step in their relationship.

  • 27th April 2010

    Graham Norton the favourite to take over Jonathan Ross’ Radio 2 slot 8

    Graham Norton has been tipped to take over Jonathan Ross' radio show

    1:57 PM — Gay television presenter Graham Norton has been tipped as the favourite to take over Jonathan Ross' BBC Radio 2 slot when Ross leaves this summer.

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