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  • 27th September 2006

    Gay community safer after killer is caught

    Lee Dewhurst has been found after escaping from an open prison

    12:00 AM — A convicted murderer who absconded from a South Wales open prison in July has been found in the Channel Islands, Paul Hunt writes.Lee Dewhurst, 35, from Rochdale, Greater Manchester was found in Jersey and arrested by police after escaping from Prescoed prison where he was serving a life sentence for the murder of a gay man in 1992.

  • Entertainers outraged after another gay murder 1

    Malcolm was a cabaret act booker (Photo: Chris Kift)

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveCabaret stars are planning to make a Band Aid style protest song against homophobia after another shocking gay murder - this time a pensioner on his way home from the pub.67-year-old Malcolm Bryan, who worked in the entertainment industry booking cabaret artists, was found dead at the bottom of a stairwell in a bock of flats in Portsmouth last week.

  • 26th September 2006

    Miss Piggee off to Supreme Court over homophobic pamphlets.

    Cosmetics teacher Martha Louise Piggee from Carl Sandburg College, Galesburg, Illinois, handed out pamphlets condemning homosexuality to her pupils.

    12:00 AM — A US Federal Appeals Court has dismissed a teacher's lawsuit, who claimed that not being allowed to circulate homophobic pamphlets broke her constitutional right to free speech.Cosmetics teacher Martha Louise Piggee from Carl Sandburg College, Galesburg, Illinois, handed out pamphlets condemning homosexuality to her pupils.

  • 25th September 2006

    India divided over Anti-Gay law.

    With an Indian population of over 1 billion, the law prohibiting same sex relations is estimated to be affecting hundreds of millions of people.

    12:00 AM — There is more evidence in India of the growing acceptance of homosexuality.A new survey by The Hindustan Times, shows that only about a third of Indian youth are in favour of keeping the country's anti-homosexual laws.

  • 22nd September 2006

    ”Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ students prevented from enlisting

    Members of the military must abide by the U.S. Code. This includes “Don't Ask, Don't Tell.“

    12:00 AM — Nine people were charged with trespassing yesterday after staging a sit-in protest when four openly gay college students weren't allowed to enlist in the U.S. Army.The four students -- Jessica Arvidson, Stacey Booe, Matt Hill Comer and Alex Nini -- were participating in the Right to Serve campaign, a national effort by the group Soulforce protesting the federal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.

  • Japanese city amends pro-gay law despite protests

    The new version of the law deletes the reference to gender or sexual orientation.

    12:00 AM — A Japanese city has amended a rare local law protecting homosexuals from discrimination, despite protests from activists who said the law was being watered down to exclude the gay community.The step coincides with efforts by conservative lawmakers, including the next prime minister, Shinzo Abe, to revive respect for traditional family values they fear are being eroded in modern society.

  • Latvia legislates in favour of gays and lesbians at work 1

    Latvian legislators will be endorsing a ban on sexual discrimination against gay men and lesbians in the workplace

    12:00 AM — Latvian legislators have endorsed a ban on sexual discrimination against gay men and lesbians in the workplace, reversing an earlier decision that earned them sharp criticism at home and abroad, Agence France-Presse reports.This decision reverses a failed vote to ban discrimination in the workplace against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered people (LGBT) in June. the failure to implement the ban drew strong criticism from human rights and gay and lesbian groups but also from Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis and President Vaira Vike-Freiberga.

  • Ex-lover ‘saws through neck’ of newly-out girlfriend 1

    A man who killed and almost decapitated his newly-out girlfriend did so by sawing through her neck, a court heard today.

    12:00 AM — A man who killed and almost decapitated his newly-out girlfriend did so by sawing through her neck, a court heard today.Pathologist Dr Vesna Djurovic said Jacqueline Queen suffered dozens of injuries before she died and may have been unconscious as her ex-boyfriend James Seaton, 46, battered her to death.

  • Rainbow Project volunteer indecently assaults man

    Londonderry Crown Court heard Mr McGinley's victim awoke to discover Mr McGinley assaulting him.

    12:00 AM — A northern-Ireland gay-support group worker has been given three years probation for indecent assualt.William McGinley, 45, a Rainbow Project volunteer, indecently assaulted a man, 22, at his home on 3 March 2005.Londonderry Crown Court heard Mr McGinley's victim awoke to discover Mr McGinley assaulting him.

  • 21st September 2006

    Japan pushed to uphold gay rights

    Gay rights in Japan vary in different cities

    12:00 AM — A move to eliminate "sexual orientation" from a Japanese city's groundbreaking antidiscrimination ordinance would be a damaging blow to the cause of full equality, gay activists at Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in a letter to the city's mayor this week.The city assembly of Miyakonojo has begun debating the proposed changes week but Scott Long, director of HRW's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights programme warned that equality should never be taken away.

