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  • 16th April 2008

    Pope makes distinction between gays and paedophiles 27

    Pope Benedict XVI is in the US until 20th April and will meet President Bush and address the United Nations.

    10:55 AM — The leader of the Roman Catholic Church has spoken out about the sexual abuse of children by priests.Benedict XVI gave a rare insight into his views to reporters accompanying him on his first Papal visit to the United States, which began yesterday.In his comments the pontiff moved to dismiss the suggestion that he links sexual abuse of children with homosexuality.

  • DC Madam with links to Senators found guilty

    Prominent players tied to Palfrey's company via phone records include Senator David Vitter.

    10:35 AM — Once considered a viable running mate for Republican Presidential hopeful Senator John McCain, a federal jury on Tuesday found 'D.C. Madam' Deborah Jeane Palfrey guilty of money laundering and racketeering for running a prostitution ring.Throughout the trial, Palfrey, 52, maintained that her company, Pamela Martin and Associates escort service, provided legal escort services that catered to adult fantasies from 1993 to 2006.Palfrey, wearing a grey suit and with clasped hands, showed little emotion when the jury found her guilty.

  • 15th April 2008

    Gay refugees face prejudice across the world

    A person's sexual orientation does not of itself enable that person to be granted asylum,“ said Australian Immigration.

    6:20 PM — Biplob Hossain, a gay refugee from Bangladesh who is seeking asylum in Australia, and Joaquin Ramirez, facing deportation from Canada to El Salvador, have highlighted the plight of gay men who flee their countries to escape persecution.Mr Hossain, 25, moved to Australia on a student visa when he was 19.

  • Senior Mormons agree to meet with gay group 3

    Mormon church officials have agreed to meet with a gay Mormon support group.

    6:00 PM — Mormon church officials have agreed to meet with a gay Mormon support group. Affirmation, a group that supports the Mormon LGBT community, were invited to meet with Fred Riley, commissioner of Family Services for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

  • Two in court over Royal “blackmail plot” 25

    The prosecution claims Strachan and McGuigan spent three months trying to sell the story to tabloid newspapers.

    4:30 PM — A court at the Old Bailey in London was told today that two men attempted to blackmail an unnamed member of the Royal Family.Sean McGuigan and Ian Strachan obtained an audio recording of a member of the Royal staff claiming his employer had gay sex with him at a party, the jury was told.

  • Ken claims multiculturalism as “great achievement” 1

    Ken Livingstone, the Labour candidate, is seeking a third term in office.

    2:20 PM — At the launch of his community relations manifesto today the incumbent Mayor of London made a strong defence of multiculturalism, which he called "one of the greatest achievements of my administration." Ken Livingstone, who as the Labour candidate is seeking a third term in office, made no mention of the gay and lesbian community in his comments."I will continue to develop the positive celebration of London's diversity, he said.

  • INTERVIEW: The Socialist alternative for London 26

    In the 2004 Mayoral election Lindsey German won 61,000 first preference votes, or 3.2%.

    1:50 PM — Lindsey German may be known to some Londoners for her work with the Stop The War Coalition, but the party she represents is entirely new.The Left List is part of what used to be the Respect party.

  • Gay World Cup organisers say 90% of funding in place 2

    London 2008 will take place in Regent's Park between 24th and 30th August 2008.

    1:15 PM — The 2008 International Gay and Lesbian Football Association World Championship being held in London later this year has announced cash sponsorship from a website.The championship became an issue in the election for Mayor of London today when LGBT activist and Green party candidate Peter Tatchell attacked the incumbent for reportedly declining to contribute to the funding and or sign a letter of support for a grant application to the lottery fund.

  • Scots Parliament considers gay blood ban 18

    “Blood has no sexual preference and being gay does not mean that you sleep about and have serial sexual partners.“

    11:45 AM — A petition calling for an end to the blanket ban on blood donations from gay men will be considered by the Scottish Parliament today.The Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service maintains that it is not a question of being gay or bisexual but the risk involved.Rob McDowall, who has led the campaign against the ban, said:"Blood has no sexual preference and being gay does not mean that you sleep about and have serial sexual partners."

  • American Catholics think Pope is out of touch 26

    Pope Benedict XVI, who has been outspoken in his opposition to equal rights for LGBT people, will visit Washington and New York from today.

    11:20 AM — A wide-ranging poll of Roman Catholics in the US has found that two thirds of them feel the Church is out of touch with today's world.Just two years ago, when Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected Pope, 52% of American Catholics held that view: now the figure is 62%.The figures come ahead of a Papal visit to the United States.Pope Benedict XVI, who has been outspoken in his opposition to equal rights for LGBT people, will visit Washington and New York.

