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  • 31st October 2011

    US Christian university forces staff to declare heterosexuality 130

    Privately funded universities in many US states can discriminate on these grounds (Flickr user: Stewart)

    4:49 PM — Employees must sign a declarative Personal Lifestyle Statement, abstaining from all sexual activity prohibited by the Bible.

  • 21st October 2011

    Stonewall launches gay-friendly job website 22

    Gay jobseekers can find gay-friendly vacancies (Photo: Jyri)

    10:27 AM — Gay rights charity Stonewall has launched a job website with vacancies from gay-friendly employers. ProudEmployers.org.uk lists jobs with employers such as Credit Suisse, BP and De Montford University - all of whom are members of the charity's Diversity Champions programme.

  • 12th October 2011

    Survey: Half of gay men out at work 25

    Over half of respondents said they were out at work (Photo: Jyri)

    4:20 PM — Over half of gay men have come out at work, a survey says. According to a Gaydar.co.uk poll of more than 5,000 users, 56 per cent are out to their employer and 82 per cent are out to friends.

  • 4th October 2011

    US study says gay men are less likely to be offered job interviews 34

    The study suggests gay candidates are less likely to get an interview

    2:14 PM — An American study says that openly gay men are less likely to be called back for job interviews - particularly in the South and Midwest. The research found that CVs which indicate an applicant is gay are 40 per cent less likely to be granted an interview than those which do not.

  • 3rd October 2011

    Job Ads: PinkNews.co.uk reporters/ editors (full time and freelance)

    Join the PinkNews.co.uk team

    1:49 PM — These exciting roles will put the successful candidates at the heart of the UK's most-read LGBT publication. Covering everything from politics to celebrities, you'll drive our daily coverage of breaking news as well as working on long-term investigations, features and interviews.

  • 7th September 2011

    Court says Arizona must continue paying benefits to gay government workers 5

    A court upheld an earlier ruling blocking the law

    11:58 AM — A court has ruled that the US state of Arizona must continue to pay spouse health benefits to gay and lesbian government workers. The state began granting the benefits in 2008 but a 2009 law sought to remove them.

  • 6th September 2011

    Virginia woman sues over ‘lesbian perception’ firing 14

    Jessica Hudson claims she lost her job because board members assumed she was gay

    4:31 PM — A Virginia woman claims she lost out on a job at a youth group because board members looked at her Facebook profile and assumed she was a lesbian.

  • 26th August 2011

    Teacher compared teaching style to Jesus’ before anti-gay rant 60

    Mr Buell's comments were made in late July

    1:46 PM — Mr Buell said: "I try to teach and lead my students as if Lake Co. Schools had hired Jesus Christ himself."

  • 25th August 2011

    US teacher returns after anti-gay rant “did not violate code of conduct” 79

    Mr Buell will miss the first three days of term

    12:02 PM — High school teacher who "almost threw up" on hearing about gay marriage legislation did not "disrupt" the school districts processes.

  • 4th August 2011

    Another MP condemns religious rights motion 30

    Adrian Sanders said the motion had caused upset

    11:14 AM — Another MP has withdrawn his name from a motion supporting proposals to give religious homophobes the right to 'reasonable accomodation' in the workplace. Liberal Democrat MP Adrian Sanders said the motion had caused a "great deal of upset" and did not clearly state its intentions.

  • 27th July 2011

    A third of US workers have health benefits for gay partners 2

    Around a third of US workers can get same-sex partner health benefits

    4:24 PM — Around a third of workers in the US have access to health benefits for gay partners, research shows. According to figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 33 per cent of state and local government employees can get same-sex partner benefits. For private sector workers, the figure was 29 per cent.

  • 11th July 2011

    US city to reimburse gay workers for unfair tax 21

    Workers will be reimbursed for unfair taxes

    2:23 PM — A Massachusetts city will become the first to pay gay public workers more than their straight colleagues because gay workers are subject to more federal tax. The city of Cambridge has been looking for a solution to the issue of unfair federal taxes for six months and now plans to reimburse affected workers.

  • 7th July 2011

    Appeals court rules that Pentagon must stop enforcing gay military ban 16

    The Pentagon must stop enforcing the law

    12:32 AM — A US appeals court has ordered the US government to stop enforcing the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' (DADT) ban on gay men and women openly serving in the military.

  • 1st July 2011

    US pilot says sorry for anti-gay rant 18

    James Fritzen Taylor said cabin crew were gay, old, fat and ugly

    3:07 PM — A US pilot has apologised after a mid-flight homophobic rant was accidentally broadcast to air traffic control. James Fritzen Taylor, who works for Southwest Airlines, was flying between Austin and San Diego in March when it is believed a button for the cockpit microphone was hit by mistake.

  • 29th June 2011

    Man who accused Louis Walsh of sexual assault set to be charged with extortion

    Louis Walsh was vindicated

    10:47 AM — The man who accused X Factor judge Louis Walsh of sexually assaulting him in a Dublin bar will reportedly be charged with extortion and wasting police time.

  • 28th June 2011

    Lesbian elected as vice-president of Unison 9

    Maureen Le Marinel has been elected vice-president of Unison

    2:42 PM — The union Unison has elected a lesbian as vice-president. Maureen Le Marinel, the branch secretary for UNISON’s Lancashire Police branch, is the first lesbian to hold the position.

  • 24th June 2011

    US pilot escapes sacking over homophobic rant 25

    The pilot was heard making offensive remarks about cabin crew (Photo: Aaron Escobar)

    3:14 PM — A pilot for Southwest Airlines was briefly suspended, then reinstated, over an anti-gay rant accidentally broadcast to air traffic control. He was heard complaining about "f**king homosexuals" and calling other staff members old, overweight and ugly.

  • 20th June 2011

    Hotel workers win compensation over anti-gay bullying 17

    The pair were awarded a total of £56,000 - but will receive just a fraction

    3:46 PM — Two hotel workers who were mocked and called gay by their boss have won their claims for discrimination. Head chef Martin Owen and manager Andrew Roberts-Evans successfully claimed sex discrimination against Simon Buckley, the director of the Grapes Hotel, in Maentwrog, Snowdonia.

  • 16th June 2011

    New York Starbucks staff accused of mistreating gay employee 36

    Starbucks claimed Ms Allen got the story incorrect

    2:46 PM — Starbucks says it is investigating claims that an employee was mistreated by co-workers because he is gay. A customer at the coffee giant's Centereach, Long Island, store claims she saw three female staff berating the man for 15-20 minutes in a "brazen" display of homophobia.

  • 20th May 2011

    Gay LAPD sergeant wins $1m in discrimination case 23

    The LAPD may appeal the decision

    3:24 PM — An openly gay Los Angeles Police Department sergeant has been awarded $1.16 million (£700,000) after winning his case for discrimination. Ronald Crump, 39, has worked for the LAPD for 16 years. He claimed he was harassed after he claimed about a supervisor's treatment of him because he is gay.


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