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  • 26th February 2010

    Homophobic Lithuanian law comes into power next week 46

    Lithuania's law comes into force next week

    6:07 PM — A controversial law which bans the promotion of gay marriage in Lithuania comes into power on Monday. The law was amended in December after international criticism. Before, it prohibited the “public dissemination” of any materials which could be seen to promote homosexuality.

  • South African school dormitory closed ‘over lesbian relationships’ 13

    The school domitory has been closed

    5:36 PM — A girls' dormitory at a South African boarding school has reportedly been closed over allegations of lesbian relationships. Nearly 30 girls have been expelled, local reports said.

  • Police reassure gay businesses and visitors in Soho 7

    Police are setting up third party reporting schemes in Soho

    4:56 PM — Members of the Metropolitan Police Equalities Unit have met with LGBT businesses and the gay media in London. Today's meeting was part of a new initiative to improve the relationship between the police and minority groups.

  • Turkey urged to prevent attacks on trans people 6

    Turkey has been asked to protect trans people

    4:22 PM — Human rights activists have called on Turkey to do more to prevent violence against trans people. According to Human Rights Watch, eight trans people have been murdered in Istanbul and Ankara since November 2008 and two trans women have been killed this month.

  • Surveys find new Tories are Thatcher’s children but support gay rights 188

    Nick Herbert is one of three out gay Tory MPs

    2:40 PM — Two surveys of Conservative candidates have found that the majority support equal gay rights. Between a third and three-quarters said they supported giving gay couples the same rights as heterosexuals.

  • Marines chief says US military gay ban ‘is working’ 30

    General James Conway advised leaving the ban in place

    12:02 PM — The commandant of the Marine Corps said yesterday he did not agree with lifting the ban on gay US soldiers being open about their sexuality. General James Conway told a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing that he believed that the "current policy works".

  • 25th February 2010

    Push to recognise British civil partnerships across Europe 25

    The UK wishes civil partnerships to be recognised across Europe

    8:07 PM — Foreign minister Chris Bryant said today that the British Foreign Office was encouraging other countries in the EU to recognise civil partnerships performed in the UK. He also said he did not believe aid should be cut to countries which fail to protect gays and lesbians.

  • Homophobic and anti-Semitic preacher invited to London university 27

    Hakim Quick

    7:20 PM — A Muslim cleric who has called Jews "filth" and gay people "sick" has been invited to speak at a London university tonight (Thursday). Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick will be speaking at the Strand campus of Kings College tonight on "Islamic solutions to environmental problems", as part of the university's green week.

  • Gay foreign minister Chris Bryant to wed in parliament next month 40

    Chris Bryant is the Europe Minister

    7:12 PM — Europe minister Chris Bryant has confirmed he will tie the knot with his partner in parliament next month. Mr Bryant is expected to become the first MP to take advantage of changes which mean gay MPs and their families can celebrate their ceremonies in the same way as heterosexuals.

  • Australian Senate rejects gay marriage bill 13

    The Senate rejected the bill

    2:57 PM — The Australian Senate today rejected a bill to give equal marriage rights to gay citizens. The bill was introduced by the Greens but was defeated 45-5, just days before the world's biggest gay celebration, Sydney Mardi Gras.

  • Gordon Brown promises gay people they ‘will not have to walk alone’ 51

    Gordon Brown hosted an LGBT reception

    10:50 AM — Prime minister Gordon Brown paid tribute last night to gay and lesbian members of the armed forces at a reception to mark the contribution of the LGBT community for Britain.

  • 24th February 2010

    Second gay couple in Argentina permitted to marry 5

    The couple have been given permission to marry

    6:18 PM — An Argentinian judge has given a second gay couple permission to get married. Judge Elena Liberatori ruled that the unnamed men in Buenos Aires were exercising their rights.

  • Call for more gay, female and ethnic minority judges 20

    The report said the judiciary should be more diverse

    5:33 PM — A government review has said that more should be done to attract diverse candidates to the judiciary. According to the Advisory Panel on Judicial Diversity, women, gay people, ethnic minorities and disabled people should receive preferential treatment over other candidates at the end of the selection process.

  • Lesbian couple have first civil partnership in prison 17

    The pair are the first lesbians to tie the knot in prison

    4:31 PM — A lesbian couple have become the first to have a civil partnership in prison. Murderer Sara Crane and drug dealer Joanne Davies, both 31, had their ceremony at Send Prison in Sussex, the Sun reports.

  • Woman jailed for female sexual assault 7

    Teresa Cottingham was jailed for one year

    4:24 PM — A woman who sexually assaulted a female colleague has been jailed for 12 months. Teresa Cottingham, an NHS worker from East Sussex, was staying in a hotel room with her workmate in North London on January 26th last year.

  • Man wins discrimination claim against London’s oldest gay pub 16

    The pub was found to have discriminated against Mr Lisboa

    3:34 PM — A gay man who worked in a London pub has won thousands of pounds in compensation after a tribunal found he was discriminated against.

  • Judge orders arrest of missing ex-gay mother 12

    Janet Jenkins (left) and Lisa Miller are battling for custody of their daughter

    2:43 PM — A US judge has ordered the arrest of a woman who disappeared with her seven-year-old daughter after failing to hand her over to her other mother.

  • Plaid Cymru launches LGBT group 15

    Plaid Cyrmu launched PlaidPride.

    12:41 PM — Welsh party Plaid Cyrmu has launched PlaidPride, an affiliated group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people. The party announced the new group at its spring conference in Cardiff last weekend.

  • 23rd February 2010

    US Army will not accept temporary ban on gay firings 7

    Army chiefs said they would not accept a temporary ban

    5:52 PM — US Army chiefs told a Senate hearing today that they would oppose attempts to implement a temporary ban on firings of out gay servicemembers.

  • Malawi couple denied trial in constitutional court 3

    Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga remain in custody

    12:52 PM — Two gay men in Malawi have been denied the chance to have their case heard in a constitutional court. Lawyers for Steven Monjeza, 26, and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, 20, had requested a review on whether their trials violated the country's constitution.


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