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  • 23rd February 2006

    Drag queen stands for parliament 1

    Born Wladimiro Guadagno, Vladimir Luxuria considers herself neither male nor female but dresses as a woman and prefers to be called a 'she'

    12:00 AM — A renowned Italian gay pride figure is ditching the sequins and feather boas in a bid to become the country's first trans MP.Vladimir Luxuria, a former organiser of Italy's gay pride parades, has joined the Communist Refoundation and wants to be seen as a serious politician.Born Wladimiro Guadagno, she considers herself neither male nor female but dresses as a woman and prefers to be called a 'she.'

  • Australian Treasurer offends gay couple

    Mr Costello, who was addressing a debate at the Sydney Institute, said: “I think we do recognise the rights of gay and lesbian people in Australia, we do not criminalise conduct or behaviour“

    12:00 AM — Australian Treasurer Peter Costello has caused outrage amongst gay campaigners after labelling same sex marriage as appalling and offensive.The comments came after gay couple Professor Kerryn Phelps and her partner Jackie Stricker asked Mr Costello about the government's failure to legally recognise same sex partnerships in the same way as heterosexual marriages.

  • 22nd February 2006

    Gay men face high bulimia risk 1

    Figures show about 10 per cent of people being treated for eating disorders in the UK are male but experts believe the true figure is closer 25 per cent

    12:00 AM — Gay men are at a high risk from eating disorders according to figures from the Scottish Executive.The report shows a seven fold increase in the number of men in Scotland suffering from the eating disorder bulimia nervosa over the past five years. Gay men are highlighted as a group under particular risk.

  • Lib Dem MSP to have first civil partnership

    According to sources Margaret Smith, 45, MSP for Edinburgh West, will register her relationship with Suzanne Main next month

    12:00 AM — A Liberal Democrat will be the first MSP to have a civil partnership after announcing her plans for a ceremony today.According to sources Margaret Smith, 45, MSP for Edinburgh West, will register her relationship with Suzanne Main next month.The couple said in a statement: "The ceremony will take place in Edinburgh in the presence of family and friends."

  • Three and a half thousand English gay couples tie the knot

    Men are twice as likely to form civil partnerships

    12:00 AM — Figures released by the General Register Office show that over three and half thousand couples formed civil partnerships in England and Wales in the first five weeks since the change in the law.3,648 couples formed civil partnerships in England and Wales between 21st December 2005 and 31st January 2006.

  • 21st February 2006

    London mayor backs Russian gay pride

    Ken Livingstone called upon his Russian counterpart to allow Moscow's gay pride event to go ahead

    12:00 AM — Ken Livingstone, the mayor of London has called upon his Russian counterpart to allow Moscow's gay pride event to go ahead.Mr Livingstone was responding to a statement made by the mayor of Moscow, Yury Luzhkov who said: "all attempts to organise a gay parade, in any form, open or disguised, will be resolutely quashed"."I believe that equality for lesbians and gay men is a fundamental human right." Mr Livingstone told PinkNews.co.uk.

  • “What was the right answer for the question?” George Galloway and gay rights 2

    George Galloway “manages a slight, knowing, smirk as he posed for a photograph“

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveGeorge Galloway is a giant figure in British politics yet at just five foot and six inches he has difficulties towering over even me, someone famed for their short stature.The first thing that I notice apart from his height is that Galloway is nothing like his television persona. I've always thought of him as a thoroughly unlikeable man, someone I couldn't imagine having a pleasant conversation with. But his warmth won me over, he seemed genuinely pleased to communicate with the gay community.

  • Galloway: Britain in no position to condemn anti gay Middle East 1

    Mr Galloway insisted that gay Muslims should have the right to asylum in this country from regimes where their way of life is persecuted

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveBritain is in no position to blame the Middle East for the harsh treatment of homosexuals, according to George Galloway.Speaking exclusively to PinkNews.co.uk, the Bethnal Green and Bow MP claimed that years of military intervention and interference in Arab countries by Britain and the West meant they couldn't complain about homophobic attitudes in the Middle East and said anti gay laws could be justified by the Koran.

  • Galloway: Respect candidates can be anti gay 1

    George Galloway told PinkNews.co.uk that no candidate would ever be forced to agree on opposing issues.  Picture courtesy of Matthew Emirzian

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveRespect Party MPs are not expected to adhere to a unified policy on gay rights, says George Galloway.The senior party figure told PinkNews.co.uk that no candidate would ever be forced to agree on opposing issues, he said: "Because we're a coalition we don't bind a Muslim candidate in Yorkshire to the explicitly socialist parts of our programme."

  • Gay sex scandal MP reunites with wife 5

    Mr Oaten has bombarded her with phone calls since the scandal ended his political ambitions

    12:00 AM — The Liberal Democrat MP involved in an alleged gay sex scandal looks likely to be reunited with his wife, according to reportsThe Daily Mirror claimed that the wife of MP Mark Oaten has taken him back just weeks after newspaper revelations that he had a relationship with a male prostitute.They were pictured together at their Hampshire home after friends of wife Belinda, 37, said she was prepared to give their marriage "another go".

