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  • 13th October 2011

    Tory MEP Roger Helmer quits 50

    Roger Helmer is resigning

    3:09 PM — Conservative MEP Roger Helmer, who has been accused of homophobia, has resigned. Mr Helmer, who last year angered gay campaigners with a tweet about 'gay cure' therapy, said there are "far too many" areas of Conservative policy he can no longer agree with.

  • Effort to force referendum on California gay history law fails 17

    California will require schools to teach about gay history

    1:22 PM — Gay rights opponents have failed in an attempt to repeal California law on gay history teaching in schools. They did not manage to collect the 505,000 signatures needed to suspend the law and put the issue on the ballot.

  • Mary Portas apologises for calling female Cabinet ministers ‘ugly’ 33

    Mary Portas has apologised for her words

    11:05 AM — Retail guru Mary Portas has written to four female Cabinet ministers to apologise for calling them "ugly". Portas, who advises prime minister David Cameron on the retail industry, said she didn't want to be "abusive" and "destructive" and admitted she did not know who the four female members of the Cabinet are.

  • US politician Sally Kern ‘fears for life’ after saying homosexuality killed has more Americans than terrorists 163

    Sally Kern says she fears for her life

    10:47 AM — Oklahoma Republican Sally Kern says she fears gay rights campaigners may kill her over her homophobic views. The politician, who claims that homosexuality has killed more people in the US than terrorism, said she has felt "physical fear" when gay people send her angry emails.

  • Update: Christian Tory councillor suspended for anti-gay tweet 118

    James Malliff has been suspended

    9:58 AM — A Christian Tory councillor in Buckinghamshire has been suspended for comparing gay marriage to bestiality. Party bosses took quick action against James Malliff.

  • 12th October 2011

    Comment: Let faiths celebrate gay marriages 65

    Liberal Judaism wants the right to hold gay weddings

    3:51 PM — Rabbi Aaron Goldstein, the co-chair of Rabbinic Conference of Liberal Judaism, says the government must include religious ceremonies in the forthcoming gay marriage consultation.

  • Tory councillor disciplined for comparing gay marriage to ‘sex with animals’ 70

    James Malliff may be suspended

    3:21 PM — A Tory councillor in Buckinghamshire may be suspended after he compared gay marriage to bestiality. James Malliff said: "We may as well legalise sex with animals."

  • Ghana gay rights leader urges UK government not to cut aid 51

    Gay rights leaders in Ghana say cutting aid will not help them

    1:29 PM — The leader of Ghana's only gay rights group has urged the government not to cut aid to homophobic countries. Mac-Darling Cobbinah said the move would only cause "pain" to the struggling country and could backfire.

  • 11th October 2011

    Mary Portas calls Cabinet women ‘an ugly bunch’ 51

    Mary Portas: Unimpressed by Cabinet fashion

    2:12 PM — Retail guru Mary Portas has called David Cameron's female cabinet ministers 'an ugly bunch'. The lesbian presenter, who was appointed by Mr Cameron to help save small shops, said ministers including Theresa May, Baroness Warsi and Caroline Spelman need a bit of "sex and glamour".

  • Scottish faith groups want gay marriage referendum 36

    The faith groups want a referendum on gay marriage

    1:21 PM — Two Scottish faith groups are calling for a referendum on gay marriage. Dundee-based Solas and the Free Church say voters should be allowed to choose whether Scotland allows gay couples to wed.

  • 10th October 2011

    South Australian premier Mike Rann calls for gay marriage 16

    Mike Rann said civil unions were a "halfway house". (Photo: SABREnet)

    4:57 PM — South Australia's outgoing premier Mike Rann has called for full marriage equality. Speaking in Adelaide yesterday at the end of the Festival of Ideas, Mr Rann said that the status quo was "discrimination" and that civil unions are a "halfway house".

  • Two gay Republican contenders in San Diego mayoral race 14

    Bonnie Dumanis is one of two out gay candidates

    4:16 PM — Two of the contenders in San Diego's mayoral race are openly gay Republicans. District attorney Bonnie Dumanis, 59, and city councilman Carl DeMaio, 36, are open about their sexual orientation but the fact has barely featured in the race.

  • Mugabe wants Archbishop of Canterbury to explain views on gays 72

    Robert Mugabe's homophobia is well-documented

    1:47 PM — Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe wants Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams to explain the church's views on homosexuality. The African leader's spokesman said yesterday that Mr Mugabe wants to know why homosexuality is being "prescribed" to Zimbabweans.

  • Transgender woman set to become Polish MP 16

    Anna Grodzka will be Poland's first transgender MP

    1:29 PM — A transgender woman is expected to become the first trans person in Poland to be elected as an MP. Anna Grodzka, 57, of Krakow, believes she will be the world's only sitting transgender MP if elected for the Palikot Movement party.

  • Catholic archbishop urges Scottish parishes to oppose gay marriage 72

    Archbishop Mario Conti has launched a campaign against gay marriage

    11:45 AM — The Archbishop of Glasgow, Mario Conti, has written to all Scottish parishes to urge them to oppose plans to give gay couples the right to marry. He said that churches would "actively campaign" to block marriage rights for gay people and warned that the move would create "larger divisions" in society.

  • Government to cut aid to anti-gay countries 156

    Aid will be cut to countries which persecute gay people

    10:28 AM — The government will cut aid to poor countries which persecute gay people, international development secretary Andrew Mitchell has warned. Aid 'fines' may be imposed on countries such as Uganda and Ghana for hardline anti-gay laws, it was reported.

  • 7th October 2011

    Tory MP says gay marriage is ‘a step too far’ 192

    The government will look at legalising gay marriage

    3:12 PM — Conservative MPs have spoken out against prime minister David Cameron's support for gay marriage. On Wednesday, Mr Cameron urged the party to back the move because of its Conservatism, not in spite of it.

  • Angela Eagle and Stephen Twigg in shadow cabinet 18

    Angela Eagle remains in the shadow cabinet

    1:23 PM — Angela Eagle, the only out lesbian Labour MP, has been handed the job of shadow leader of the House of Commons. The Wallasey MP was moved from shadow chief secretary to the Treasury in today's reshuffle.

  • Cameron appoints gay man as chief speechwriter 20

    Julian Glover has been hired as No10 chief speechwriter

    12:05 PM — David Cameron has appointed Guardian leader writer Julian Glover as his chief speechwriter. Mr Glover, who is the civil partner of Times writer Matthew Parris, will replace Ameet Gill, who has become Number 10's new head of strategic comms.

  • 6th October 2011

    Cameron faces religious backlash over gay marriage comments 203

    The Catholic Church will formally oppose the plans

    11:33 AM — Religious leaders have criticised prime minister David Cameron's public backing for gay marriage. Giving his keynote speech at the Conservative party conference in Manchester yesterday, Mr Cameron urged the party to back the move because of its Conservatism, not in spite of it.

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