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  • 15th April 2009

    Alberta agrees to fund final 50 genital reassignment surgeries 2

    Trans residents in Alberta will no longer be able to access funding for gender reassignment procedures

    11:30 AM — The Canadian province of Alberta has said it will pay for almost 50 final genital reassignment surgeries before ceasing funding for the operations.

  • California allows trans people living in other states to amend birth certificates

    Those with California birth certificates who live out of state can now amend the document with their new gender

    10:42 AM — Trans people with California birth certificates who live in other states can now change their birth certificates to reflect their real gender, a Court of Appeal ruling has decided.

  • Airline ‘refused to hire male air stewards in case they were gay’ 8

    Alexandria Proud is claiming unfair constructive dismissal against Gama Aviation

    10:22 AM — An employment tribunal has heard that an airline refused to hire male stewards because it would be assumed they were gay.

  • 14th April 2009

    New York governor to introduce gay marriage bill

    New York could be the next US state to allow gay marriage

    5:21 PM — New York governor David Paterson is planning to introduce a gay marriage bill this week, according to reports. Various reports suggest that sources close to the governor say he will unveil the legislation this week.

  • Gay Iowa senator receives death threat 6

    Matt McCoy has received a death threat

    4:28 PM — Openly gay Iowa senator Matt McCoy has been the target of a death threat. Public safety officials in the state confirmed that he received the threatening telephone call yesterday.

  • Man arrested over ‘homophobic’ petrol bomb attempt 4

    The man was arrested over the arson attempt

    3:42 PM — A 19-year-old man has been arrested in Reading after a petrol bomb was thrown through a pub window. The Molotov cocktail smashed through glass at the Lord Campbell pub in Alexander Road, Aldershot, at around 4:30am on April 1st.

  • PC jailed for having sex with teenager 10

    Mark Brigham was jailed for two and a half years

    2:48 PM — A 38-year-old Metropolitan police officer has been found guilty of four counts of having underage sex with a 15-year old boy. Former lesbian and gay liaison officer Mark Brigham, of Hackney, has been jailed for two and a half years.

  • Gay rights activists clash over tackling Jamaican homophobia 6

    LGB groups have clashed over tackling homophobia in Jamaica

    2:08 PM — US gay rights activists have launched a campaign encouraging the boycotting of Jamaican products and services as a protest against the island's treatment of gays and lesbians. However, an LGB group has criticised the campaign.

  • Boy, 11, commits suicide after gay taunts 8

    Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover was found dead last week at his home

    1:40 PM — An 11-year-old boy from Massachusetts, US, killed himself after he was repeatedly bullied by classmates who bombarded him with anti-gay taunts. Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover was found dead at his Springfield home last Monday night. He had hanged himself with an extension cable.

  • Amnesty International attacks Iraqi president over gay murders 2

    Amnesty International has taken the unusual step of writing to Iraq's prime minister

    11:28 AM — Amnesty International has taken the unusual step of writing to Iraqi president Nouri al-Maliki to demand "urgent and concerted action" by his government to stop the killings of gay men in the country.

  • 9th April 2009

    Rick Warren denies supporting gay marriage ban 18

    Rick Warren has denied supporting Prop 8 despite evidence

    5:27 PM — Preacher Rick Warren, who spoke out against gay marriage, has been accused of lying after he said he had never supported Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in California.

  • Man’s appeal over gay murder conviction rejected 2

    The men were convicted in 1999 of killing Robert Huggett

    3:53 PM — A man who was found guilty of murdering a man he met for sex has had his appeal against the jury's verdict rejected. David Shale, now 29, and his friend Andrew Shortt, now 30, were convicted at Bristol Crown Court of murdering 46-year-old Robert Huggett in September 1999.

  • Confusion grows over reports of gay executions in Iraq 8

    Human rights organisations are working to uncover the truth about reports of executions

    2:24 PM — Human rights organisations are working to establish whether a number of men have been executed in Iraq for being gay. Homosexuality is not illegal in Iraq but is seen as a taboo. Last week, six gay men were shot and killed in the Baghdad Shiite slum of Sadr City

  • New Hampshire House reverses trans discrimination decision 2

    Lawmakers have reconsidered the anti-discrimination protections

    12:00 PM — The New Hampshire House has opted to pass a bill extending discrimination protections to trans individuals. The bill will allow the words "gender identity" or "gender expression" to be added to current laws protecting from discrimination on the basis of sex, age, race, creed, colour, sexual orientation or religion.

  • 8th April 2009

    Man cleared of raping lesbian student

    Daniel Fountain was cleared of the charge

    1:51 PM — A man accused of raping a lesbian student after a night out in London has been cleared of the charge. Daniel Fountain, 20, told police he had had consensual sex with the teenager and that she said she wanted to see him again.

  • Washington DC to recognise gay marriages from other states 1

    Gay couples who married in other states will have their weddings recognised in Washington DC

    12:29 PM — The Washington DC council has voted unanimously to recognise gay marriages performed in other states. Previously, gay couples who were married in other states were recognised as domestic partners when they moved to DC.

  • Lesbian couple win sex discrimination claim 5

    Beth Moules and Sharleen Amos won their claim for sexual discrimination

    9:57 AM — A lesbian couple who were harassed by colleagues over their sexuality have won their claim for sexual discrimination. Beth Moules and Sharleen Amos told an employment tribunal in Bristol that they had been ridiculed and humiliated by comments from colleagues over their relationship.

  • 7th April 2009

    Breaking: Gay marriage now legal in Vermont 16

    Vermont has voted to legalise gay marriage

    4:40 PM — Gay marriage is legal in Vermont after the House voted 100-49 to override a veto from state Governor Jim Douglas. Earlier today, the Senate voted 23-5.

  • Breaking: Vermont Senate votes to override gay marriage veto, House vote expected later 1

    Vermont could soon allow gay marriage

    3:44 PM — The Vermont Senate has voted 23-5 to override Governor Jim Douglas' veto of the gay marriage bill. This leaves the decision down to the House, which is expected to vote later today.

  • Senegal: Nine men contest gay prison sentences

    The nine men are appealing against their sentences

    2:02 PM — Nine Senegalese men who were sentenced to eight years in prison for "indecent conduct and unnatural acts" are appealing against the decision. The men, most of whom belong to a group set up to combat HIV/AIDS, appeared at the Dakar Court of Appeal yesterday with their attorneys.

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