  • Russian transgender’s killer sentenced to life 4

    Killer William McHenry, 27 was sentenced to life imprisonment

    12:00 AM — A transgender woman was stabbed to death by a man whom had left a gay club with him, the St Petersburg Times reports.Lucas McCauley, 30, frequented a well known gay and transgender club dressed as a woman named Reshae.The murder was being considered as a possible hate crime.

  • 20th September 2006

    Gay age of consent unfair in Hong Kong 1

    Chief High Court Judge Geoffrey Ma said “I fail to see on any basis the justification of this age limit,“

    12:00 AM — A court of Appeal has deemed the higher age of sexual consent for homosexuals in Hong Kong unconstitutional and discriminatory.Hong Kong law states that homosexuals must be 21 before consenting to sex, whilst the age for heterosexuals is five years lower at 16.Gay men who risk having sex before 21 face potential life imprisonment.

  • US big banks recognised for LGBT achievements

    LGBT employees and straight allies, along with human resources and diversity professionals, representing some of the nation's most prominent companies -- a majority from the Fortune 500-participated in this year's Summit

    12:00 AM — JPMorgan Chase and PriceWaterhouseCoopers both received a prestigious 'Outie' Award last week from Out Equal Workplace Advocates for advancing a safe and equitable workplace for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) professionals.This year's Out and Equal Workplace Awards were presented during the 16th Annual Out Equal Workplace Summit, where a record-setting 1,723 attendees gathered to share best practices on how to achieve workplace equality for LGBT employees.

  • 19th September 2006

    US companies battle to become LGBT friendly

    Joe Solmonese said: “I am incredibly encouraged and optimistic about the findings in this report. Companies are not only working to improve their scores, they are actively competing to be ranked the most inclusive and fair-minded in their industry.”

    12:00 AM — A record number of the largest US companies are increasingly competing to expand benefits and protections for their lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees and consumers, according to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).The HRC's Corporate Equality Index covers 446 companies and shows an unprecedented 138 major US organisations earned the top rating of 100 percent, an increase of 37 in one year and a tenfold growth in four years.

  • San Diego Gay Pride attackers in court

    One of the victims is expected to leave the hospital next week after facial reconstruction surgery

    12:00 AM — The six men accused of attacking six men leaving San Diego's Gay Pride festival in July may be agreeing to plea bargains in court today, their prosecutors and lawyers said yesterday.The case yesterday was to be presented to a San Diego Superior Court judge to decide whether there is enough evidence against them for a trial. However, the judge was busiy dealing with another case and in the late afternoon, rescheduled the case to this morning.

  • Gay father gains custody of his ‘neglected’ sons

    The doctor claimed his ex-wife considered his gay lifestyle unsuitable

    12:00 AM — A gay doctor in South Africa has been in court trying to obtain custody of his two sons so that they could live with him and his gay partner.The doctor, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the children, has been granted temporary custody of his children by the Johannesburg High Court last week. Judge Mohammed Jajbhay ordered that the doctor get temporary custody pending investigations by a family advocate.

  • Teen Pleads Guilty to San Diego Gay Pride Attacks

    A 15 year old has pleaded guilty to attacking six men leavign San Diego's gay pride festival in July

    12:00 AM — A 15-year old suspect pleaded guilty yesterday to attacking several men leaving San Diego's gay pride Festival on July 29th.According to prosecutor Oscar Garcia, the 15-year old and two other men targeted six victims leaving the gay pride festival, attacking them with knives and baseball bats.

  • Ex-lover kills newly-out lesbian girlfriend

    Mr Seaton refused to believe his relationship was over when Miss Queen came out as a lesbian.

    12:00 AM — A man killed and almost decapitated his newly-out girlfriend, a court heard today.James Seaton, 46, killed Jacqueline Queen at his flat and then enlisted the help of his brother John, 37, to dispose of her body.

  • 18th September 2006

    Military gay policy opposition grows

    The list of Members of Congress in favour of a repeal of the US military's gay policy continues to grow

    12:00 AM — As LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) advocacy groups increase their efforts to garner support against the federal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" ban on lesbian, gay and bisexual service members, the list of Members of Congress in favour of a repeal continues to grow.This week, US Representative. John Conyers (D-Mich) and Representtive Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) announced their support for the Military Readiness Enhancement Act, a bill to repeal the law and allow gays to serve openly in the armed forces.

  • Virginia’s gay community opposes proposed gay marriage amendment

    Virginia's gay community protests against a possible amendement to the gay marriage law

    12:00 AM — The gay community made for a colourful group, hard to miss as they marched the near-empty streets of downtown Roanoke, Virginia on Sunday morning.Armed with bundles of rainbow-coloured balloons and homemade banners -- "love makes a family," and "Virginia is for lovers, some restrictions apply" -- Virginia's gay community chanted, "Vote 'no,' Virginia! Vote 'no,' Virginia!"

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