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  • 24th August 2006

    Gay activists to picket ex-gay conference

    TWO have mocked some of the more extreme methods of the ex-gay movement, such as banning men from wearing Abercrombie  Fitch or Calvin Klein clothing.

    12:00 AM — In an amusing spot of role-reversal, gay activists in Texas are planning to protest outside a church holding a conference for ex-gays.Truth Wins Out will picket the church in Carrollton, TX, this Saturday, as a one day conference by Christian organisation Living Hope covers topics such as "Raising Gender-Healthy Kids" and "Homosexuality and the Bible."

  • “Gay sex party” ends in tragedy

    A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: “A man in his late 30s was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.“

    12:00 AM — A party at the flat of a German aristocrat ended in tragedy last night when a man fell 60ft from a window of a Chelsea property.The man, in his late thirties, was pronounced dead at hospital. The incident happened at approximately 5.30 this morning.Police sources told The Sun newspaper that a 'gay sex party' was taking place at the flat of Count Gottfried von Bismarck.

  • St Maarten gay bashing trial postponed 5

    The island of St Maarten is a popular Caribbean tourist destination. It is located 150 miles southeast of Puerto Rico and is governed by France and the Netherlands

    12:00 AM — The trial of four men accused of attacking two gay American tourists was postponed so that a victim can return to testify in a St Maarten court this week.Prosecutors requested postponement, saying that finances kept Ryan Smith, 25, from travelling to the Caribbean country in time for the trial, The Associated Press reports.

  • Couple divorce over transsexual husband 1

    Stephanie, then Stephen, had begun gender reassignment while the couple were awaiting the arrival of their new child, and hadn't informed his wife of the procedure

    12:00 AM — A Surrey couple have been forced into a divorce after wife Catherine Everett claimed that her husband's behaviour resulted in the break down of their marriage.Ms Everett admitted feeling "used" when she discovered her husband had been a transsvestite prior to their relationship which began back in the 1990's and had not given upon his secret desire to be a woman.

  • Civil union pioneers split

    Vermont was the first US state to introduce a civil union law in 2000 and Carolyn Conrad and Kathleen Peterson, immediately jumped at the chance to register their partnership

    12:00 AM — The USA's first couple to have a civil union have split up, in what gay campaigners are calling a fine example of how the law works.Vermont was the first US state to introduce a civil union law in 2000 and Carolyn Conrad and Kathleen Peterson, immediately jumped at the chance to register their partnership.

  • South Africa set for gay unions 10

    The change in the law is part of an improving South African situation for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT)community

    12:00 AM — South Africa's cabinet has given the all clear for a change in the law regarding same sex unions in the country.The change in the law will come following a constitutional court decision that the definition of marriage in the 1961 Marriage Act was unconstitutional and as a result needed to be changed by Parliament.

  • Afternoon cruising in local park angers residents

    Gosford Park in Newcastle is said to be the third best cruising ground in Britain

    12:00 AM — A local community park in Newcastle is suffering because the numbers of cruising gays visiting the area.Exhibition park, refered to as "X park" on the internet, has become a popular venue for gay cruising with people visiting the area to meet others looking for carefree sex in the afternoon.People living in the area have given up going to the park at night, according to the Evening Chronicle.

  • 23rd August 2006

    EU “naïve” over the reality of gay acceptance

    With the Ukraine and Serbia lined up for accession talks, it is clear the EU has to think again about what actual social change there will be in these countries.(photo: alibaba0, flickr)

    12:00 AM — Human rights activists have criticised the EU for being naïve in thinking that legislation alone would change social attitudes in the former communist countries of eastern Europe.Hate crimes against LGBT people and ethnic minorities are on the rise across the former Eastern Bloc, with attacks on gay pride parades in Latvia and Estonia merely high-profile examples of everyday harassment.

  • South Australia under pressure to grant gay rights

    The state government estimates some 2,500 gay couples will be affected by the proposed new law.

    12:00 AM — A decade after the first Australian state granted equal rights to gay and lesbian couples, the government in South Australia are still dragging their heels.Despite a 2002 manifesto commitment to update the law, the ruling Labour party still have not passed the required legislation.Opposition politicians in the state of 1.5 million people have had enough, and today vowed to unite to force the issue when the state parliament gets back to work next week.

