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  • 23rd July 2010

    Government plans to stop Pope arrest 68

    Plans to arrest the Pope could be scuppered

    1:15 PM — The government has proposed changes to the law which will prevent gay and atheist campaigners arresting the Pope when he visits the UK in September. Whitehall officials were said to be "seriously concerned" that figures such as Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Peter Tatchell could attempt to bring a private prosecution against the Catholic leader under international criminal law.

  • 22nd July 2010

    Argentina’s president signs gay marriage into law 3

    President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner signed the bill into law

    3:19 PM — Argentina's president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner signed the country's gay marriage bill into law yesterday. The legislative change makes Argentina the first Latin American country to legalise marriage for gay couples and the first ceremony is expected to take place on August 13th in Buenos Aires.

  • Poll finds Californians becoming more supportive of gay marriage 2

    California bans gay marriage

    2:17 PM — A survey of more than 3,000 California residents has found that one in four has become more supportive of gay marriage and 51 per cent would vote in favour of full marriage equality.

  • Scottish campaigners step up pressure for full marriage equality 22

    Campaigners want the Scottish government to take a lead on gay marriage

    11:50 AM — Gay rights campaigners in Scotland are putting pressure on the Scottish government to grant full marriage equality to gay couples. A cross-party coalition of MSPs and some senior church leaders are supporting the campaign and a poll of the public suggests the majority would support the move.

  • 21st July 2010

    Lindsay Lohan begins jail sentence 1

    Lindsay Lohan entered jail today

    6:19 PM — Lindsay Lohan began a prison term in Lynwood, California, today for violating the terms of a 2007 probation for a drink-driving offence. The bisexual actress was sentenced to 90 days in the Century Regional Detention Facility, although reports say she could be freed in just 14 days due to overcrowding and good behaviour.

  • Judge who legalised gay marriage in Massachusetts retires 2

    Massachusetts was the first US state to allow gay couples marriage equality

    5:45 PM — Massachusetts Chief Justice Margaret Marshall, who wrote the ruling which made the state the first to legalise gay marriage, is retiring. Ms Marshall, 66, announced her retirement today, saying she was stepping down to care for her husband Anthony Lewis, a former New York Times columnist who has Parkinson's disease.

  • Laws against homosexuality ‘spreading HIV infections’ 3

    19 Asia-Pacific countries have laws against homosexuality

    4:08 PM — Anti-gay laws in the Asia-Pacific region are causing higher rates of HIV infections, the UN has warned. According to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), such laws mean that gay men and trans people are less likely to seek medical help and be aware of how to prevent HIV transmission.

  • Man denies murdering trans woman Destiny Lauren

    Destiny Lauren was killed last November

    2:59 PM — A man accused of killing a trans woman in November last year in Kentish Town, London, has gone on trial. Leon Fyle, 22, who is unemployed, strangled 29-year-old Destiny Lauren after visiting her for sex, a court heard.

  • Protests in New Jersey over gay marriage 4

    New Jersey's state house, where gay marriage protests were held today

    2:10 PM — Gay marriage supporters and opponents protested outside New Jersey's statehouse yesterday as they prepared to battle the issue in the Supreme Court. The US state allows civil unions but gay rights groups have appealed to the Supreme Court to allow full marriage equality.

  • 20th July 2010

    Lesbian teenager banned from prom wins $35,000 damages in settlement 10

    Constance McMillen settled her case

    6:07 PM — A lesbian teenager who was barred from attending her Mississippi school's prom with her girlfriend has settled her case with the school district. Constance McMillen, 18, won $35,000 in damages, plus an agreement from Itawamba County School District to implement anti-discrimination policies.

  • Uruguay and Paraguay could be next to debate gay marriage 13

    More Latin American countries could consider same-sex marriage

    4:39 PM — Argentina voted to legalise gay marriage last week and it now looks like two of its neighbours could be on course to consider the same step.

  • Irish president Mary McAleese signs civil partnerships bill into law 31

    Ireland has legalised civil partnerships

    1:53 PM — Irish president Mary McAleese signed the country's civil partnerships bill into law yesterday. It gives gay couples almost all of the rights of marriage. The bill passed in the Dail without a vote and was approved by senators in the Seanad last week.

  • 19th July 2010

    Deputy Lib Dem leader Simon Hughes says government will allow gay couples to marry 64

    Lib Dem deputy leader Simon Hughes said same-sex marriage would come

    6:00 PM — Simon Hughes, the deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats, has said that the government will give gay couples the right to civil marriage. He predicted that the change would be made before the next general election.

  • Robert Mugabe says no to gay rights in Zimbabwe’s constitution 26

    Robert Mugabe said the constitution would not protect gay rights

    11:33 AM — Zimbabwe's president Robert Mugabe has repeated his views on gay rights, saying they will not be protected in the country's new constitution.

  • 16th July 2010

    US judge rejects delay over trial of boy who ‘killed gay classmate’

    Larry King, who was shot dead at school in 2008

    5:55 PM — A US judge has ordered that defence lawyers for a teenager accused of shooting dead a gay classmate be ready for the trial.

  • Republican gay group challenges military gay ban in court 5

    The ban is being challenged in court (Photo: US Army)

    5:10 PM — The Log Cabin Republicans, the party's gay group, is challenging the US ban on out gay soldiers in court. They are seeking a federal injunction to immediately halt the policy, which requires lesbian and gay soldiers to keep their sexuality secret or be fired.

  • Mexico City offers free honeymoon to first gay couple to wed in Argentina 2

    Mexico City is offering a free honeymoon to the first gay couple to marry in Argentina

    2:33 PM — The first gay couple to take advantage of same-sex marriage in Argentina have been offered a free honeymoon by Mexico City.

  • Charges dropped against gay US soldier Dan Choi 3

    Six LGBT servicemen and women chained themselves to the White House fence

    1:10 PM — Two gay US soldiers who chained themselves to the White House fence in protest over the military's gay ban have had the charges against them dropped.

  • 15th July 2010

    Washington DC’s highest court rejects challenge to gay marriage 13

    Washington DC allows same-sex marriage

    5:55 PM — Washington DC's highest court has rejected a challenge against the district's equal marriage law. Same-sex marriage was legalised in the district in March but opponents wanted to put an initiative on the ballot asking voters to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

  • No appeal for homophobic murderer 2

    Jeffrey Aker was killed in February 2008

    5:29 PM — A man found guilty of a homophobic murder has been failed in his bid to the sentence overturned. Mark Malone, 33, from Walton-on-Thames, was sentenced to a minimum of 30 years behind bars in 2008 when he was found guilty of the murder of Jeffrey Akers, 50.

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