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  • 31st August 2006

    US military-aligned university elects gay student president 5

    The Uniformed Services University, a Department of Defence military medical, nursing and graduate school, elected Patrick High to lead its student government

    12:00 AM — Lesbian and gay advocates have applauded the Department of Defence's university after it elected an openly gay man to the post of student council president.The Uniformed Services University, a Department of Defence military medical, nursing and graduate school, elected Patrick High to lead its student government, in what campaigners are calling a step forward in the fight to repeal the military's controversial "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.the policy bars openly gay and lesbian people from serving in the armed forces.

  • Homophobia a myth, says Polish PM 4

    There continues to be deep concern about Mr Kaczynski's Justice and Law party, and the ultra-nationalist parties who make up the governing coalition.

    12:00 AM — The prime minister of Poland has claimed his country is being misrepresented by the press, and hit out at the Western media.Speaking to reporters after a meeting in Brussels with EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, Jaroslaw Kaczynski said: "Please do not believe in the myth of anti-Semitic, homophobic and xenophobic Poland this is a media thing - it is not real."

  • Firemen disciplined after no show at gay pride 5

    Firefighters at Euro Pride in London

    12:00 AM — Nine firemen from Glasgow have been ordered to undergo an intensive course in "diversity training" as a punishment for refusing to carry out their jobs at the gay Pride Scotia in June.The decision from fire chiefs at Strathclyde Fire and Rescue (SFR) came after days of deliberation over what their response to the case should be.

  • Paddick denies Commissioner ambition 7

    In the course of his conversation with Cohen, Dep. Asst. Commissioner Paddick also refused to confirm or deny if he was interested in running for Mayor of London.

    12:00 AM — The most senior gay police officer in the UK has denied he wants to succeed Sir Ian Blair as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. PinkNews.co.uk reported earlier this month on comments Deputy Assistant Commissioner Brian Paddick allegedly made at a recruitment event for gay and lesbian teenagers.At the sparsely-attended event Mr Paddick made a speech, in which he discussed his future in the police force.

  • 30th August 2006

    Fertility group backs lesbian IVF access

    The BFS surveyed fertility clinics in England to establish how Primary Care Trusts (PCT's) are implementing guidance from the National Institute for Clinical Excellence on access to help and the best forms of treatment

    12:00 AM — Lesbians and single women should be treated the same way as heterosexual couples in access to NHS funded fertility treatment, medical experts recommended today.The British Fertility Society (BFS), the organisation representing professionals working with assisted conception, has issued a series of recommendations on social criteria for access to NHS-funded fertility treatment amid speculation of a postcode lottery in gaining support.

  • India’s gay prince plans to adopt

    Homosexuality is banned in India and punishable by up to 10 years in jail

    12:00 AM — The Indian prince, disowned two months ago by his family for being gay, announced this week that he will adopt a child.The 40-year-old Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil, said to be the first member of any royal family in the country to publicly reveal that he is gay, was stripped of his title and right over the royal properties in Gujarat, Maharashtra and elsewhere in the country in June for making his homosexuality public, reports The New Indian Express.

  • Schwarzenegger sent two gay rights bills 3

    The Terminator-turned-policitian indicated that he would veto the bill in its original form.

    12:00 AM — Two contentious pieces of legislation promoting LGBT equality have been passed by the California State Legislature.A bill to allow same-sex couples to submit joint tax returns is a modest attempt to extend partnership benefits to gays and lesbians.The second bill has proved deeply controversial, with angry and at times homophobic exchanges in the Legislature.

  • Local party stops modernising Tories

    Tory party member Mr Laws can stand for the Falmouth seat

    12:00 AM — Controversial Tory Ian Laws has moved back into the fold in his local Conservative party by being allowed to stand as a nominee for the Falmouth Camborne seat, according to The Times.Conservative party member Mr Laws was suspended following his public appeal for openly gay Ashley Crossely to be dumped as the local party candidate for the parliamentary seat at the last election.

  • “Elton is gay” attackers found guilty

    Fans Graham and John Brydon were attacked after the June concert last year

    12:00 AM — Thugs Henry Peters and Neil Wattley have been found guilty of attacking Elton John fans following the star's concert at Watford football stadium last June, according to HemelHempsteadToday.The pair attacked uncle and nephew Graham and John Brydon shouting "Elton John is f***ing gay" after Peters had spotted the official concert T-shirt Graham Brydon was wearing.

  • Manc police to monitor Gay Village

    PC Sam Tennant and PCSO Ann Marie Lewis are now based in the Lesbian and Gay Foundation (LGF) offices on Princess Street in the city centre

    12:00 AM — A dedicated police officer and community support officer (PCSO) are taking to the beat around Manchester's Gay Village, as part of the city's commitment to neighbourhood policing, prompting accusations of political correctness.PC Sam Tennant and PCSO Ann Marie Lewis are now based in the Lesbian and Gay Foundation (LGF) offices on Princess Street in the city centre.

