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  • 23rd March 2011

    Homophobia widespread in Northern Ireland workplaces 61

    A quarter of LGB people have complained about homophobia at work (Photo: Jyri)

    5:36 PM — Homophobia is endemic in Northern Ireland workplaces, a report from a gay rights organisation says. According to the Rainbow Project, more than a quarter of lesbian, gay and bisexual people have complained about homophobia at work but 70 per cent of these were not happy with how the issue was dealt with.

  • 18th March 2011

    Gay Police Association loses funding 119

    4:49 PM — The Gay Police Association is to lose its funding after a government decision to stop supporting police staff diversity groups.

  • 9th March 2011

    US war veteran sacked for gay slur while defending gay soldiers 39

    Freddy Schmitt was defending the rights of gay soldiers (File photo: US Army)

    10:28 AM — A US war veteran has been sacked for using the word 'faggot' while standing up for the rights of lesbian and gay soldiers. Freddy Schmitt, 82, from New York, had worked for American Airlines for 54 years but was fired after he used the word in a training session.

  • 4th March 2011

    Gay networking site Jake renames but loses control of old web address 6

    JakeTM.com currently advertises Staffordshire Web Design

    12:35 PM — The LGBT social network, Jake, changed its name to "Jake & Jacki Connect" and its web address, but failed to update the old site.

  • 28th February 2011

    Gay priest fired from Philadelphia Catholic university 19

    Father James St George was fired for being gay

    4:14 PM — An openly gay priest has been fired from teaching at a Catholic university in Philadelphia because he has been in a relationship with a man for the past 15 years.

  • Department of Health criticised for £36,000 gay ‘leadership course’ 19

    The course will be held for gay and lesbian NHS managers

    3:46 PM — The Department of Health has been criticised for spending £36,000 on a two-day residential course for gay and lesbian NHS managers. The programme is run by gay rights charity Stonewall to encourage achievement in gay and lesbian staff.

  • 22nd February 2011

    America’s biggest firms pay for transgender treatment 17

    Large companies would rather keep hold of talented staff

    10:27 AM — Some of America's biggest firms offer their employees medical insurance to cover gender reassignment. Companies including Coca Cola, American Express and Yahoo! would prefer to pay out rather than lose valuable employees.

  • 21st February 2011

    Israel appoints first out gay judge 14

    Dori Spivak, an attorney and former Civil Rights Association chairman, was appointed as a judge at the Tel A gay judge has been appointed as Israel's first gay judge

    2:46 PM — The first openly gay judge has been appointed in Israel. Dori Spivak, an attorney and former Civil Rights Association chairman, was appointed as a judge at the Tel Aviv Labor Court on Friday.

  • 16th February 2011

    Virginia House panel says no to gay employment protections 4

    Gay and lesbian state workers are not protected in Virginia (Photo: Jyri)

    11:13 AM — A bill to ban discrimination against gay people in state employment has been killed by a Virgina House panel. Currently, Virgina gives no legal protection lesbians and gays employed by the state, although it does offer employees protection from discrimination on the basis of race, gender and a number of other characteristics.

  • 15th February 2011

    Wanted: US/night news writer and contributors

    4:42 PM — PinkNews.co.uk is looking for a US/night writer to cover US and world news and contributors who want to get their work noticed on the UK's biggest LGBT news website.

  • Gay waiter wins £21,500 over harassment 8

    The waiter was awarded £21,500.

    10:43 AM — A gay waiter at one of London's Michelin-starred restaurants has won £21,500 after colleagues subjected him to anti-gay taunts.

  • 14th February 2011

    Arizona appeals in court to stop paying insurance benefits to gay partners 4

    Arizona paid benefits to same sex partners of state employees since 2008

    8:31 PM — Attorneys for the state of Arizona will ask a federal appeals court for permission to cease providing insurance benefits to partners of gay employees.

  • 8th February 2011

    Transgender woman told ‘dress as a man to find work’ 54

    Tina Cook says she was advised to dress as a man

    1:50 PM — A transgender woman claims she was told by a Jobcentre to dress as a man to find work. Tina Cook, 54, who began transition last year, used to work in the construction industry but was made redundant 18 months ago.

  • 28th January 2011

    Thai airline recruits transgender staff 15

    A Thai airline is recruiting trans women

    2:19 PM — Thai airline PC Air is recruiting transgender staff in a bid to boost the prospects of the "third sex". The newly-formed company took on three trans women this week in its first round of hiring.

  • 24th January 2011

    Gay bar owner defends ‘straights only’ job advert 48

    AXM Group is looking for straight flyering staff

    12:08 PM — The owner of a Manchester gay bar has defended a job advert asking for straight staff. AXM Group, which owns gay venue AXM Bar on Canal Street, sent out an alert last week for flyering staff for another of its clubs, Downtown, which is a student venue.

  • 19th January 2011

    Report finds huge levels of discrimination against gay and trans people in Utah 19

    Utah home to the Mormons is among the worst for gay discrimination(Photo credit: Rayb777)

    9:20 PM — A report by the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) has found significant homophobia and discrimination in the state of Utah, home to the Mormon Church. The study of 939 LGBT Utahans found that sixty seven per cent of transgendered and forty four percent of lesbian, gay and bisexual Utahans say they have either been sacked or have been denied a job or promotion as a result of their LGBT status.

  • 13th January 2011

    Gay man wins constructive dismissal case against ‘London’s oldest gay pub’ 14

    A tribunal found the claimant was constructively dismissed

    4:09 PM — A gay man who accused London's oldest gay pub of discrimination has also won his case for constructive dismissal.

  • Public bodies asked to find out about gay and trans staff 17

    Public bodies won't be forced to ask staff if they are gay (Photo: Jyri)

    2:05 PM — Large public employers are being encouraged to find out how represented lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people are in their organisations. As part of the Equality Act, all public bodies will be required to publish information about the diversity of their staff from April but the government will not set diversity targets.

  • 12th January 2011

    Stonewall names the Home Office as UK’s most gay-friendly employer 15

    Stonewall named the Home Office as the most gay-friendly employer

    2:14 PM — Gay lobbying group Stonewall has named the Home Office as the best place for gay, lesbian and bisexual people to work in the UK. The group released its annual list of the 100 top employers today. Lloyds Banking Group and Ernst & Young were in second and third place respectively.

  • 19th November 2010

    Gay man wins £13,000 after being bullied at work 13

    The tribunal found Mr Bain had endured a "hostile" working environment

    4:03 PM — A gay man has been awarded more than £13,000 in compensation after a tribunal found he had been bullied at work for his sexuality. Steven Bain said his colleagues at The Lighthouse in Glasgow, an architecture and design centre, asked him if he found the words "poof" and "queer" offensive and whether he had ever dressed as a woman.


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