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  • 13th January 2011

    Public bodies asked to find out about gay and trans staff 17

    Public bodies won't be forced to ask staff if they are gay (Photo: Jyri)

    2:05 PM — Large public employers are being encouraged to find out how represented lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people are in their organisations. As part of the Equality Act, all public bodies will be required to publish information about the diversity of their staff from April but the government will not set diversity targets.

  • 12th January 2011

    Stonewall names the Home Office as UK’s most gay-friendly employer 15

    Stonewall named the Home Office as the most gay-friendly employer

    2:14 PM — Gay lobbying group Stonewall has named the Home Office as the best place for gay, lesbian and bisexual people to work in the UK. The group released its annual list of the 100 top employers today. Lloyds Banking Group and Ernst & Young were in second and third place respectively.

  • 19th November 2010

    Gay man wins £13,000 after being bullied at work 13

    The tribunal found Mr Bain had endured a "hostile" working environment

    4:03 PM — A gay man has been awarded more than £13,000 in compensation after a tribunal found he had been bullied at work for his sexuality. Steven Bain said his colleagues at The Lighthouse in Glasgow, an architecture and design centre, asked him if he found the words "poof" and "queer" offensive and whether he had ever dressed as a woman.

  • 16th November 2010

    Wanted: A staff writer for PinkNews.co.uk 6

    PinkNews.co.uk is recruiting

    12:54 AM — We have a rare opportunity to join the full time writing team for PinkNews.co.uk, the most read LGBT publication in Europe. The role of staff writer for PinkNews.co.uk is as varied as our readers and as disparate as the range of stories we cover every day. You might find yourself at a garden party in Downing Street one night and the opening for a new community centre the next.

  • 5th October 2010

    Gay skydiving instructor sues after being sacked for ‘groping woman’ 10

    Donald Zarda has filed a lawsuit

    1:34 PM — A gay skydiving instructor is suing his company after he was sacked for allegedly groping a young female student. Donald Zarda, 40, says there is "no way" the alleged incident could have happened because he is "100 per cent gay".

  • 29th September 2010

    British army claims having openly gay soldiers has ‘increased productivity’ 9

    Gay Trooper James Wharton on the cover of Soldier

    11:43 PM — Following the defeat of a vote in the US Senate to debate ending the US army's Don't ask, Don't tell' policy, the British army claims that allowing gay and lesbians to openly served has improved the armed forces.

  • 27th August 2010

    Gay discrimination ordinance is withdrawn in Tennessee at request of LGBT rights group 5

    An anti-discrimination ordinance to protect LGBT people was withdrawn by a gay rights group in Memphis, Tennessee this week

    11:34 AM — A controversial Employment Non-Discrimination Ordinance (ENDO) created to protect LGBT people from discrimination when applying for jobs with the city council of Memphis, Tennessee, has been withdrawn - at the request of a local gay rights group.

  • 11th August 2010

    St Andrews students concerned after ‘anti-gay’ professor is hired 75

    There were fears that gay students could feel unwelcome

    3:31 PM — Students at the University of St Andrews have complained after a professor who said homosexuality was "not normal" was given a full-time post.

  • 16th July 2010

    Former BP chief says gays and lesbians are still forced to hide their sexuality 36

    Lord Browne said business and sport were more intolerant than other industries

    10:15 AM — Lord Browne of Madingley, the former chief executive of BP, has said that homophobia is still commonplace in public life. He said gay men and lesbians still feel they have to hide their sexual orientation to succeed.

  • 6th July 2010

    Lesbian and gay lawyers ‘deterred from becoming judges’

    Gay and lesbian lawyers are being put off becoming judges, the study said

    3:52 PM — Research has has suggested that the judiciary is failing to represent lesbian and gay people. According to a study by LGBT lawyers' network Interlaw, a perception of hostility to out gay judges, judicial culture and the isolation of the job puts gay and lesbian lawyers off becoming judges.

  • 2nd July 2010

    Large-scale survey to explore bisexuality in the workplace 12

    The survey will look at bisexuality in the workplace (Photo: Jyri)

    3:54 PM — One of the largest-scale surveys on bisexuality in the the workplace is now underway. The research is being carried out by American learning and development expert Heidi Green and will take into account workers predominantly in the UK and US.

  • 23rd April 2010

    Trans pilot ‘no big deal’ for RAF 21

    The Military of Defence said the transition was "no big deal"

    12:16 PM — A pilot at Prince William's RAF base is transitioning to become a woman. Flight Lieutenant Ayla Holdom, 29, who was born male, told friends this week that she expects to complete her transition within a year.

  • 11th April 2010

    Updated: Conservatives make proposals to tackle homophobic bullying 60

    The party says it will tackle homophobic bullying

    4:09 PM — Shadow chancellor and head of the Conservative Party's general election campaign has today expanded on the party's policies to tackle homophobic bullying first outlined in an article by party leader David Cameron on PinkNews.co.uk yesterday. The plans come despite the Conservatives forcing the Government to drop plans to reform sexual education teaching in schools, that experts argued could lead to a reduction in homophobic bullying.

  • 27th February 2010

    Guardian: A ‘hideously diverse Britain’ where LGBT people “hold strong cards” 24

    The Guardian

    1:54 AM — As part of his series for the Guardian entitled 'Hideously diverse Britain', Hugh Muir looks at how diversity and race impact on Britain today. This week he explores how minority groups "hold strong cards".

  • 13th January 2010

    IBM rated most gay-friendly employer for the second time 38

    Stonewall's annual Top 100 employers list came out today

    10:08 AM — IT company IBM has been rated the most gay-friendly company to work for by gay rights organisation Stonewall. The firm was rated best employer in the charity's annual Top 100 Employers List.

  • 4th January 2010

    Obama appoints trans woman to Department of Commerce 27

    Amanda Simpson has been appointed to the Department of Commerce

    4:07 PM — US President Barack Obama has appointed a trans woman to the role of senior technical advisor to the Department of Commerce. Amanda Simpson is on the board of directors of the National Centre for Transgender Equality and has worked in the aerospace and defence industry for 30 years.

  • 18th December 2009

    Former drag queen accuses boss of homophobia

    Dean Awford alleged his boss had discriminated against him.

    11:31 AM — A gay man who once worked as a drag queen is suing his boss for unfair dismissal and sexual orientation discrimination. Dean Awford claims David Gray was homophobic and referred to him as "she" in front of customers.

  • 16th December 2009

    Groups welcome Ladele ruling over civil partnerships 10

    Lillian Ladele lost her appeal yesterday

    4:48 PM — Secular and libertarian groups have welcomed the Court of Appeal ruling yesterday that a council did not discriminate against a Christian registrar who refused to perform civil partnerships.

  • 30th November 2009

    Australian teacher accused of lesbian affair with pupil

    The alleged incidents began in 1994

    3:15 PM — An Australian music teacher has pleaded not guilty to repeatedly counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a female pupil.

  • Christian relationship counsellor loses appeal over gay couples 19

    Gary McFarlane lost his appeal

    1:14 PM — A Christian relationship counsellor who refused to work with gay couples has lost his appeal for unfair dismissal. Gary McFarlane was sacked by Relate last year after saying he would not "encourage sin" in gay and lesbian couples.


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