  • Irish support gay marriages- poll claims

    51% of the public would welcome the introduction of civil marriages for gay couples

    12:00 AM — A poll commissioned by a national newspaper has found that over half of Irish adults support the introduction of gay marriages in the predominantly Catholic country.The Irish Examiner/Red C survey claims that 51% of the public would welcome the introduction of civil marriages for gay couples and allowing gay couples the same rights of adoption as straight couples.

  • Russian politicians back gay pride ban 4

    Lyubov Sliska, the First Vice-Speaker of the State Duma said people shouldn't equate 'human rights' with 'permissiveness'

    12:00 AM — Russian politicians have spoken out in favour of the Mayor of Moscow's decision to ban a gay pride parade in the capital amid protest plans in the UK by gay groups.Ekaterina Lahova, who chairs the Duma's committee on women, family and youth issues, entered the debate by saying it was not "safe for the state to propagate homosexuality" and the action by the Moscow authorities in banning a gay parade was a "perfectly correct decision".

  • Blood service to study gay population

    Gay and lesbians organisations were outraged last month when the SANBS issued a statement  asking gay people not to donate blood

    12:00 AM — The South African National Blood Service (SANBS) is standing by its policy of not allowing gay people to donate blood, despite agreeing to a study of the South African gay population this week."Until such data is available which can enable SANBS to review its policy, the status quo will remain," an SANBS statement said today.

  • 20th February 2006

    Australian school orders lesbian to remove pro gay t-shirt

    An example of the “offensive“ t-shirt

    12:00 AM — School officials at a high-school in Melbourne have caused a stir by asking a student to remove a t-shirt with a gay slogan.More than 30 students at Strathmore Secondary College rallied behind a 17-year-old senior named Stephanie after teachers at the school told her to change out of the t-shirt for class pictures.Stephanie, who requested that her last name not be published, said she had worn the t-shirt with the slogan "Nobody knows I'm a lesbian" printed across the front to school on several occasions without concerns being raised by staff or fellow students.

  • University offers gay studies

    Chicago's DePaul University is the largest Roman Catholic university in the US

    12:00 AM — An American University has courted mixed reactions after offering a minor in gay studies.Chicago's DePaul University, the largest Roman Catholic university in the US, has launched a course in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexualm Transgender and Queer studies.Courses in LGBTQ studies range from gender identity, same-sex desire and government reactions to homosexuals to literature and history of homosexuality in the United States.

  • 18th February 2006

    Gay rights group claim victory against Muslim leader

    Sir Iqbal was accused of homophobia by Peter Tatchell

    12:00 AM — The gay rights group, Outrage!, claim that Sir Iqbal Sacranie, secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain was forced to withdraw from making a key note address at the trade union-sponsored "Unite Against Fascism" conference held in London today, following protests against his alleged homophobic views.However, Sir Iqbal was likely to have been absent due to the event clashing with a London rally against the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed in the European press.

  • 17th February 2006

    “Homophobic” Conservative canidate stands down 1

    Mr Cameron, who is targeting gay party members as priorities for the party, is thought to have insisted Mr Jenkins step aside

    12:00 AM — Conservative Party leader David Cameron forced a Welsh Assembly candidate to stand down just 24 hours after he had been selected, over rows about "homophobic" remarks.John Jenkins, 25, stood down as the Conservative candidate for the key seat of Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire after continued controversy over claims he made in 2003 that being gay was a "medical mental condition."

  • London Mayor urged to help resurrect Moscow Pride 1

    The GALHA letter praises Mr Livingstone for his long-standing support for lesbian and gay rights notably inaugurating the first ever registration of their partnerships - and his enthusiastic support for the London Pride events

    12:00 AM — The Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association (GALHA) has called on the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, to appeal to his counterpart in Moscow to lift the ban on a gay pride parade in the city.The Mayor of Moscow, Yury Luzhkov, has said that all attempts to organise a gay parade, in any form, open or disguised, will be "resolutely quashed". His press secretary, Sergey Tsoy, said that the reports about the proposed parade "have evoked outrage on society, in particular among religious leaders."

  • Poll reveals Turkey’s conservative views on homosexuality

    The survey found that three quarters of Turks disapprove of gays and lesbians

    12:00 AM — A significant amount of Turkish people are uncomfortable with homosexuality, a survey suggests.The poll conducted by the Open Society Institute and Istanbul's Bogazici University found that three quarters of Turks disapprove of gays and lesbians.

  • 16th February 2006

    Gay MPs and cancer charities welcome smoking ban 10

    Smoking will be stubbed out in all pubs, bars and clubs from next summer

    12:00 AM — The smoking ban has been met with mainly positive reactions amongstthe gay community since Parliament voted for it on Tuesday.PinkNews.co.uk reported earlier in the week that many gay bars andvenues felt they could easily cope with a ban and therefore would be pretty much unaffected.

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