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  • 23rd July 2010

    Government plans to stop Pope arrest 68

    Plans to arrest the Pope could be scuppered

    1:15 PM — The government has proposed changes to the law which will prevent gay and atheist campaigners arresting the Pope when he visits the UK in September. Whitehall officials were said to be "seriously concerned" that figures such as Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Peter Tatchell could attempt to bring a private prosecution against the Catholic leader under international criminal law.

  • 22nd July 2010

    Tel Aviv to rebrand itself as gay destination 16

    Tel Aviv hopes to become a popular gay destination

    4:18 PM — Tel Aviv's Tourism Association has begun a drive to rebrand the Israeli city as a popular gay destination. The city already has a lively gay scene but tourism chiefs hope to attract more visitors.

  • 19th July 2010

    Lady Gaga hits out at ‘God Hates Fags’ church 50

    Lady Gaga urged fans to ignore the protesters

    3:06 PM — Lady Gaga hit out at members of Westboro Baptist Church, calling them "hate criminals". The singer played a concert in St Louis, Missouri on Saturday night, which was picketed by the controversial church.

  • 15th July 2010

    Government responds to petition against ‘homophobic’ Pope’s visit 28

    The Pope will visit the UK in two months

    2:20 PM — Peter Tatchell has complained that a government response to his petition against the Pope's visit to the UK has "ignored all the issues". The gay rights activist is leading a campaign against the Pope's September visit, accusing him of homophobia, opposing women's rights and helping to cover up child abuse.

  • 13th July 2010

    Catholic cardinal says gay marriage in Argentina is the work of the devil 25

    The Catholic Church does not recognise gay marriage

    6:24 PM — Argentina's highest-ranking Catholic prelate has warned that the country's gay marriage bill is a "machination" of the devil. Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio has called on priests in Buenos Aires, where he is archbishop, to protest against the bill.

  • 12th July 2010

    US Presbyterian Church leaders approve non-celibate gay clergy 1

    The Presbyterian Church's leaders approved non-celibate gay clergy

    1:55 PM — Presbyterian Church leaders in the US have approved a policy change which would allow non-celibate gay church members in committed relationships to become clergy.

  • Anti-gay preacher arrested for ‘homophobic’ election leaflets 46

    Paul Shaw was arrested over his election leaflet

    10:47 AM — A Christian street preacher has been arrested for distributing leaflets which allegedly said gay men and lesbians should be "locked up".

  • 9th July 2010

    Archbishop of Canterbury accused of ‘betraying’ gay cleric again 18

    The Archbishop of Canterbury was said to be furious the shortlist was leaked

    11:25 AM — Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams was accused last night of "betraying" a gay cleric for the second time. This week, Dr Williams refused to support his old friend, the Rev Jeffrey John, for the post of Bishop of Southwark.

  • 8th July 2010

    Comment: Time for Jewish leaders to show some pride 46

    Benjamin Cohen marched with a London gay Jewish group at Tel Aviv Pride

    2:59 PM — I've been to many LGBT Pride events before; last year I accompanied the-then prime minister's wife Sarah Brown at London's Pride march. This year, both in Tel Aviv and in London, the experience was different, I wasn't just 'coming out' as LGBT, I was coming out as an LGBT Jew.

  • US Catholic priest ‘spent $1.3m on male escorts and hotels’

    The priest is accused of embezzling almost $1.3 million

    1:59 PM — A Catholic priest from Connecticut has been accused of embezzling almost $1.3 million (£857,000) from his church and spending it on a lavish lifestyle and male escorts.

  • Gay cleric Jeffrey John rejected from Bishop of Southwark post 41

    Rev Jeffrey John was blocked from the post

    10:27 AM — The openly gay cleric Rev Jeffrey John has been blocked from becoming a Church of England bishop. Dr John was shortlisted for the post last week and was believed to be the obvious choice for the role, with reports suggesting prime minister David Cameron was minded to back his appointment.

  • 6th July 2010

    Anti-Pope protesters urged to show tolerance 74

    The Pope will visit the UK in September

    2:15 PM — The prime minister's special representative for Pope Benedict's visit to the UK says protesters should show restraint. Chris Patten, a former governor of Hong Kong and Tory minister, also said the taxpayer's share of the costs of the visit had risen to £12 million, excluding security.

  • 5th July 2010

    Opponents say appointing gay bishop ‘will split Church of England’ 18

    Dr Jeffrey John is a candidate for Bishop of Southwark

    4:12 PM — Traditionalists have claimed that the Church of England may be split in two if an out gay cleric is appointed Bishop of Southwark. Dr Jeffrey John, the Dean of St Albans, is the front-runner for the job and is thought to be supported by prime minister David Cameron.

  • Gay-friendly Christian church to carry out gay weddings in Spain 10

    Gay marriage has been legal in Spain since 2005

    3:31 PM — The US-based Metropolitan Community Church hopes to open a congregation in Madrid, Spain, this year to perform same-sex weddings. As the Roman Catholic Church in Spain fiercely opposes equal marriage rights, the MCC will be the first church in the country to hold gay weddings.

  • Theatre: Love the Sinner

    Fiston Barek (left) and Ian Redford in Love the Sinner

    12:05 AM — This new play by Drew Pautz begins with a contemporary argument and one familiar to the readers of this publication; how to reconcile the evangelical beliefs of African Anglicans and the more tolerant approach made by the Church of England to the subject of homosexuality. Set at a hotel in Africa (the country is not specified), bishops from across the globe are meeting to determine the approach of the Anglican Communion to this live issue.

  • 4th July 2010

    Gay cleric front-runner to become next Bishop of Southwark 7

    Other churches have ordained gays and lesbian bishopa

    3:11 PM — At a meeting chaired by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, an openly gay cleric was shortlisted for the high profile role of Bishop of Southwark, London.

  • 3rd July 2010

    Lynne Featherstone MP hints that religious same-sex unions may be a step closer 6

    The Coalition are considering allowing religious civil partnerships

    3:47 PM — The equalities minister Lynne Featherstone has been reported as saying religious civil ceremonies for same-sex couples could soon become a reality.

  • Anti-gay Christian groups protest at Pride 104

    Christian protestors at Pride

    3:18 PM — London Pride progressed peacefully despite a small band of anti-gay Christian protestors.

  • Strong presence of faith groups at gay pride parade 7

    Many faith groups have joined the parade this year

    1:44 PM — A greater presence of faith groups is notable in this year’s parade, including gay Muslim group Imaan, plus Christian, Sikh and Hindu groups.

  • 1st July 2010

    More gay men being forced into marriage by their families 20

    The Forced Marriage Unit has seen a rise in reports concerning men

    11:19 AM — The government has released figures which suggest a rise in the number of men being forced into marriage because their families know or suspect they are gay. The Forced Marriage Unit says it received over 220 reports of men being forced into marriages last year, up from 134 in 2008, an increase of 65 per cent.

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