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  • 29th October 2010

    Universities ‘should employ watchdogs against discriminatory extremism’ 17

    The report said student unions should use watchdogs to curb extremism

    4:03 PM — Universities should employ watchdogs to guard against religious extremism, a report has said. It accused some members of the Islamic society at City University of intimidating gay, female and Jewish students, as well as those who worked on the student newspaper.

  • 27th October 2010

    Gay priest ice cream ad banned for ‘mocking Catholics’ 46

    The ad was ruled to be offensive to Catholics

    11:50 AM — An ad for ice cream which showed two priests about to kiss has been banned after it was ruled offensive to Catholics. The Advertising Standards Authority said that the ad, for Antonio Federici ice cream, was likely to cause "serious offence".

  • 26th October 2010

    Gay kissing protest for Pope’s visit to Spain 18

    The Pope will visit Spain next month

    3:08 PM — A gay group is organising a kissing protest to greet Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Spain. The Pope is to tour the country next month and Queer Kissing Flashmob says it will stage the demonstration in front of him during a procession.

  • 11th October 2010

    New York governor candidate Carl Paladino attacks homosexuality 35

    Carl Paladino said he was not a bigot

    4:44 PM — The Republican candidate for New York governor, Carl Paladino, has denied he is a bigot after criticising homosexuality. Speaking at a meeting of Orthodox Jewish leaders in Brooklyn on Sunday, Mr Paladino warned that children were being "brainwashed" into thinking that homosexuality is valid.

  • 8th October 2010

    Australian LGBT support group wins legal pay-out 9

    WayOut, a gay group from Victoria, Australia, were awarded $5,000 in a legal pay-out

    5:31 PM — A court in the Australian state of Victoria has upheld a complaint from a gay youth support group after a Christian youth camp refused them accommodation, claiming it was against their position on homosexuality.

  • Washington DC Methodist Church approves same-sex marriages 4

    The congregation of the Washington DC branch of the Foundry United Methodist Church voted in favour of same-sex marriage.

    4:29 PM — Worshippers at Washington DC's Foundry United Methodist Church voted 367 to 8 last month to allow same-sex marriages to take place at the church and to allow its clergy to perform said ceremonies.

  • Serbian Orthodox Church issues anti-Pride statement ahead of Sunday’s parade in Belgrade 12

    The Serbian Orthodox Church have expressed outrage over Sunday's planned Pride parade in Belgrade

    3:45 PM — The Serbian Orthodox Church said today that they strongly oppose the gay Pride march planned for this Sunday in Belgrade.

  • Ozzy Osbourne ‘disgusted’ by anti-gay church’s use of his music at protest 29

    Ozzy Osbourne has hit out at Westboro Baptist Church's use of his music in their protests.

    3:20 PM — Ozzy Osbourne has hit out at the homophobic Westboro Baptist Church after discovering that they had used one of his hits at their recent protests at the US Supreme Court in Washington DC.

  • 4th October 2010

    Megachurch pastor accused of seducing young men says faith has been strengthened

    Eddie Long has not addressed the lawsuits directly

    5:25 PM — Eddie Long, the American megachurch pastor accused of seducing young men, says his faith has been strengthened. In his second Sunday sermon since the allegations broke, the Atlanta pastor made no explicit reference to the four lawsuits against him.

  • 1st October 2010

    Gay vicar forced to postpone civil partnership 19

    The Rev Colin Coward has postponed his civil partnership (Photo: Scott Gunn)

    4:51 PM — A gay vicar who hopes to tie the knot with his Nigerian fiance has postponed the ceremony because the Home Office has not yet approved his residency in the UK.

  • 27th September 2010

    Anti-gay pastor Eddie Long vows to ‘fight’ gay sex claims

    Eddie Long said he would fight the allegations

    10:58 AM — Eddie Long, the anti-gay leader of one of America's largest church congregations, has said he will fight allegations he coerced young men in his flock to have sex with him. Last week, three young men filed lawsuits alleging that Mr Long gave them money, cars and holidays in return for massages, oral sex and masturbation.

