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  • 11th March 2009

    San Francisco archbishop bans gay play from ‘inclusive’ church 20

    The students were banned from showing the place at the church

    4:57 PM — Students in the Castro neighbourhood of San Francisco have been barred from staging a play that details a young man's struggle with his sexuality and his Christian faith.

  • Missing teen found ‘safe and well’ 13

    William was found in Stretford, Manchester

    4:33 PM — William Wright, who went missing on a night out in Manchester at the weekend, has been found.

  • Manx gender recognition bill moves forward

    The bill has passed its first reading in the Legislative Council

    2:42 PM — A bill to bring the Isle of Man in line with the rest of the UK on gender recognition has unanimously passed its first reading in the Legisative Council. The Gender Recognition bill is being enacted to conform to the latest European Court of Human Rights rulings and updates the law to the new identities of post-op trans people.

  • Religious groups urged to ‘ignore’ Baltic Pride event 5

    The Baltic Friendship Day will be held in May

    1:11 PM — An official in the city of Rīga, Latvia, has called for religious groups to 'ignore' the city's upcoming Pride march, saying that scant attention may dissuade organisers from holding future events.

  • Court permits Israeli gay couple to adopt son

    Uzi Even and Amit Kama have been allowed to adopt their 30-year-old son

    12:44 PM — A Tel Aviv family court has ruled that a gay couple can adopt the son they took in 14 years ago. Uzi Even and Amit Kama, who married in 1994 in Canada, are the first same-sex male couple in the country whose right of adoption has been legally acknowledged.

  • Update: Missing teenager caught on CCTV

    The last sighting of William was in Stretford

    11:25 AM — More information has come through on teenager William Wright, who went missing after a night out with friends in Manchester's gay village at the weekend. William, 19, from Crick, Wales, was last seen by his friends at 4:20am on Saturday, March 7th outside the View bar on Canal Street.

  • Islington registrar denied right to appeal over civil marriages ruling 31

    Lillian Ladele has said she will continue to fight her case

    10:36 AM — The Islington registrar who refused to carry out civil partnerships has been denied leave to appeal against the latest ruling. Lillian Ladele, 48, from Finsbury, was threatened with the sack after she told Islington borough council she could not carry out the ceremonies due to her Christian beliefs.

  • 10th March 2009

    Iowa senator introduces gender-neutral civil marriage legislation 1

    Matt McCoy is Iowa's only openly-gay senator

    5:57 PM — Openly gay Iowa state Senator Matt McCoy (Democrat) has introduced legislation that would make civil marriages in Iowa gender neutral. The bill would remove words such as 'husband' and 'wife' from the state's laws, replacing them with 'spouse'.

  • US mental health experts support gay marriage 1

    Lawmakers in Vermont are pushing for gay marriage

    5:28 PM — Leading mental health organisations in Vermont, US, have come out in support of gay marriage, claiming it will validate relationships, increase benefits for the families and could reduce discrimination.

  • Poll shows California voters still split on gay marriage 1

    48% of voters would repeal Prop 8

    3:57 PM — A field poll of California's electorate has suggested that voters are more sharply divided over Proposition 8 than they were in November, when the gay marriage ban was passed.

  • Homophobic bullying ‘rife’ in schools 12

    The Stonewall survey was released today

    1:54 PM — A survey of UK teachers has found a "deeply alarming" amount of homophobia in schools. The report, released today by Stonewall, is the largest ever survey of both primary and secondary school teachers on the issue of homophobic bullying.

  • Domestic violence proposals ‘must cover same-sex relationships’ 8

    One in four LGBT people has been a victim of domestic abuse

    1:27 PM — Domestic abuse campaigners have said that plans for a new consultation on the issue must take into account abuse in same-sex relationships. According to figures, one in four LGBT people will experience domestic violence or abuse.

  • One women killed and two shot outside US gay bar 2

    Police are searching for the shooter

    12:03 PM — A shooting outside a lesbian bar in Baltimore has left one woman dead and two injured. According to local police, an argument on the dance floor at the Coconuts Cafe downtown in the Mount Vernon neighborhood spilled outside after closing time.

  • Trans children ‘will be protected under Equality bill’ 3

    Trans children will now be protected under the Equality bill

    11:40 AM — The government has announced that protection under the forthcoming Equality bill will be extended to trans pupils. Previously, trans school pupils were not protected due to government policy that said the right of parents or guardians to take a case to court on discrimination grounds is unlikely to help very difficult situations and may not be in the best interests of the child.

  • ‘Gay prostitution’ arrests in New York to be investigated 7

    Around 30 men have been arrested

    11:19 AM — A New York group protesting against a number of arrests of gay men in adult business for allegedly "loitering for the purpose of prostitution" has met with the District Attorney for Manhattan. Members of the Coalition to Stop the Arrests held a meeting with DA Robert Morgenthau after around 30 men were arrested.

  • Police appeal for witnesses after man goes missing in Manchester’s gay village 7

    William Wright was last seen on March 7th

    10:29 AM — A 19-year-old man from North Wales has been reported missing after a night out in Manchester's gay quarter. Police are appealing to anyone who may have information on the whereabouts of William Paul George Wright, who was last seen on Canal Street in the early hours of Saturday morning (March 7th).

  • 9th March 2009

    Illinois same-sex civil unions bill moves forward

    A bill to grant same-sex civil unions in Illinois is to proceed to the house floor

    5:52 PM — A bill to grant gay and lesbian couples in Illinois, US, the right to civil unions will proceed to the House floor for a vote. House bill 2234 was approved by the House Youth and Family Committee by a vote of 5-4 Wednesday.

  • Gaydar’s Soho bar Profile to cease trading 3

    Profile is to close in April

    5:24 PM — Profile, one of the most popular gay bars in Soho, London, is to close at the end of next month. A joint venture between QSoft Consulting, which owns the Gaydar brand, and Vince Power Music Group, the £1 million Frith Street bar was opened in March 2007.

  • National register for abusive partners will not cover gay relationships 8

    Home Office plans include a national register

    3:19 PM — Government plans for a new consultation on domestic violence will not cover abuse in same-sex relationships or violence suffered by men. In 2007, 142 people died in domestic attacks, including 38 men.

  • Cardinal Keith O’Brien: SNP gay reforms are ‘misguided and inappropriate’ 123

    Cardinal Keith O'Brien has criticised gay fostering plans

    11:47 AM — Cardinal Keith O'Brien, the leader of the Scottish Catholic Church, has urged Scottish National Party ministers to abandon plans to give gay couples the right to become foster parents, saying vulnerable children would be put at risk.


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