  • Gay bashing Polish PM in talks with EU 2

    Prime minister Kaczynski is a confirmed bachelor who lives with his mother.

    12:00 AM — Jaroslaw Kaczynski will make his first official visit outside Poland today since becoming Prime Minister.He will meet EU Commission President Jose Barossa and other top officials in Brussels, as his foreign minister admitted that Poland has an image problem.EU relations with Poland have been strained since Kaczynski and his twin brother Lech, who is President of Poland, took office.

  • Minister demands gay pride exodus from Jerusalem 23

    Israeli government ministers have thwarted new plans for a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) 'Pride and Tolerance' march in Jerusalem

    12:00 AM — Israeli government ministers have thwarted new plans for a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) 'Pride and Tolerance' march in Jerusalem.The Minister for Jerusalem Affairs, Yaakov Edri, told Jerusalem Open House (JOH) who were organising the march, to hold the gay pride parade outside of the capital city.

  • 29th August 2006

    ‘Gay friendly’ potential President to address Tories

    Senator McCain is viewed as a leading candidate to stand as the Republican President in 2008

    12:00 AM — A US politician tipped as the next US President and known to favour state power to define gay marriage laws will address the Conservative Party Conference in Bournemouth next month, according to reports.John McCain, the senior Senator from Arizona, who voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment in 2004 and has been praised by gay lobby group the Log Cabin Republicans, will speak at the opening evening of the Tory annual gathering.

  • Protest for gay couples’ immigration rights

    It is hoped that the protest will send a clear message to the US Congress and the White House regarding immigration rights

    12:00 AM — Immigration groups have organised protests to argue for the extension of right to same sex couples.The protest, led by Out4Immigration, will take place across California next week to highlight the discrepancy in current immigration law that only allows for heterosexual partners to apply for green cards because of their relationship.

  • Gay “converts” demand right to therapy 1

    Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International

    12:00 AM — Leading outreach groups in the homosexual conversion therapy movement called on the American Psychological Association (APA) this month to recognise those who are battling unwanted same-sex attraction.Exodus International, the largest outreach to gay people in conflict with their own homosexuality, asked the APA to continue dialogue regarding the phenomenon of unwanted homosexual attraction at an APA Annual Convention held in New Orleans.

  • Rise in gay teenagers calling Childline

    Many gay and lesbian callers said their teachers ignored homophobic verbal and physical abuse.

    12:00 AM — The NSPCC has reported a rise in the number of LGBT teenagers calling their helpline to ask for help with homophobic bullying.There was a 21% rise in calls to Childline about all types of bullying in the year up to March 2006.About a quarter of all calls to the helpline are about bullying.

  • “Macho” culture hindering gay lawyers

    Firms should also be encouraged to recognise same-sex partnerships and extend any benefits to these as they would to traditional spouses and family groups, according to the report

    12:00 AM — The "macho" culture of law firms is hindering gay and lesbian lawyers from coming out at work fearing it will affect their career progression, a report revealed today.Legal regulator, The Law Society's first report on the career experiences of gay and lesbian solicitors discovered "undertones of homophobia" in legal practices with employees feeling restricted by perceptions and expectations of discrimination.

  • New date for anti-homophobia march 23

    A new date for the march has now been agreed as the improved security situation in the region is considered safe enough to allow for the protest

    12:00 AM — A postponed protest march against hate campaigns being targeted at lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Jerusalem will finally go ahead next month, according to organisers.The march for 'Pride and Tolerance' in the city was originally meant to take place on August 10th, but was delayed due to the political situation in the Middle East.

  • Stonewall welcomes legal industry homophobia report

    Stonewall today welcomed a Law Society report highlighting the homophobia faced by lesbians and gay men working in large City law firms

    12:00 AM — Gay charity Stonewall today welcomed a Law Society report highlighting the homophobia faced by lesbians and gay men working in large City law firms.The report into the working experiences of lesbian and gay lawyers in the workplace found that the dominant macho culture in many of the firms made it difficult for gay staff to come out.

  • Nationwide search for gay man who infected partner 57

    James, a 47-year-old florist, became the first gay man to be convicted for knowingly transmitting HIV.

    12:00 AM — Police have asked for help in tracing a gay man who was convicted earlier this month of recklessly infecting his lover with HIV.Mark James absconded before he was sentenced, and is currently on the run.Acting Detective Inspector Mike Sunman, of Hounslow Police, described James as a danger to public health, and appealed for help in tracing him.


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