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  • 26th July 2011

    International Gay and Lesbian Association finally wins UN accreditation 11

    ILGA has won UN accreditation

    10:59 AM — The International Gay and Lesbian Association (ILGA) has finally won United Nations accreditation. The group, which is one of the oldest international organisations fighting for gay rights, has been trying to gain recognition at the UN for years.

  • 25th July 2011

    Anti-gay group files lawsuit against New York gay marriage 28

    An anti-gay group wants to challenge the gay marriage law

    6:07 PM — An anti-gay group in New York has filed a lawsuit against the city's new marriage laws. The group, called New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, claims the state Senate acted illegally when it voted to approve a gay marriage bill earlier this year.

  • New York mayor officiates aides’ wedding 17

    Mr Bloomberg officiated the wedding

    4:31 PM — Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City, presided over the marriage of two of his aides yesterday. He officiated the wedding ceremony of John Feinblatt, his chief policy advisor, and Jonathan Mintz, the city’s commissioner for consumer affairs, who have been together for 14 years.

  • Presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty attacks gay marriage again 66

    Tim Pawlenty is against marriage equality

    12:48 PM — US Republican presidential candidate and former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty has hit out at gay marriage again. Mr Pawlenty was speaking on CNN's State of the Union on Sunday, the first day of marriage equality in New York.

  • 22nd July 2011

    Labour MP: Compromises for anti-gay staff are ‘outrageous’ 77

    The EHRC has called for accommodations to be made for workers who don't want to serve gay people

    3:48 PM — Labour MP John McDonnell has called on the Equality and Human Rights Commission to review its decision to advocate for "compromises" and "reasonable accommodations" for workers who refuse to serve gay people. He said the move was "outrageous and totally unacceptable".

  • Video: Gay ‘barbarians’ glitter Marcus Bachmann’s office 15

    Protesters outside a Bachman & Associates clinic

    12:24 PM — Gay rights activists dressed as 'barbarians' glittered one of Marcus Bachmann's counselling clinics after footage emerged of an employee telling a gay man he could become straight.

  • 21st July 2011

    Government to consider removing ‘insult’ from Public Order Act 28

    Some MPs, campaigners and groups say the Public Order Act hinders free speech

    2:05 PM — The government says it will "assess the benefits" of removing the crime of causing 'insult' from the Public Order Act. The law has been used to prosecute street preachers who persist in delivering anti-gay sermons in public, although some campaigners say it should not be illegal to insult people.

  • Ghana minister orders arrest of all gays in Western Region 51

    Ghana does not tolerate homosexuality

    10:32 AM — A minister in Ghana has reportedly ordered the arrest of all gays and lesbians in the country's Western Region. Paul Evans Aidoo, the minister for the region, has directed the Bureau of National Investigations and other agencies to find gay people and bring them before the courts.

  • 20th July 2011

    Gay Senator David Norris ahead for Irish presidency 39

    David Norris hopes to become Ireland's next head of state

    4:24 PM — Gay independent senator David Norris in in the lead for the Irish presidency, a poll of the public says. According to an Ipsos MRBI/Irish Times poll of 1,000 people, Mr Norris has 25 per cent of the vote.

  • Updated: 14 MPs back ‘compromise’ plans for anti-gay Christians 126

    14 MPs are publicly backing the EHRC's 'compromise' proposal

    1:26 PM — Fourteen MPs - from all main parties - are backing the Equality and Human Rights Commission's plan to intervene in high-profile court cases where gay rights and Christian beliefs clash. The EHRC announced last week that it believes more should be done to find "compromises" and "reasonable accommodations" for religious workers who do not wish to serve gay people.

  • 19th July 2011

    Obama ‘proud to support’ the repeal of gay marriage ban 30

    President Obama is said to be "proud" to support the end of the federal ban of gay marriage

    11:44 PM — The White House has revealed that president Barack Obama is "proud to support" the Respect for Marriage Act, which aims to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act [sic], the federal ban on same sex marriage.

  • Gay conservatives GOProud want to meet Michele Bachmann 22

    Michele Bachmann has recently refused to discuss her views on homosexuality

    2:40 PM — US gay conservative group GOProud says it wants to meet Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann to discuss her anti-gay views. Mrs Bachmann, has said in the past that homosexuality is "slavery" and that gays are recruiting children. But since she began her presidential campaign, she has refused to talk about homosexuality.

  • 18th July 2011

    Utah Democrats elect gay man as chairman 10

    Utah's Democrats elected a gay man as chairman

    4:03 PM — The US state of Utah's Democratic party has elected a gay man as its chairman. Art dealer Jim Dabakis, who has been involved in gay rights campaigning in the state, was elected on Saturday during a party convention in Salt Lake City.

  • 15th July 2011

    Obama administration asks court to keep military gay ban for now 59

    The ban on out gay troops is set to be repealed this year

    3:30 PM — The Obama administration has asked an appeals court to reconsider a verdict ruling that the ban on openly gay troops should end immediately. Last week, the Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the Pentagon to cease enforcing the ban.

  • ‘More teacher training’ needed to tackle homophobic bullying 17

    More should be done about anti-gay bullying, Lords heard

    11:00 AM — Teachers should be given more training to deal with anti-gay bullying, the House of Lords heard yesterday. The House also heard that Ofsted should inspect the manner in which schools tackle the issue.

  • 14th July 2011

    Anti-gay groups defend Michele Bachmann’s ‘gay cure’ clinic 57

    Michele Bachmann has refused to discuss her views homosexuality during her campaign

    4:55 PM — US anti-gay groups have rushed to defend a Christian counselling service owned by Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann and her husband after a staff member was recorded trying to 'cure' a gay man.

  • Larry King joins NOH8 campaign for gay marriage 11

    Larry King poses for NOH8

    1:39 PM — Former CNN host Larry King has posed for a NOH8 photograph to raise awareness for marriage equality. He also filmed a soon to be released advertisement calling on president Barack Obama to support the calls for gay marriage.

  • 12th July 2011

    Video: Chris Bryant tries to get Kay Burley to apologise to him live on Sky News 165

    Kay Burley laughs at Chris Bryant's question (photo: Sky News)

    9:22 PM — Chris Bryant, the openly gay former Labour foreign office minister and victim of phone hacking, attempted to elicit an apology live on air for an interview conducted by Sky News presenter Kay Burley last year.

  • Lib Dem MP says Home Office appears ‘institutionally homophobic’ on asylum 27

    Mike Hancock said he had 'grave concerns'

    6:12 PM — A Liberal Democrat MP has accused the Home Office and the UK Border Agency of appearing "institutionally homophobic" in cases of gay asylum seekers. Mike Hancock, the MP for Portsmouth South, wrote to immigration minister Damien Green on behalf of a gay Ugandan constituent who was due to be deported on Monday.

  • Lesbians speak up – we can’t see you 37

    Heather Peace says young lesbians need role models

    3:38 PM — Where are all the lesbians? Chloe Setter speaks to four gay women - including writer Julie Bindel and singer Heather Peace - to find out why lesbians lack visibility.

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