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  • 14th October 2010

    Film to be made about lesbian teenager barred from prom 10

    Constance McMillen's story will be turned into a film

    3:27 PM — Constance McMillen, the lesbian teenager who was barred from taking her girlfriend to prom, is to be the subject of a TV film. The 18-year-old, from Mississippi, made news around the world when she launched a lawsuit for discrimination against her school earlier this year.

  • BBC has ‘no plans’ to employ Ray Gosling again 7

    Ray Gosling was convicted of wasting police time

    2:10 PM — The BBC says it won't employ veteran broadcaster Ray Gosling after he admitted lying about the mercy-killing of an old lover.

  • Gay blogger Perez Hilton promises to stop bullying 15

    Perez Hilton says he's going to play nice

    2:05 PM — Gay celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has promised to be nicer and stop making fun of his favourite Hollywood targets. Hilton, who is known for his savage treatment of certain stars, said he had been accused of hypocrisy after raising awareness of a spate of gay teenage suicides.

  • 13th October 2010

    Met Office axes gaffe-prone BBC weather presenter Tomasz Schafernaker 40

    Tomasz Schafernaker posed for the cover of Attitude magazine

    9:51 PM — Weather presenter Tomasz Schafernaker has been axed from BBC bulletins as a result of a cost-cutting drive by the Met Office which produces the forecasts.

  • Gavin Rossdale says gay relationship was ‘experimentation’ 29

    Gavin Rossdale said he had a "fear" about revealing the relationship

    4:21 PM — Bush singer Gavin Rossdale has said he had a gay relationship with 80s star Marilyn. Both had denied the claims in 1995, when Boy George said the pair were former lovers.

  • BBC3 lesbian drama Lip Service opens with nearly 600,000 viewers 16

    Lip Service kicked off last night

    2:41 PM — Lip Service, the new lesbian drama on BBC3, opened with 580,000 viewers last night, a 4.4 per cent audience share. The drama, dubbed the 'British L Word', was described by the BBC as "a bold new drama . . . about the sex lives and love affairs of twenty-something lesbians living in contemporary Glasgow".

  • 12th October 2010

    Gay singer Adam Lambert promises not to offend Malaysia 18

    Adam Lambert said he would tone down his show

    6:21 PM — Adam Lambert has promised to tone down his live show to avoid offending Malaysia. The gay singer is currently touring Asia but was accused of trying to promote "gay culture" in the Muslim country.

  • Jane Lynch, Colin Firth and Martina Navratilova shortlisted for Stonewall awards 23

    Jane Lynch was nominated for a Stonewall award

    1:52 PM — Gay charity Stonewall has announced the celebrity nominees for its annual awards. The yearly event, to be held on November 4th in central London, celebrates positive contributions to LGB life by celebrities and other public figures.

  • 11th October 2010

    ‘Fresh start’ for freed George Michael 4

    George Michael said he wanted to make a fresh start

    4:46 PM — George Michael said today that he wanted to make a fresh start and stop "running" from the media. The 47-year-old was freed this morning after serving half of an eight-week sentence for crashing his car under the influence of cannabis.

  • Sir Ian McKellen to promote anti-homophobia campaign in schools 22

    Sir Ian McKellen will tour schools and give assemblies.

    2:50 PM — Sir Ian McKellen, one of the founders of gay charity Stonewall, will tour schools across the country on the charity's behalf. The Lord of the Rings actor is to give assemblies and meet pupils throughout the next three months to promote Stonewall's campaign against homophobic bullying.

  • Video: Vince Vaughn film trailer axed over ‘electric cars are gay’ joke 15

    Vince Vaughn in a still from the original trailer

    11:31 AM — Universal Pictures has dropped a trailer for a new Vince Vaughn film which calls electric cars "gay". In the trailer for The Dilemma, Vaughn is seen addressing a boardroom and saying: "Electric cars are gay. Not homosexual gay, but my-parents-are-chaperoning-the-dance gay."

  • George Michael freed from jail 4

    George Michael was freed from jail today

    10:57 AM — Gay pop star George Michael was freed from jail today after serving half of his sentence for driving and drug offences. The 47-year-old was jailed for eight weeks last month and was released from Category C prison Highpoint, in Suffolk, this morning.

  • 8th October 2010

    Ozzy Osbourne ‘disgusted’ by anti-gay church’s use of his music at protest 29

    Ozzy Osbourne has hit out at Westboro Baptist Church's use of his music in their protests.

    3:20 PM — Ozzy Osbourne has hit out at the homophobic Westboro Baptist Church after discovering that they had used one of his hits at their recent protests at the US Supreme Court in Washington DC.

  • 6th October 2010

    Robbie Williams says he wants a ‘gay baby’ 13

    Robbie Williams recently got married

    5:17 PM — Robbie Williams has announced that he wants a gay baby. The former Take That star, who recently married Ayda Field, was speaking to an Australian radio station about his desire for children.

  • Glee ‘to highlight gay suicides’ 5

    Glee will dedicate an episode to bullying

    11:10 AM — Gay-friendly US comedy Glee will reportedly dedicate an episode to the issue of LGBT suicides. After the reported deaths of five US teenagers who were gay or thought to be gay, the show's makers want to highlight how homophobic bullying can change lives.

  • 5th October 2010

    Lance Bass admits he used to bully gay kids 13

    Lance Bass said he used to pick on gay kids

    1:38 PM — Pop star Lance Bass has admitted that he used to join in with teasing gay kids at school to hide his own sexuality. The former N SYNC singer, 31, has been speaking out against homophobic bullying after a spate of suicides in young gay men.

  • Daniel Radcliffe ‘heartbroken’ by gay teen suicides 8

    Daniel Radcliffe expressed his sadness at the suicides (Photo: David Jo)

    10:57 AM — Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe has said he is "heartbroken" after hearing about a spate of suicides among young gay American men. The straight star has become known as a gay rights advocate, having recently appeared in a television ad to combat homophobia.

  • 4th October 2010

    BBC archive footage charts gay rights history 8

    The BBC's archive footage is available online

    2:50 PM — The BBC has released archive footage showing how gay rights have progressed in the last 50 years. The programmes, broadcast from the 1950s onwards, comprise TV and radio news, documentary and current affairs shows. They will be available to watch online.

  • 50 Cent: ‘Anti-gay’ suicide comment was misinterpreted 22

    50 Cent said his comment had been misinterpreted

    11:57 AM — The rapper 50 Cent has defended a Twitter remark which was interpreted as a joke that gay men should kill themselves. The star, real name Curtis Jackson, said that the comment was "turned into an anti-gay statement".

  • George Michael: ‘I’m not getting special treatment in prison’ 8

    George Michael said he had been treated with kindness at the prison

    11:03 AM — Pop star George Michael has released a statement saying that he is not getting special treatment in prison. The former Wham! singer, 47, said he released the statement to counter the "usual rubbish" he had been reading about himself.

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