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  • 30th April 2007

    Tory councillor’s gay dating profile a hoax 3

    In the last series of BBC reality show  The Apprentice  Mr Stanberry was the first contestant to be fired by Sir Alan Sugar.

    4:53 PM — A London councillor who appeared as a contestant on The Apprentice has said a gay dating profile with his picture on it is a hoax.Ben Stanberry is a Conservative councillor in Richmond-upon-Thames. He suspects the fake profile was posted by a disgruntled former student.In the last series of BBC reality show The Apprentice Mr Stanberry was the first contestant to be fired by Sir Alan Sugar.

  • Gordon Brown’s homophobic abuse 3

    Yesterday  The Sunday Times  reported that Tony Blair is going to publicly back Mr Brown for the leadership.

    11:29 AM — The man expected to become Britain's next Prime Minister was verbally assaulted in Soho last week.A gang of hoodies taunted Gordon Brown with anti-gay jibes as he left a restaurant in Greek St.thelondonpaper reports that on Thursday evening the Chancellor was outside the Gay Hussar, a favourite with Westminster politicians, when the gang started to shout abuse.

  • Gay rights on the agenda as elections called in Ireland

    The Labour party's Civil Unions Bill was debated in the Dáil in February and was well received by all political parties represented.

    11:00 AM — Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern asked the country's President to dissolve Parliament yesterday.A general election will be held on May 24th. It is expected to be a close race.Last week a website was launched to raise awareness among the gay community of the forthcoming election.

  • US gay hate crime bill moves forward 7

    Most US states recognise the problem of hate violence.

    10:46 AM — Last week the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act passed out of the Judiciary Committee.The legislation now makes its way to the floor of the United States House of Representatives for consideration by the full chamber."Law enforcement is now one step closer to getting the extra tools they need to combat hate violence," said Joe Solmonese, President of the Human Rights Campaign.

  • Discrimination protections become law 5

    After weeks of debate Tony Blair announced that faith-based adoption agencies have until the end of 2008 to comply with the regulations.

    10:28 AM — The Sexual Orientation Regulations come into force in Britain today.It is now illegal to discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation when providing goods, services and facilities.Heterosexual people are also covered by the new law, meaning that it is now illegal to refuse them entry into gay bars.

  • 27th April 2007

    Gay MEP questions Tory tactics on homophobia

    Mr Cashman represents the West Midlands and is one of only two out gay MEPs.

    5:34 PM — Labour MEP Michael Cashman has strongly condemned the actions of Conservative MEPs who sided with extreme-right political groups in an attempt to suppress a debate on homophobia.On Wednesday the European Parliament voted to send a fact-finding mission to Poland to investigate a new laws that seek to suppress discussion of gay issues in schools.The extreme-right Union for Europe of the Nations (UEN) Group attempted to suppress the debate.

  • Welsh Tory candidate in gay row 3

    The Tory leader is campaigning in Wales ahead of elections for the 40-member Assembly next Thursday.

    2:41 PM — A Labour candidate for the Welsh Assembly claims his Tory opponent said homosexuality is a sin at a public meeting.Conservative leader David Cameron has defended the party's candidate in Clywd West, Darren Millar, claiming his remarks have been taken out of context.A party spokesman told the BBC that Mr Millar was merely pointing out that religious texts say homosexuality is a sin.

  • Polish PM backs “Section 28″ law

    For the first time Mr Kaczynski has spoken in favour of repressive new laws that would affect schools.

    11:58 AM — The Prime Minister of Poland has rejected the European Parliament's censure of his government's homophobia.For the first time Jaroslaw Kaczynski has spoken in favour of repressive new laws that would affect schools.He said that gay people did not face discrimination in Poland, but reiterated his view that homosexuality is bad for society.

  • Lesbian polygamist on the run 1

    Homosexuality is illegal throughout Nigeria.  photo: zouzouwizman@flickr.com

    10:55 AM — A Nigerian woman has gone into hiding after holding a sumptuous wedding ceremony.Aunty Maiduguri, 45, reportedly married four women at a ceremony in the city of Kano.The multiple marriage was witnessed by 2,000 guests and was followed by two days of feasting.

  • 26th April 2007

    New Hampshire gets same-sex unions

    Today the Senate approved the bill by 14 votes to 10.

    6:45 PM — The New Hampshire Senate has approved a civil unions bill, which has now been sent to the state's Governor.Last week he indicated that he will sign the bill into law and it is set to come into force on January 1st 2008.The state will become the fourth in the USA to allow such unions. The bill previously passed the state's House of Representatives by a margin of 2 to 1.

