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  • 9th May 2008

    EXCLUSIVE: Rebel Labour MP’s seat could go to gay candidate 11

    Ms Hoey, 61, has been MP for Vauxhall since 1989

    12:40 PM — A leading Labour party activist has said he is "flattered" by approaches from party members asking him to stand in Vauxhall. The current MP, Kate Hoey, caused outrage among Labour members in London when she agreed to become an adviser to Conservative Boris Johnson.

  • Movie mogul demands Dem “revote” in Florida and Michigan

    Florida and Michigan look to be Clinton's only remaining shot

    10:30 AM — Hollywood heavy-hitter and ardent supporter of Senator Hillary Clinton, Harvey Weinstein threatened to hit Congressional Democrats in the wallet unless US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave him the go-ahead to finance revotes in Florida and Michigan.

  • 8th May 2008

    Stonewall’s ten month battle for hate crimes legislation 6

    For Stonewall, yesterday was an imperfect but very welcome victory

    4:52 PM — They may have managed to secure a new offence of incitement to hatred on the grounds of sexual orienation, but gay equality organisation Stonewall's public affairs team will not be resting anytime soon.

  • Religious groups gang up against Moscow Pride 3

    Metropolitan Kirill heads the Moscow Patriarchate department for external church relations

    4:12 PM — The leaders of all the major religions in Russia have written to the Council of Europe's Commissioner for Human Rights urging him not to support gay people's right to march.

  • Hillary promises to stay in the race for the White House 4

    The Clinton campaign received another heavy blow on Wednesday

    3:36 PM — Even as one of her longtime supporters, former senator George McGovern, begged Hillary Clinton to drop out of the Presidential race, the former First Lady vowed to continue the fight.

  • EXCLUSIVE: Boris will attend Pride London

    Mr Johnson beat incumbent Labour Mayor Ken Livingstone when Londoners went to the polls last Thursday

    3:06 PM — The new Mayor of London will take part in the city's gay Pride parade on July 5th, PinkNews.co.uk can confirm. It will be the first time that Boris Johnson has attended Pride.

  • US State Department criticised for treatment of gay staff

    The issues could be resolved with Ms Rice's signature

    1:26 PM — The only out lesbian in the US Congress has said she is unhappy with the response from the country's Secretary of State about unequal treatment of lesbian and gay staff in her department.

  • Gay hate crime bill passed by Parliament 6

    The Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill passed its final stages in the House of Lords

    12:12 PM — Incitement to hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation will become a criminal offence after the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill passed its final stages in the House of Lords last night.

  • Former supporter urges Clinton to make way for Obama 4

    Clinton is expected to travel to South Dakota tomorrow

    11:05 AM — On the heels of Tuesday’s narrow win in Indiana and huge loss in North Carolina for the Clinton camp, Senator George McGovern called for the New York Senator to drop out of the race and let Barack Obama secure the nomination.

  • 7th May 2008

    America’s most senior military officer relaxed about gays serving 1

    Admiral Mike Mullen is Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff

    4:13 PM — The Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff has said that Congress, and not the military, is responsible for the ban on openly lesbian, gay and bisexual Americans from military service.

  • Boris appoints gay deputy Mayor 1

    Richard Barnes is London Assembly member for Ealing and Hillingdon

    11:57 AM — The new Mayor of London has announced that Richard Barnes will serve as his deputy. He is a former leader of the Conservative administration in the London Borough of Hillingdon.

  • Clinton leads in Indiana as record numbers turn out to vote 4

    Clinton had a four point lead over Obama in Indiana going into the contest

    10:24 AM — New York Senator Hillary Clinton is currently leading over Illinois Senator Barack Obama in early Indiana primary results. In both Indiana and North Carolina voter turnout was expected to reach record numbers.

  • Obama takes North Carolina primary

    Obama and his wife Michelle planned his election night party at a coliseum at North Carolina State University

    10:17 AM — Illinois Senator Barack Obama claimed victory in the North Carolina Democratic primary results yesterday. Just after voting polls closed in the state, CNN project Obama as the winner of the contest based on exit polls.

  • 6th May 2008

    Russian extremists call for recriminalisation of homosexuality 2

    Homosexuality was legalised in Russia in 1993

    4:13 PM — Russian Vanguard, an ultra-religious monarchist group, has picketed the Kaliningrad concert of performer Boris Moiseyev because he is openly gay. The extreme nationalist group said it would not target the singer's fans.

  • Admiral turned Congressman calls for end to gay military ban 1

    Congressman Joe Sestak served 31 years in the US Navy

    3:11 PM — The most senior US military veteran in the House of Representatives has called for an end to the ban on openly gay, lesbian and bisexual people serving in the country's Armed Forces.

  • 10,000 may be dead after Myanmar cyclone

    A massive cyclone wreaked havoc and destruction in Myanmar. Photo: NASA

    1:19 PM — The death toll from the massive cyclone that wreaked havoc and destruction in Myanmar over the weekend is expected to climb as high as 10,000, the country’s foreign minister told the United Nations. The cyclone that ravaged Myanmar, formerly Burma, the number of dead rapidly rose to 4,000. But if the estimates prove accurate, the […]

  • Day of Silence participants attacked by thugs in St Petersburg

    The International Day of Silence is an annual action of non-violent protest

    12:44 PM — Three prominent Russian gay rights activists were attacked at a non-violent protest on Saturday. The homophobic assailants were dressed as rappers, according to Interfax. They fled as police approached.

  • Modovan gay activists hopeful their Pride march will not be banned

    Pride will start on Wednesday with a flower-laying ceremony at the Monument to the Victims of Repression

    12:29 PM — A range of events planned by the gay and lesbian community in the eastern European nation of Moldova should go ahead this year without interference from the authorities. For the past three years public events have been banned by authorities in the capital city Chisinau.

  • Australian government stands by ban on gay marriage 4

    Rodney Croome compared Mr Rudd's opposition to gay marriage to arguments made in favour of slavery

    10:36 AM — The Australian government's decision to refuse same-sex marriages has been compared to slavery by gay rights groups. Last week the Australian government announced more than 100 reforms.

  • COMMENT: Can Obama go all the way? 4

    Barack Obama was comfortably at least seven points ahead of Clinton

    9:35 AM — In a week when he should have been focused on getting his campaign back on track ahead of Tuesday’s primaries in Indiana and North Carolina, Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama was once again forced to deal with distractions.

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