  • 25th September 2010

    Archbishop of Canterbury: Gay bishops are fine, so long as they are celibate 87

    Dr Williams has said he has no problem with gay bishops

    11:08 AM — Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, in an interview published in The Times has revealed he has "no problem" with homosexuals becoming bishops, but only if they remain celibate. A leader column in the same newspaper criticises Dr Williams for his treatment of a homosexual twice rejected from becoming a bishop and calls on Dr Williams to affirm that discrimination against homosexuals is wrong.

  • 23rd September 2010

    Anti-gay megachurch preacher denies sex with young men

    Eddie Long has been accused of coercing young men into sex

    5:04 PM — The pastor of one of America's largest congregations is denying that he coerced three young men into sex by offering them cars, jewellery and cash. Eddie Long, the pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta, has frequently attacked homosexuality and has called for a national ban on gay marriage.

  • 19th September 2010

    Video: Pope beatifies Cardinal Newman on final day of state visit 21

    Cardinal Newman died in 1890

    5:19 PM — At an open air mass in Birmingham earlier today, Pope Benedict XVI beatified Cardinal John Henry Newman, a British convert to Catholicism who some claim was in a gay relationship with fellow convert Ambrose St. John. The beatified process brings the former Anglican cleric a step closer to sainthood.

  • Video: 20,000 protest over Pope Benedict XVI’s views on homosexuality and the spread of HIV/ AIDS 34

    Protesters stating the bible's position

    1:30 AM — Tens of thousands of protesters gathered in central London on Saturday with banners and blown-up condoms, angered at the Pope's response to the child abuse scandal, his homophobic comments about gay relationships and his claims that condoms spread rather than prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS.

  • 17th September 2010

    Comment: Our leaders must question the Pope’s teachings in person 73

    The Pope meets David Cameron tomorrow (Photo: Sergey Kozhukhov)

    3:17 PM — While many in the UK are angry at the Pope's poor record on gay rights and outrageous statements on HIV prevention, our political leaders appear to be showing him undue reverence. This publication believes that they have a golden opportunity to argue that the Vatican must adapt and respond to the changing beliefs and social identities of its 1.1 billion believers.

  • Half-naked male models greet Pope’s visit to Twickenham 70

    A Gaydar angel at at today's protest (Photo: Ric Howell)

    1:44 PM — Pope Benedict XVI visited Twickenham, west London, as part of his tour of the UK today. The models, hired by Gaydar, stood alongside protesters from Richmond LGBT Forum and gay rights activist Peter Tatchell.

  • 16th September 2010

    Video: Pope attacks ‘aggressive secularism’ as he arrives in UK 37

    The Pope attacked "aggressive forms of secularism"

    2:16 PM — Pope Benedict XVI arrived in Britain today for a four-day tour. As he delivered a speech outside Holyrood House in Edinburgh after meeting the Queen, he warned the UK to beware of "aggressive forms of secularism" and urged people to retain traditional values while becoming a modern and multi-cultural society.

  • 15th September 2010

    Stephen Fry and Richard Dawkins say Pope should not be given ‘honour’ of state visit 32

    The Pope arrives in the UK tomorrow

    2:03 PM — A letter signed by more than 50 public figures says that the Pope should not be given the "honour" of a state visit to the UK. The letter, published today in the Guardian newspaper, argues that while the Pope is free to visit his British followers, his teachings on sexual issues mean he should not be accorded a state visit.

  • 14th September 2010

    March to protest against Pope’s visit will be held this weekend 9

    The Pope arrives in Britain this week

    11:16 AM — Hundreds of people are expected to join a march protesting against the Pope's visit to the UK in central London this Saturday. The Pontiff arrives in the UK on Thursday for a four-day visit and the march has been organised by campaigners angry at state funding of the trip.

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