  • DA asked to treat King killer as a juvenile 24

    Lawrence King, who self-identified as gay and wore feminine clothing, was shot in the head during a class on February 12th,

    11:06 AM — Lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans activists are urging that a 14-year-old boy who is to stand trial for the murder of his classmate be dealt with by a juvenile court.Lawrence King, who self-identified as gay and wore feminine clothing, was shot in the head during a class on February 12th, allegedly by classmate Brandon McInerney, 14, at E.O. Green Junior High School in Oxnard, California.McInerney has been charged as an adult and could face up to 24 years to life for the murder charge.

  • Obama lags behind Clinton in Pennsylvania poll 1

    On Monday, a new poll from the American Research group gave Clinton a 20% lead over Obama in Pennsylvania.

    10:30 AM — Following controversial remarks saying some working-class Americans are "bitter" and "cling to guns or religion", Democratic Presidential contender Barack Obama is facing a 20% drop against rival Hillary Clinton in a new Pennsylvania poll.In the new American Research Group poll, Clinton now leads Obama 57% to 37%. Previously, the two Democratic candidates were tied at 45% each in the statewide poll.On Monday, Illinois Senator Barack Obama continued defending remarks made at a private fundraiser in San Francisco.

  • Berlusconi back in power, but what about gay rights? 2

    Silvio Berlusconi with fellow conservative, George Bush

    1:37 AM — Conservative media tycoon Silvio Berlusconi has declared victory in the Italian general election as he looks set to begin his third term as prime minister after beating socialist Walter Veltroni.In a phone call to Rai TV, Signor Berlusconi said of his victory: "I'm moved, I feel a great responsibility. We have difficult months ahead that will require great strength."Berlusconi's right wing alliance is expected to have won 45.9 per cent of the vote, compared to 39.1 per cent for the left.

  • 14th April 2008

    Digby Jones to resign from Government

    Lord Jones may resign from the Government

    5:00 PM — The position of the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown is continuing to look shaky.The Trade Minister, Lord Digby Jones of Birmingham, the former Director-General of the CBI is to resign before the next election in order to avoid a row that could damage the Government. The Times reports that the controversial minister told business leaders and lobbyists his plans.

  • Berlusconi victory will stall gay rights in Italy 3

    With Mr Berlusconi and his allies back in office the modest gay rights agenda is likely to be abandoned completely.

    3:20 PM — Exit polls from last weekend's Italian general election are predicting a small majority for former Prime Minister, businessman and media mogul Silvio Berlusconi's right-wing group.The 71-year-old has had an interesting campaign, at one point mocking his left-wing opponents for not having many attractive female candidates.The public have been less than enchanted, going to the polls to determine who will lead Italy's 63rd government since 1945.

  • Pressure grows on EU over discrimination directive 2

    In 2004 Mr Barroso made a statement before the Parliament promising to personally ensure that the legal protections would be enlarged.

    2:40 PM — The European Commission has been urged by several leading groups in the European Parliament to implement a discrimination directive that covers sexual orientation.There have been strong indications from Commission President Jose Manual Barroso and employment, social affairs and equal opportunities commissioner Vladimir Spidla that the directive may focus on disability only.Article 13 of the Amsterdam Treaty requires EU member states to introduce legislation on discrimination.

  • Trans prisoner committed suicide, inquest rules

    The inquest in Bristol heard how Ms Woodhall was called a “transvestite“ by fellow inmates despite her transition.

    12:30 PM — A woman who hanged herself in her prison cell after complaining of harassment because she had transitioned committed suicide, an inquest into her death has ruled.Lisa Woodhall was serving a four and half year sentence after she slashed the throat of her boyfriend's ex-lover.She had complained that she was being victimised and picked on by other inmates because she had transitioned from being a man.

  • Wales may get “ex-gay” ministry 8

    Stephen Green is best-known as the head of anti-gay lobby group Christian Voice.

    12:10 PM — The controversial fundamentalist Christian Stephen Green has hinted that the controversial movement that encourages people to "pray away the gay" and become straight could be established in Wales.Mr Green, who is notorious for his protests at gay Pride events, made his remarks in a BBC Wales current affairs programme, Week In, Week Out. While being interviewed by H from Steps, also known as Ian Watkins, he told the former pop star, who came out in 2007, that he could "walk away" from homosexuality.

  • Ken releases list of celeb supporters 2

    A majority of opinion polls indicate a very tight race between Mr Livingstone and his Conservative rival Boris Johnson.

    11:15 AM — The Mayor of London Ken Livingstone has compiled a list of actors, entertainers and celebrities who support his campaign for a third term in office. Among his backers are Blur frontman Damon Albarn, comedians Bill Bailey and Jo Brand, artists Anthony Gormley and Banksy.

  • 13th April 2008

    Blears: BNP and UKIP voters will boost Boris 6

    Hazel Blears is in charge of the Labour party's local election campaign.

    1:50 PM — The Secretary of State for Communities has said that the Tory candidate for Mayor of London will "depend on attracting support in second preferences from BNP and UKIP supporters" to win the May 1st election.Hazel Blears, who is in charge of the Labour party's local election campaign, made her comments in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph in which she characterised the council elections as vital for David Cameron.


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