  • Straight woman challenges gay equality law

    The law was passed at the beginning of this year, it added “sexual orientation“ to a state law that bans discrimination in housing, employment, insurance and credit

    12:00 AM — A heterosexual woman has provided the first test of Washington state's anti-discriminations laws recently introduced with the intention of protecting gay and lesbian employees from persecution based on their sexual orientation.But Sandi Scott-Moore claims her partner is unfairly denied health benefits from her employer, manufacturing company Honeywell International, because he is not of the same gender and they are unmarried.

  • Gay family group go back to school

    Family Pride hope the publication will help LGBT parents to support their children at school

    12:00 AM — A gay parents group has launched a Back to School pamphlet, titled, "Building Family Equality in Every Classroom" aiming to promote strategies to educate schools about the unique needs of children of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender [LGBT] parents in the classroom.Family Pride hopes the publication will help LGBT parents to support their children at school.

  • Gay MP labelled “conscience of the Commons” over Iran 2

    The motion was tabled by gay Labour MP, Chris Bryant, who represents the south Wales working class constituency of the Rhondda

    12:00 AM — British MPs from all parties have signed an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons condemning Iran's execution of gay people and children.The motion was tabled by gay Labour MP, Chris Bryant, who represents the south Wales working class constituency of the Rhondda.

  • Gay anxiety leading to self harm

    Pupils of either sex who had recently been worried about their sexual orientation had relatively higher rates of self-harm (photo: conspirator)

    12:00 AM — Self harming is common amongst school pupils anxious about their sexual orientation, according to a study.Research carried out by the Samaritans, the Centre for Suicide Research at the University of Oxford and the University of Bath found that girls are four times more likely to have engaged in deliberate self-harm compared to boys, with worries about sexual orientation being one of the contributing factors.

  • Ugandan “gay list” condemned 2

    There are no anti discrimination laws protecting gay people in Uganda

    12:00 AM — Gay groups in Uganda have spoken out against a local tabloid which printed a list of alleged homosexuals in the country.The list of names printed in the Red Pepper tabloid newspaper is likely to create problems in the East African country where gay sexual activity is illegal and subject to life imprisonment.

  • 22nd August 2006

    Gay commerce group partners with Walmart 3

    A Walmart store (Photo: Ben Schumin)

    12:00 AM — A new partnership between The National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) and Walmart Stores was announced yesterday, promising to advance diversity among the retail giant's associate, supplier and customer bases."We are honoured to have Wal-Mart's support of the NGLCC. Our partnership will not only provide more opportunities for the NGLCC, but the business community as a whole," said NGLCC co- founder and President Justin Nelson. "We are pleased with this addition to our organisation and to our council."

  • California LGBT teens get legal protection at school 1

    The revised  bill is expected to pass the Senate and be signed into law by the Governor later this year. (photo: jimw@flickr.com)

    12:00 AM — The California State Assembly has finally passed a bill which will protect gay and lesbian students and school staff from abuse.The measure has been very controversial, but by a 46 to 31 vote, the bill will now to go the state Senate for approval.The Speaker of the Assembly, Fabina Nunez, welcomed the new law.

  • Suicide linked to cruising arrest 2

    The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has reported a sharp rise in complaints about men using public areas for sex

    12:00 AM — Gay rights campaigners in Northern Ireland say they know of at least one man who has killed himself after being arrested for cruising.PA Mag Lochlainn, a well-known activist, told The Mirror: "The danger is people who haven't made their sexuality public find themselves outed."The damage it can do is immense. We know one man who has taken his own life after an arrest."

  • Gay activists to appeal “illegal” pride ban support 4

    The Taganski district court of Moscow today dismissed claims of discrimination from organisers of the Russian capital's first gay pride

    12:00 AM — Gay activists have branded a Moscow district court as "illegal" after it backed the recent gay pride ban this afternoon.The Taganski district court of Moscow today dismissed claims of discrimination from organisers of the Russian capital's first gay pride.

  • This article has been deleted

    12:00 AM —

  • Democrats want more LGBT delegates at 2008 convention

    Many pundits name Hilary Clinton as the most likely choice for her party's nomination. (photo: jessamyn)

    12:00 AM — The Democratic National Committee has agreed delegate selection rules that should see more gay and lesbian representation at the next party convention.The set-piece convention will pick the Democratic candidate for the next presidential election in August 2008.Many pundits name Hilary Clinton as the most likely choice for her party's nomination.


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