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  • 7th June 2010

    Ex-gay preacher Ted Haggard founds new church 23

    Ted Haggard urged gays and lesbians to join his church

    11:12 AM — Ted Haggard, the American evangelical preacher who resigned over allegations he had used male prostitutes, has set up a new church. He urged gays and lesbians to join his services.

  • 4th June 2010

    US Episcopal leader stands firm in support for gay bishops 8

    Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori supports gay bishops

    4:39 PM — Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, the head Episcopal bishop in America, has said she will not bow down to conservative Anglicans who object to gay bishops.

  • Gay activist Peter Tatchell to present Pope documentary 44

    Peter Tatchell said the programme would be "robustly factual"

    12:01 PM — Peter Tatchell, one of Britain's most famous gay activists, is to present a Channel 4 documentary on the Pope. Catholic figures have questioned whether he is the best person to host the programme, which will be screened ahead of Pope's September trip to the UK.

  • 3rd June 2010

    Church costs for Pope’s visit ‘out of control’ 33

    The Pope's visit has been opposed by gay campaigners

    1:39 PM — The Catholic Church's bill for Pope Benedict's visit to the UK has reportedly doubled from £7 million to £14 million. The September visit has been opposed by gay and secular campaigners, who have accused the Pope of opposing gay rights, abortion rights, gender equality and the use of condoms to fight AIDS.

  • 1st June 2010

    US Catholic Church ‘scapegoating’ gay priests 28

    Non-celibate gay men are barred from being priests (Photo: runneralan2004)

    11:26 AM — The Catholic Church in America has been accused of effectively barring celibate gay priests by asking new recruits a battery of deeply personal questions about their sexuality. Prospective priests are being asked the questions in an attempt to weed out those with paedophile tendencies but the church has been accused of "scapegoating" gay men in the process.

  • 28th May 2010

    Pentecostal church leader denies allegations of homophobia 153

    Bishop Francis refutes allegations of homophobia

    4:10 PM — Amended May 1st, 3.10pm. Bishop John Francis, head of the Ruach Christian Ministry in Brixton, south-west London, was reported to have allegedly linked homosexuality to paedophilia and rape in his sermon delivered on Sunday 23 May.

  • 27th May 2010

    Christian street preacher to sue police over arrest for allegedly homophobic public sermon 48

    The Christian Institute's is financing Mr Mcalpine's case

    11:23 AM — A Christian street preacher who was arrested last month for expressing his allegedly homophobic views is to take legal action over the incident.

  • 26th May 2010

    Zimbabwean gay activists due in court today 6

    President Robert Mugabe is avowedly homophobic

    1:51 PM — The two employees of the Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ) human rights group who were arrested last Friday in the country's capital, Harare, are expected to appear in court this afternoon after five nights in custody.

  • 25th May 2010

    Queen discusses Pope’s controversial visit in coalition speech 20

    The Pope has called gay marriage "dangerous" in the past

    2:57 PM — In her speech today, the Queen outlined the Pope's planned religious activities for his state visit in September. His visit will be the first Papal one ever in the UK, that of Pope John Paul II in 1982 being a papal one. Britain's welcoming of the Pope has not gone down well with the LGBT population.

  • Malta has poor record on gay rights 17

    Malta is one of the EU countries accused of failing its LGBT population

    10:26 AM — The European body of the International Lesbian and Gay Association, ILGA-Europe, has concluded that Malta does not do enough to recognise or protect LGBT rights, according to the body's recently published Rainbow Europe Country Index.

  • 24th May 2010

    Lesbian pastor officially recognised by Evangelical Lutheran Church 3

    The issue of same-sex relationships remains divisive in the USA

    6:06 PM — The Reverend Mary Albing, who has been pastor at Lutheran Church of Christ the Redeemer in south Minneapolis since 2003, was finally officially recognised by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) this Sunday.

  • Church of Scotland condemns imprisonment of Malawian gay couple 12

    Homosexuality is illegal in Malawi

    2:39 PM — Reverend Ian Galloway, convener of the Kirk's Church and Society Council, has condemned the jailing of a Malawian gay couple as "unjust".

  • Anglican activist calls for boycott of Christian festival after Tatchell invited 49

    Peter Tatchell is to speak at Greenbelt 2010

    1:04 PM — Dr Lisa Nolland, a leading consultant with Anglican Mainstream, the traditionalist and conservative wing of the Church of England, has called for a boycott of Greenbelt, the Christian arts festival which takes place in Cheltenham in August, after leading LGBT and human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell accepted an invitation to speak there.

  • 21st May 2010

    Gay minister Scott Rennie boosts church attendance 12

    Scott Rennie has seen his congregation grow

    2:23 PM — The openly gay minister of a Scottish church has seen his congregation grow since joining the church. Rev Scott Rennie, the first out gay minister to be appointed by the Church of Scotland, has had a five-per cent rise in the number of worshippers at Queen's Cross Church in the last 12 months.

  • 18th May 2010

    Entire congregation quits over appointment of gay Scottish minister 12

    An entire congregration has left the church over gay ministers

    5:30 PM — A Church of Scotland congregation in the Bahamas has quit the church in protest over the ordination of gay ministers. The 200-year-old parish of St Andrew’s in Nassau, the capital of the islands, decided to follow Reverend John MacLeod when he announced he would resign.

  • 17th May 2010

    US lesbian bishop Mary Glasspool is ordained 9

    Mary Glasspool (right) is ordained. (Photo: Janet Kawamoto/Episcopalian News Service)

    11:14 AM — The second out gay bishop in the US has been ordained. Mary Glasspool, 56, was ordained as assistant Los Angeles bishop at a ceremony in California on Saturday.

  • 16th May 2010

    Philippa Stroud appointed special advisor at Department for Work and Pensions 34

    Philippa Stroud with prime minister David Cameron

    12:49 PM — Philippa Stroud, the former Conservative Parliamentary candidate who allegedly tried to "cure" gay people of demonic possession has been appointed as a special advisor to work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith.

  • 14th May 2010

    Police drop charge against ‘homophobic’ street preacher 14

    The charges against Dale McAlpine were dropped

    4:32 PM — A street preacher arrested for describing homosexuality as a sin has had the charge against him dropped. Dale McAlpine, 42, of Yeowartville, Workington, was charged last month with a public order offence after he told a passerby that homosexuality was a "sin".

  • Campaigners’ anger at Pope’s latest ‘homophobic’ comments 64

    The Pope was accused of losing his "moral priority".

    12:12 PM — Gay equality campaigners have condemned Pope Benedict's latest attack on same-sex marriage. The Pope made the comments yesterday while visiting Fatima, Portugal's most holy site.

  • 13th May 2010

    Gay marriage a ‘dangerous threat’, Pope warns 56

    The Pope warned against gay marriage, saying it was a threat to the common good

    6:30 PM — Pope Benedict has called gay marriage and abortion "dangerous threats to the common good" during a visit to Portugal. The pontiff is on a four-day visit to the country and gave a Mass today to 500,000 people at Fatima, which is considered the Portuguese Lourdes.

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