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  • 15th December 2009

    Hundreds attend gay marriage rally ahead of Washington DC council vote 2

    DC is expected to pass the gay marriage bill

    1:14 PM — Washington DC's council will today vote on a bill allowing gay marriage in the district. Advocates are quietly confident, as nine of the council's 13 members are listed as co-sponsors and mayor Adrian Fenty has clearly signalled he will sign it.

  • Gay porn star dies in taser arrest 34

    Andrew Grande apparently died of suffocation

    11:35 AM — A gay porn star has died in Florida after choking while being arrested. Andrew Grande, 23, whose screen name was Dustin Michaels, choked on a bag of marijuana he was trying to swallow.

  • Updated: Christian registrar Lillian Ladele loses appeal 254

    Lillian Ladele lost her appeal

    10:47 AM — An Islington registrar who refused to carry out civil partnerships for gay couples has lost her appeal. The Court of Appeal ruled today that Lillian Ladele had not been discriminated against.

  • 14th December 2009

    Man evicted for homophobic hate campaign 6

    Richard Leonard had harassed his neighbours

    7:11 PM — A man who made his neighbours' lives hell has been served with a 56-day eviction notice. Richard Leonard, 57, of Baldmoor Lake Road, Erdington, had been accused of waging a homophobic and anti-social hate campaign against his neighbours since May.

  • Straight teacher loses homophobic harassment claim 12

    James Campbell claimed the school had not dealt with his complaints

    4:18 PM — A straight Scottish teacher who tried to make a claim for homophobic harassment has lost his case. James Campbell, who worked at at Denny High School, claimed that the homophobic insults he received amount to sexual orientation discrimination, despite being straight.

  • Anti-gay singer Buju Banton arrested on drug charges 24

    Buju Banton was arrested on Thursday

    2:12 PM — The Jamaican reggae star Buju Banton is in custody pending charges of drug offences. The singer, who has been condemned for lyrics calling for gays to be killed, was arrested in Miami on Thursday.

  • Coalition calls on Lords to reject religious exemptions in Equality Bill 12

    The bill will have its second reading in the Lords tomorrow

    12:36 PM — A coalition of liberal religious and social justice groups is calling on the House of Lords to reject religious opt-outs from the Equality Bill. The bill is scheduled for its second reading in the Lords tomorrow.

  • 11th December 2009

    Straight civil partnership couple seek gay couple 10

    Katherine Doyle and Tom Freeman outside Islington registry office last month (Photo: PinkNews.co.uk)

    3:24 PM — The straight couple who are challenging the ban on heterosexuals having civil partnerships are looking for a gay couple to join their fight. They hope to challenge the ban in the European Court of Human Rights.

  • 10th December 2009

    Austria’s parliament legalises civil unions 5

    Couples will be permitted to have civil unions

    5:28 PM — Austria's parliament has approved legalising civil unions in the country. The law will come into force on January 1st 2010 but bars gay couples from some rights, such as adoption and fertility treatment.

  • Sperm donor wins access to lesbian couple’s son 13

    The man won access to his son (Photo: D Sharon Pruitt)

    5:18 PM — An Irish man who donated sperm to a lesbian couple has won the right to see the child. The Supreme Court heard that the gay man donated sperm to the couple three years ago when they were friends.

  • Schools to record all homophobic, sexist and racist bullying 16

    Schools will be required to record anti-gay bullying (Photo ttarasiu)

    3:02 PM — The government announced today that schools will be required to record all incidents of homophobic, racist and sexist bullying. Schools minister Vernon Coaker said that all schools will be legally required to comply with the new rules from September.

  • Uganda ‘to remove death penalty from anti-gay bill’ 29

    Uganda will reportedly drop the harshest punishments

    2:48 PM — Uganda will reportedly drop plans for the execution and life imprisonment of gays. An 'anti-homosexuality' bill has been passing through the country's parliament but according to news agency Bloomberg, some of the most drastic measures will be removed.

  • New Jersey’s gay marriage vote cancelled 4

    New Jersey Senators will not vote on the bill today

    12:20 PM — The state Senate vote on gay marriage in New Jersey has been cancelled. Democrat sponsors Raymond J Lesniak and Loretta Weinberg reportedly withdrew the bill from today's agenda because it was headed for defeat.

  • 9th December 2009

    Man accused of murder claims gay victims sexually assaulted him

    The case is being heard at the Old Bailey

    7:39 PM — A man on trial for the murder of one man and the attempted murder of his partner has claimed that the couple sexually assaulted him. David Kilcullen told the Old Bailey he acted in self-defence.

  • Gay rape victim warns others to avoid unlicensed taxis 5

    John encouraged other gay victims to come forward

    5:29 PM — One of the victims of Mohamad Caid, the illegal cab driver who preyed on young gay men leaving a London nightclub, has spoken out about his experience and encouraged other gay victims of sexual assault to report it to police.

  • Bruce Springsteen supports gay marriage 11

    The star gave his support for gay marriage (Photo: Deserted Cities)

    2:36 PM — Bruce Springsteen, who was born in New Jersey, has released a message in support of gay marriage in the state. He said he had been following the progress of a bill which would allow the right.

  • Illegal cab driver guilty of raping gay men in London 10

    Mohamad Caid was found guilty

    12:02 PM — A man who posed as a taxi driver was yesterday found guilty of raping two young gay men after picking them up from a London nightclub. Mohamad Caid, 38, was warned to expect a substantial prison sentence.

  • Communities secretary promises new funding to tackle white supremacists 14

    Police have warned of the dangers of lone white supremacists

    11:34 AM — Communities secretary John Denham yesterday promised £5 million of funding for police and local councils to tackle threats from white supremacists. Such groups frequently pose a threat to gays, along with ethnic minorities.

  • 8th December 2009

    New Jersey gay marriage bill passes committee vote 4

    The gay marriage bill goes for a Senate vote this week

    12:21 PM — A bill which would allow gay marriage in New Jersey has passed a Senate Judiciary Committee vote 7-6. The vote was taken yesterday and the bill is scheduled for a full Senate vote on Thursday.

  • US Christian student group fights for right to ban gays 17

    Lawyers for the college argue it may have to accept extremist groups

    12:18 PM — A Christian student group based at a California law school is fighting to the right to bar gay students. UC Hastings College of Law has withdrawn recognition of the group unless it changes its discriminatory rules.

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