  • No 10 petition asks for gay question on census 5

    Final decisions on the content of the 2011 Census will not be made until the consultation and testing programme is complete

    3:35 PM — Gay people are being asked to add their names to a petition calling for a question on sexual orientation to be included on the census.The petition is on the Prime Minister's website. The next national survey will take place in 2011.It is conducted every 10 years by the Office of National Statistics who announced last year that they did not think a question about sexual orientation would not be suitable.

  • Comment: Was Ted Heath gay? 4

    It is well known that many people deny their sexuality when it is inconvenient or illegal; such I believe was the case with Ted Heath.

    2:34 PM — Jeremy Norman, a successful gay businessman who founded the iconic London nightclub Heaven, was a friend of former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath.In his autobiography No Make Up published last year, he devoted an entire chapter to Heath.Here he gives us his view on the current discussion of his old friend's sexuality. 

  • MEPs walk out of homophobia debate 1

    The centre-right EPP group in the Parliament agreed with the Poles, and many of their MEPs walked out.

    12:35 PM — A European Parliament debate on homophobia yesterday went ahead despite a mass walk-out of MEPs led by Polish delegates.Konrad Szymanski, who leads the Justice and Law party in the parliament, said the debate should be abandoned as it was attempting to discuss legislation that was not on the Polish government's official agenda.

  • European mayors asked to sign gay rights pledge

    Last year Moscow, Riga and the Moldovan capital of Chisinau banned gay Pride events.

    11:55 AM — An international gay rights organisation is appealing to mayors of cities across Europe to show their support for the right to freedom of assembly and expression for LGBT people.ILGA-Europe's campaign, which will continue until September, is also asking cultural, sporting and political celebrities in Europe to speak out.The first signatories will be announced on 17 May, the International Day Against Homophobia.

  • 25th April 2007

    Politicians coming out is still important, say Stonewall 3

    Ben Summerskill said that the actual number of gay MPs showed that sexuality was not yet irrelevant.

    6:31 PM — In the media storm surrounding his revelation that former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath was warned off cruising for sex, the thrust of Brian Coleman's article for the New Statesman has been sidelined.Mr Coleman, the Chairman of the London Assembly, who is a Conservative, said that MPs and other prominent figures coming out and being forthright about their sexual orientation was not necessary.

  • Cashman: Poland reminds me of Thatcher era 3

    Mr Cashman, who represents the West Midlands, heads the European Parliament's inter-party group on gay and lesbian rights.

    4:53 PM — Michael Cashman, one of only two out gay members of the European Parliament, has said that pressure from other countries can help gay and lesbians in Poland.He compared the actions of the current Polish government to those of the Conservative administration of Margaret Thatcher.Mr Cashman, who represents the West Midlands, heads the European Parliament's inter-party group on gay and lesbian rights

  • Work protection act comes before Congress

    87% of the top Fortune 500 companies in the US already provide protection from discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation.

    12:42 PM — The United States House of Representatives is to consider new legislation that would make it illegal to fire, refuse to hire or promote a person based on sexual orientation or gender identity.This is the first time since 1994 that legislation that protects LGB people at work has been brought to the House, and for the first time trans people are to be protected as well.The Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2007 (ENDA) was introduced by the two openly gay members of Congress.

  • Edward Heath warned to stop cruising 3

    Mr Heath led the Conservative party from 1965 to 1975, and was Prime Minister from 1970 to 1974.

    10:10 AM — A gay member of the London Assembly has claimed that former British Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath was warned to stop having sex with men in public.Brian Coleman, a Conservative, claims that Sir Edward was warned by police to stop cruising for sex as part of a vetting process in 1955.That year he became a Privy Councillor and Chief Whip under Prime Minister Anthony Eden.

  • 24th April 2007

    Moldovan gay activists call for protest at London embassy

    LGBT activist group GenderDoc-M has decided to take to the streets of Chisinau in defiance of the ban.

    4:45 PM — For the third year in a row, Moldovan authorities have banned the gay Pride march in the capital of Chisinau.Now activists in the country are asking for a show of support for the gay community here to protest outside the London embassy this Friday as a show of solidarity.LGBT activist group GenderDoc-M has decided to take to the streets of Chisinau in defiance of the ban.

  • New York moves towards gay marriage

    Massachusetts is currently the only state where same-sex marriage is legal.

    1:15 PM — The Governor of New York is expected to introduce a bill to legalise gay marriage in the next few weeks.Gov. Eliot Spitzer has been a proponent for gay marriage for years, but did not mention the controversial issue in his State of the State speech in January.Nor did he voice his intentions last week, during a speech which outlined his priorities for the legislative session.

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