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  • 6th May 2008

    Marriage equality pioneer mourned by gay community

    Richard and Mildred were charged with violating Virginia's anti-miscegenation statutes

    2:58 PM — She stood up for her own marriage rights 40 years ago, and then stood up for lesbian and gay Americans when they asked for the same treatment.

  • Lesbian footballer player murdered in homophobic attack

    South Africa's Police Inspectorate has promised "decisive action" against officers who ridicule gay people

    2:38 PM — A prominent female football player gang-raped and murdered in South Africa last week was the victim of homophobic violence, according to activists. Midfielder Eudy Simelane, 31, was buried earlier this week.

  • Modovan gay activists hopeful their Pride march will not be banned

    Pride will start on Wednesday with a flower-laying ceremony at the Monument to the Victims of Repression

    12:29 PM — A range of events planned by the gay and lesbian community in the eastern European nation of Moldova should go ahead this year without interference from the authorities. For the past three years public events have been banned by authorities in the capital city Chisinau.

  • Gay man detained by police after Caribbean kiss 3

    Homosexual acts between consenting adults were decriminalised in Cayman by a UK Order in Council

    12:07 PM — A man has been held by police in the Cayman Islands for kissing his boyfriend. Aaron Chandler, a 23 year old American on holiday with his partner, was detained by an off duty police officer.

  • Royal blackmailer to appeal conviction

    Strachan and Sean McGuigan were convicted at the Old Bailey last week after a three-week trial

    10:51 AM — One of the two men sentenced last week to five years in prison for attempting to blackmail a member of the Royal family over gay allegations will appeal. A lawyer for 31-year-old Ian Strachan told The Scotsman that there was no blackmail.

  • 2nd May 2008

    Royal gay sex blackmailers found guilty

    The men have been found guilty at the Old Bailey

    11:13 PM — Two men who asked for £50,000 from an unnamed member of the Royal Family in exchanged for tapes that featured claims of gay sex have been found guilty of blackmail.

  • DC sex scandal madam found dead

    Police discovered the body of a woman believed to be convicted DC Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey

    10:37 AM — Police discovered the body of a woman believed to be convicted DC Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey, in what appears to be an apparent suicide, in Tarpon Springs Florida on Thursday. A former employee of Palfrey, Brandy Britton, killed herself in 2007.

  • 1st May 2008

    Royal “blackmail” evidence is “insubstantial, insignificant, and incomplete”

    The British press are legally restrained from revealing the identity of the person

    5:08 PM — A defence barrister at the trial of two men accused of trying to blackmail a member of the Royal Family has dismissed the legal proceedings as farcical.

  • Europe questions UK about gay rights in Gibraltar 24

    Gibraltar is a self-governing overseas territory of the United Kingdom

    3:51 PM — The British government has told the Council of Europe that it takes "very seriously" Gibraltar's compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights. The self-governing British overseas territory still has a higher age of consent for gay sex.

  • Lesbos lawsuit “pathetic and scary” says activist 3

    Lesbos residents taking the case to court claim that the term is used erroneously

    1:10 PM — A publicity-seeking attempt by three residents of the island of Lesbos to sue a gay advocacy group has a serious side, says a lesbian rights campaigner. The Greek island was home to the 6th Century BC poet Sappho.

  • Conservatives launch web campaign to retain gay military ban 1

    79% of Americans support allowing gays to serve openly

    11:26 AM — An advocacy group in the United States has launched a Congressional petition against calls for the country's military to allow openly gay people to serve.

  • No charges over death of gay DJ

    An inquest into Kevin Greening's death will take place next month

    10:43 AM — A 51-year-old man arrested after former Radio 1 DJ Kevin Greening was found dead at his flat will not will not face charges. He had initially been arrested on suspicion of murder. He has been cautioned by police for possession of ecstasy, cocaine and cannabis.

  • Beckham’s jersey gift sparks legal action

    Beckham removed his shirt and handed it to two 10-year-old former close friends and soccer teammates

    10:31 AM — Over the past few years, many people have become obsessed with soccer player David Beckham, but this week his appeal reached a whole new and somewhat disturbing level.

  • 30th April 2008

    First Mr Gay UK winner charged with murder 8

    Damian was an employee of All Points North, the company owning 'Bent' Magazine, 'Mission' Club in Leeds and ironically the 'Mr Gay UK' brand

    3:45 PM — The first winner of the Mr Gay UK competition Anthony Francis Morley, has been charged with the murder of Damian Oldfield, a 33 year man worked for the company that runs the Mr Gay UK competition.

  • Brothers sentenced to life for “cruel and wicked murder”

    The victim, Sri Lankan Mohamed Abdulraheem, invited the Romanian back to his apartment in West Norwood.

    1:37 PM — A twenty year old Romanian man and his two older brothers have all been sentenced to life in jail for murder.

  • Australian law reforms do not extend to gay marriage

    Attorney General Robert McClelland announced that the Labour government would introduce legislation next month to remove same-sex discrimination from some 100 laws.

    9:31 AM — The Australian government has announced over 100 reforms that will give gay couples the same rights as straight couples. The move has been welcomed by LGBT groups but has drawn criticism over the refusal to legalise 'gay marriage'.

  • Stonewall Housing releases booklet to help LGBT domestic violence victims

    The booklet, which is free, is available as a download from Stonewall Housing’s website

    8:15 AM — Stonewall housing are releasing a booklet to help members of the LGBT community who suffer from domestic violence.

  • 29th April 2008

    Euro court: sisters can not have the same tax benefits as civil partners 6

    The European Court of Human Rights has rejected their case

    11:18 PM — Two elderly British sitters have lost their case in the European Court of Human Rights to allow them to avoid inheritance tax when one of them dies. They argued that British law treats them less favourably than a lesbian couple in a civil partnership.

  • Royal calls gay sex claims “spurious” 2

    Buckingham Palace say the Royal does not perform public functions

    10:13 PM — The Royal at the centre of the gay sex blackmail trial has declared the accusations of his sexuality as "spurious". The Royal, referred to only as witness A told the court in a statement: "As far as these comments about my personal and professional life are concerned, I can only say they are spurious and without foundation."

  • Drunk who taunted a gay man to his death faces jail term 3

    Horn, 49, then pleaded guilty to the charge of affray, which he had previously denied

    2:44 PM — A man who taunted a gay couple, one of whom died of a heart attack after the incident, faces jail. However, though certain to receive a custodial sentence, Robert Horn has been cleared of causing the death of Malcolm Bryan, who suffered the fatal heart attack during the confrontation in September 2006.

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