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  • 17th June 2010

    Irish artist paints Pope conducting a gay marriage 121

    'You May Now Kiss The Groom' by Kevin Sharkey

    4:43 PM — An Irish artist is expecting outrage after painting a picture of the Pope conducting a gay marriage. 'You May Now Kiss The Groom' by Kevin Sharkey is to go on display in Dublin at the end of this month.

  • 16th June 2010

    Elton John played at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding ‘to build bridges’ 13

    Elton wanted to 'build bridges' with Rush Limbaugh

    10:55 AM — Elton John accepted a $1 million concert at the wedding of a gay marriage opponent because he wanted to "build bridges", his civil partner says.

  • 15th June 2010

    Stonewall partners with ‘polysexual’ festival Lovebox 5

    Stonewall announced a partnership with Lovebox

    4:11 PM — Gay rights charity Stonewall has announced a partnership with Lovebox festival. The three-day event, scheduled to begin Friday July 17th in Victoria Park, London, features performances from artists such as Grace Jones, Hot Chip and Peaches.

  • Freddie Ljungberg ‘proud’ of gay gossip 14

    Freddie Ljungberg said he didn't mind the rumours (Photo: Magazine Cafe)

    11:25 AM — Swedish football star Freddie Ljungberg says he is "proud" of the rumours he is gay. The 33-year-old player has been the subject of gossip about his sexuality for years, due to his bachelor lifestyle and love of musicals and fashion.

  • Man accused of threatening Elton John has case dismissed 3

    Elton John and his civil partner David Furnish

    11:06 AM — An anti-abortion campaigner arrested for making death threats to gay singer Elton John has had the case against him dismissed. Neal Horsley, of Atlanta, Georgia, became enraged after the singer said Jesus was a "super intelligent gay man".

  • 14th June 2010

    Gay author Alan Bennett loses £1,500 to pickpockets 8

    Alan Bennett was the victim of a distraction theft

    6:09 PM — Alan Bennett was the target of pickpockets who stole £1,500 from him in an 'ice cream scam'. The gay author, 76, was shopping for food in Camden Town, London, where he lives with his long-term partner Rupert Thomas, 43.

  • Kelly and Sharon Osbourne shout down anti-gay protesters 13

    The pair at Los Angeles Pride (Photo: Calvin Fleming)

    5:50 PM — Kelly and Sharon Osbourne joined Los Angeles Pride yesterday and took to their microphones to tell anti-gay protesters where to go.

  • 11th June 2010

    Radio 2 has ‘too many camp comedians’, radio chief says 18

    Alan Carr is one of many "camp" comedians on Radio 2.

    3:17 PM — BBC Radio 2 has got too many television comedians "camping it up", the head of a commercial radio body has said. Andrew Harrison, the chief executive of RadioCentre, which represents commercial radio, said presenters such as Graham Norton and Alan Carr were "end of the pier stuff".

  • ‘Lezza’, ‘poof’ and ‘queer’ are acceptable on TV, Ofcom study finds 24

    Ofcom said it would not change its "robust" rules.

    1:51 PM — Words such as "lezza", "poof" and "queer" are socially acceptable for use by broadcasters, an Ofcom study says. It found that other terms such as "homo" and "chick with a dick" are less well-known but are still seen as acceptable to broadcast at any time of day.

  • Tel Aviv Pride kicks off 20

    Tel Aviv Pride shortly before the parade kicked off

    11:09 AM — Tens of thousands of people are expected to join Tel Aviv Pride today, the Middle East's only significant gay celebration. PinkNews.co.uk founder Benjamin Cohen reports from Israel.

  • 10th June 2010

    Major Polish museum to hold exhibition on gay love 6

    The exhibition will focus on gay love (Photo: made-underground)

    5:33 PM — A museum in Poland's capital city Warsaw is to hold an exhibition on gay love. The National Museum's exhibition will focus on male nudes and gay couples depicted in ancient sculpture and contemporary painting and photography.

  • 9th June 2010

    Coronation Street stars to join Manchester Pride 2

    Antony Cotton will be among the stars joining Manchester Pride

    5:04 PM — Cast and crew from Coronation Street will join Manchester Pride this year on a Corrie float. They will join the gay celebrations in August as part of the show’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

  • Lady Gaga debuts video for Alejandro – a ‘celebration of gay love’ 21

    A still from Alejandro

    11:08 AM — Lady Gaga debuted her video for new single Alejandro yesterday. The nine-minute video was directed by fashion photographer Steven Klein and shows the bisexual singer wearing a latex nun's habit and cavorting half-naked with gay men.

  • 8th June 2010

    Matt Lucas to guest-star on Glee? 1

    Matt Lucas has reportedly won a guest role on Glee

    5:10 PM — Gay comedian Matt Lucas has reportedly won a role on American television series Glee. He is to play a British teacher who harbours a secret love of musicals.

  • Play on Justin Fashanu’s last year to be shown next month 3

    The play focuses on the footballer's last few months

    4:42 PM — A play exploring Justin Fashanu's last year is to be shown in London next month. The Norwich City player remains the only top-level footballer to have ever come out as gay.

  • Quinton Jackson says people should ‘lighten up’ over gay slurs 22

    Quinton Jackson said attention from gay men "overwhelms" him

    1:28 PM — A-Team actor Quinton Jackson has said people should "lighten up" over his remarks on homosexuality. The star told the Los Angeles Times last week that acting was "kind of gay" and "makes you soft".

  • 7th June 2010

    Lady Gaga honoured with GLAAD award

    Lady Gaga was honoured for her campaigning

    5:48 PM — Lady Gaga was given the award for Outstanding Music Artist at Saturday's GLAAD awards in San Francisco. The yearly awards celebrate equality campaigning for LGBT rights and are hosted by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

  • Millions of gays and lesbians join Sao Paulo Pride 3

    Sao Paulo Pride attracted an estimated three million people

    5:12 PM — An estimated three million people joined Sao Paolo Pride yesterday in the world's biggest celebration of gay culture. Marchers through South America's biggest city came together to dance in the street, condemn homophobia and demand equal rights.

  • Anna Paquin says bisexuality revelation was ‘no secret’ 8

    Anna Paquin said it wasn't a "big secret". (Photo: Kristin Dos Santos)

    4:41 PM — Anna Paquin, the Hollywood actress, has said she was bemused at the fuss around her coming out as bisexual. The X Men and True Blood star filmed an advertisement in April for gay charity The True Colors Fund. In it, she says: "I'm bisexual and I give a damn."

  • EM Forster ‘stopped writing because he had gay sex’ 21

    EM Forster stopped writing after he lost his virginity

    4:18 PM — The novelist EM Forster stopped writing in his forties because having gay sex killed his creative drive, a scholar claims. The author of works such as A Room With A View and Howards End stopped writing in 1924, after he published A Passage To India. He lived until 1970.

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