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  • 13th May 2010

    Theresa May defends equalities role 17

    Theresa May said there were "real commitments" on homophobic bullying

    4:54 PM — New home secretary and equality minister Theresa May has said it is right for her to take responsibility for equality despite her poor voting record. She said tackling homophobic bullying would be a priority.

  • Gay Tory MP Nick Herbert appointed policing minister 20

    Nick Herbert is MP for Arundel and South Downs

    4:27 PM — Nick Herbert was appointed policing minister today after missing out on a place in the coalition cabinet. Mr Herbert was shadow environment secretary previously, and before that was shadow minister for police reform.

  • Video: Laura Bush reveals she supports gay marriage and abortion rights 15

    Laura Bush said she was in favour of gay marriage

    11:48 AM — Laura Bush, the wife of former US president George Bush, has announced she supports same-sex marriage and believes abortion should remain legal.

  • Comment: David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s shotgun civil partnership is best option for the gay community 82

    Nick Clegg and David Cameron (photo: Downing Street)

    12:12 AM — In many ways, you should be ecstatic, by no small measure the majority of the LGBT community according to PinkNews.co.uk polls voted for the Liberal Democrats, very few voted Conservative. The electoral system, with its inherent unfairness for a party with widespread but not concentrated support like the Lib Dems was always going to end up with the Liberal Democrats in bed with either Labour or the Conservatives in a hung parliament.

  • 12th May 2010

    Peer who said schools ‘promote homosexuality’ becomes first female Muslim cabinet member 41

    Sayeeda Warsi is the first female Muslim in the cabinet

    7:13 PM — Sayeeda Warsi has been announced as the Conservative Party's chairman, becoming part of the cabinet. She is the first Muslim woman to hold such a powerful position.

  • David Miliband declares intention to run for Labour leadership 14

    David Miliband declared today he would stand for the leadership

    5:25 PM — David Miliband has announced his intention to run for the leadership of the Labour Party. Mr Miliband, 44, is supported by the Blairite faction of the party and Alan Johnson offered him his support earlier after saying he would not be standing for the role.

  • Cameron begins to form new cabinet 6

    David Cameron began forming his cabinet today

    4:16 PM — New prime minister David Cameron began forming his cabinet today after entering Downing Street. As yet, the cabinet contains only one woman and no out gay ministers. Posts still to be filled include culture secretary, Welsh secretary and transport secretary.

  • Analysis: How pro-gay is the new home secretary and minister for equality Theresa May? 87

    Theresa May is the new home secretary

    12:16 PM — Theresa May has been appointed home secretary and minister for equality, replacing Chris Grayling who was dubbed 'homophobic' by gay rights groups after suggesting that bed and breakfast owners should be able to ban gay couples. But analysis by PinkNews.co.uk reveals that Mrs May's has voted consistently against gay and transgendered rights.

  • Cameron dumps Chris Grayling in favour of Theresa May as home secretary and equalities minister 21

    Theresa May is the new home secretary

    11:51 AM — Theresa May has been appointed home secretary and minister for equality. Chris Grayling was expected to get the job but he was dumped by David Cameron after a string of gaffes including suggesting that Christian bed and breakfast owners should have the right to ban gay couples.

  • 11th May 2010

    David Cameron becomes prime minister but can he appeal to gay community? 108

    David Cameron became prime minister this evening

    8:38 PM — David Cameron was appointed prime minister by the queen this evening, five days after last week's general election. PinkNews.co.uk has been told he will make a new appeal to the gay community once in office with a source indicating that the coalition with the more gay friendly Liberal Democrats will help.

  • Video: Gordon Brown resigns as prime minister 24

    Gordon Brown resigned this evening

    7:44 PM — Gordon Brown announced this evening he was resigning as prime minister with immediate effect. He addressed the media outside Downing Street at 7.20pm with wife Sarah by his side.

  • Talks between Labour and Lib Dems ‘have failed’ 15

    Talks between Labour and the Lib Dems are said to have failed

    5:36 PM — Sources say that coalition talks between Labour and the Liberal Democrats have failed. The two parties began formal talks yesterday after Gordon Brown announced he would stand down as party leader by autumn.

  • Gay Tory candidate’s posters hit by homophobic slurs 9

    Nick King lost by a few hundred votes

    3:16 PM — Conservative Party candidate Nick King had some of his election posters defaced with homophobic slurs. Mr King, standing for Mid Dorset and North Poole, lost by only a few hundred votes to Liberal Democrat incumbent Annette Brooke.

  • Labour ‘to start talks’ with ‘homophobic’ DUP 14

    Labour is fighting to draw up a coalition

    1:48 PM — The Labour Party will reportedly begin talks with the Democratic Unionist Party on a possible coalition. Conservative blogger Iain Dale wrote this morning that he understood the two parties would hold talks and accused the DUP of having homophobic members.

  • 10th May 2010

    Gordon Brown to resign as Labour leader 28

    Gordon Brown said he would step down as Labour leader

    5:20 PM — Prime minister Gordon Brown said today he would resign as Labour leader, although he remains as prime minister. He said he was calling for his party to hold a leadership election which he would play no part in.

  • 8th May 2010

    Baltic Gay Pride ban overturned by Lithuanian Supreme Court 6

    Lithuania's pride has been reinstated

    12:09 PM — A Lithuanian court of appeal last night overturn a ban on the country's first pride event, so that it can take place in the next few hours. Despite assurances from police that hundreds of marchers through the capital Vilnius would be protected, the Lithuanian Attorney General's Office argued that they could be injured by anti-gay groups. A court sided with the Attorney General and banned the the Baltic Pride march on the 6th May.

  • 7th May 2010

    Liberal Democrat Evan Harris loses Oxford seat 96

    Evan Harris lost his seat

    4:05 PM — Liberal Democrat science spokesman Evan Harris has lost his seat in Oxford West and Abington to a Christian candidate. One Christian group said his defeat was the "most significant individual result of the election".

  • Updated: David Cameron makes ‘comprehensive offer’ to Lib Dems 113

    David Cameron made an offer to the Lib Dems

    3:14 PM — Tory leader David Cameron has made a "comprehensive offer" to the Liberal Democrats to work with him in parliament. A hung parliament was declared this morning and although the Conservatives won the most votes, they do not have an overall majority.

  • Updated: Out gay Tory shadow ministers retain seats 10

    Alan Duncan kept his Rutland and Melton seat

    11:55 AM — The three out gay men in David Cameron's shadow cabinet have held on to their seats. Nick Herbert, Alan Duncan and Greg Barker were all returned to Westminster. Mr Duncan and Mr Barker saw a slight drop in their majorities to the Liberal Democrats.

  • Lib Dems lose seats, gain another gay MP 11

    Nick Clegg said he was disappointed by the result

    10:49 AM — The Liberal Democrats now have two out gay MPs - but the latest count shows they have lost six seats overall. The result so far has been seen widely as disastrous for Nick Clegg's party, which hoped to capitalise on his perceived good performance in the televised debates.

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