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  • 10th May 2011

    New York governor begins tour to highlight gay marriage 2

    New York may be next to allow gay marriage

    5:29 PM — Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, has kicked off a state tour to highlight his legislative agenda for 2011. Marriage equality is one of the priorities, along with a property tax and ethics reform.

  • California Senate approves equal benefits bill 3

    The bill will encourage equality, gay groups say (Photo: Jyri)

    3:41 PM — The California Senate has narrowly approved a bill to encourage companies to give equal benefits to the spouses of gay employees. Democrat Senator Christine Kehoe's bill says that state agency contracts will only be awarded to companies who offer the equal benefits.

  • David Laws guilty of a series of expenses rule breaches 14

    David Laws was reportedly found guilty of breaking rules (Photo: Keith Edkins)

    3:09 PM — Former Cabinet minister David Laws has been found guilty of a series of breaches of parliamentary expenses rules. The Liberal Democrat MP was chief secretary to the Treasury for just days last May. He resigned when it was revealed he had paid £40,000 in expenses to his boyfriend who was also his landlord.

  • Gay Labour MP David Cairns dies 22

    David Cairns has died at the age of 44

    12:27 PM — David Cairns, the Labour MP for Inverclyde, has died at the age of 44 after a short illness. The former Scotland minister had been suffering from acute pancreatitis and died in hospital last night.

  • 9th May 2011

    Gay MP David Laws may be reprimanded over expenses 36

    David Laws may be reprimanded for his expenses (Photo: Keith Edkins)

    2:33 PM — Liberal Democrat MP David Laws is expected to be reprimanded over his expenses claims when a parliamentary standards report is published this week. The former chief secretary to the Treasury's return to government may be hampered by the verdict, reports said.

  • Gay activists’ petition against Ugandan ‘kill gays’ bill 30

    An earlier protest against the bill (Photo: Brett Lock)

    12:55 PM — Gay rights campaigners hope to collect enough signatures to ask Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni to refuse to sign an anti-homosexuality bill. The legislation, in its current form, calls for harsher punishments for homosexuality. For "aggravated" case, such as those involving disabled people, those with HIV or minors, it calls for the death penalty.

  • Gay MP Nigel Evans ‘in denial’ when he voted for Section 28 75

    Nigel Evans said he went through a "neanderthal phase"

    11:42 AM — Gay Conservative MP Nigel Evans says he was in denial and going through a "neanderthal phase" when he voted for Section 28. The MP for Ribble Valley, who came out last year, backed the legislation to ban mention of homosexuality in schools and once voted against lowering the age of consent for gay men.

  • 6th May 2011

    MP claims Foreign Office is ‘playing avoidance game’ over Bradley Manning 26

    Bradley Manning has been transferred to another jail

    5:52 PM — Foreign secretary William Hague is playing an "avoidance game" over a gay US soldier accused of leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks, an MP has claimed.

  • Activists call for gay marriage progress after SNP win 53

    SNP leader Alex Salmond supports gay marriage

    5:28 PM — The SNP are to form Scotland's first ever majority government after their victory in yesterday's election. The party, which has promised a consultation on marriage equality, won a surprise majority with 65 seats in the 129-seat parliament.

  • 5th May 2011

    Government ‘still not collecting data on gay asylum claims’ 6

    The UK Border Agency says it is reviewing data collection

    4:17 PM — The UK government has admitted that it is still not collecting data on the number of people who claim asylum or are refused on the basis of their sexual orientation. Ministers promised last year that they would protect gay asylum seekers who are fleeing persecution.

  • Muslim area sent fake gay election leaflets 201

    The leaflets were apparently distributed in a Muslim area

    3:32 PM — Homes in a largely Muslim area of Leicester have been sent fake election leaflets about the Liberal Democrats' gay rights policies.

  • Chelsea Clinton urges straight people to back gay marriage 25

    Chelsea Clinton supports gay marriage

    1:53 PM — Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former president Bill Clinton, has spoken out in support of gay marriage. Speaking at a New York benefit for charity Friendfactor, she said that straight people should join the fight for equal rights.

  • Analysis: LGBT rights and the Scottish election 12

    Scottish parliament elections take place today

    10:13 AM — With everything to play for in today's Scottish election, the issue of LGBT rights has never been hotter. Four of the five main parties have mentioned it in their manifestos and numerous individual politicians are pledging their commitment to reform. Jennie Kermode reports.

  • 3rd May 2011

    PinkNews.co.uk poll: Gay voters back AV, huge drop in Lib Dem support 83

    The poll found support for AV

    12:19 PM — A PinkNews.co.uk poll suggests that the UK's LGBT community will back the alternative vote system in Thursday's referendum. The results also showed a massive drop in support for the Liberal Democrats.

  • 2nd May 2011

    Corrie star slams David Cameron for alleged support of gay kiss ban before 9pm tv watershed 137

    David Cameron is under fire for reportedly backing a ban on gay kisses

    8:08 PM — Coronation Street actress Brooke Vincent has slammed prime minister David Cameron over reports that he supports new proposals which could ban same-sex kisses on pre-watershed television.

  • 30th April 2011

    Poll: How will you vote on May 5th? 127

    The vote will be held on 5th May 2011

    10:55 PM — On the 5th May 2011, elections will be held for the Scottish Parliament; the Welsh and Northern Ireland Assemblies; local councils in England (excluding London) as well as a referendum on the introduction of the Alternative Vote. Until 10am on 2nd May 2011, you can tell us how you will vote.

  • 27th April 2011

    Lesbian cadet Katherine Miller refused readmission to West Point 7

    The US military will allow gay men and women to serve openly once the ban is officially lifted

    5:45 PM — Katherine Miller, the lesbian cadet who resigned from West Point military academy last year over the don't ask don't tell policy, has had her bid for readmission refused.

  • Moscow gay pride parade now uncertain 1

    The decision on the Russian capital's first gay pride march is now up in the air

    2:30 PM — Moscow have said they are ‘studying’ the proposal for the city’s first gay pride parade, after it was previously thought to be going ahead. Nikolai Alexeyev, Russia’s top gay rights activist, said yesterday that the city council had given the go-ahead to the proposed march on 28 May, a claim dismissed by Moscow’s central district head, […]

  • Pakistan allows trans men and women their own gender category 30

    Trans men and women in Pakistan are to be allowed their own gender category

    12:39 PM — A landmark decision has been taken in Pakistan to allow trans people their own gender category on selected official documents.

  • 26th April 2011

    Catholic charity loses appeal over gay adoption 173

    Catholic Care sought to be made exempt from the sexual orientation discrimination laws

    5:32 PM — A tribunal has thrown out a Catholic charity's bid to be exempted from equality laws which make it illegal to discriminate against gay couples who wish to adopt.

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