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  • 31st March 2011

    Washington state to recognise out-of-state gay marriages 3

    Washington will recognises gay marriages as domestic partnerships

    1:29 PM — The US state of Washington is to recognise gay marriages performed in other states as domestic partnerships. A bill has already passed in the state Senate 28-19 and by 58-39 in the House.

  • UK civil partnerships consultation opens 91

    Gay couples will be allowed religious civil partnerships

    12:15 PM — A government consultation on the future of UK civil partnerships opens today. Interested parties are being asked to give their views on ceremonies being permitted in religious buildings, if faiths wish to hold them.

  • Teacher convicted of lesbian affair with pupil 14

    The teacher denied she was a lesbian

    10:08 AM — A drama teacher has been found guilty of having a three-year lesbian affair with a teenage pupil. Caroline French, 38, of Darlington, began grooming the girl for sex when she was 13, a jury at Preston crown court heard.

  • 30th March 2011

    Schoolboy, 15, jumped to his death after rumours he was gay 190

    Dominic Crouch died last May

    4:03 PM — A Gloucestershire teenager jumped to his death after rumours circulated that he was gay, an inquest has heard. Dominic Crouch, 15, a pupil at St Edwards School in Cheltenham, threw himself from a six-storey block of flats last May after returning from a school trip.

  • Young gay man brutally beaten at New York McDonald’s 47

    Damian Furtch needed four stitches after the attack

    1:31 PM — A young gay man has posted pictures of his injuries on Facebook after he was set upon in an anti-gay attack outside a McDonald's restaurant in New York.

  • US immigration officials put hold on gay spouse cases 5

    1:04 PM — The US is apparently no longer automatically rejecting green card applications from the foreign spouses of gay and lesbian citizens.

  • UK appoints out gay ambassador to Cambodia 17

    Mark Gooding is the new British ambassador to Cambodia

    10:16 AM — The UK has appointed an openly gay man as ambassador to Cambodia. Mark Gooding, who is in a civil partnership with education specialist Dr Christopher McCormick, will take up his new post in September.

  • First lesbian couple to marry celebrate 10th anniversary 15

    The Netherlands legalised gay marriage in 2001

    9:36 AM — The world's first lesbian couple to legally marry have celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. Dutch couple Helene Faasen and Anne-Marie Thus met on a blind date in 1998 and married in 2001, when the Netherlands became the first country to allow gay marriage.

  • 29th March 2011

    Indiana Senate approves gay marriage ban bill 26

    The ban will only become law if approved by the public

    9:51 PM — The Indiana Senate has approved a constitutional amendment banning gay marriages and civil unions by 40 votes to 10. The public gallery had to be cleared after gay rights protesters shouted at politicians.

  • US schools warned to stop censoring gay websites 51

    The ACLU says LGBT teens are being barred from information

    1:42 PM — American schools have been warned to stop censoring educational lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender websites. The American Civil Liberties Union has written to school districts in Missouri and Michigan to warn that filtering such sites violates the constitution.

  • Teacher accused of seducing pupils denies being a lesbian

    The teacher says she is not a lesbian

    12:47 PM — A drama teacher accused of having sexual relationships with two former pupils has said she is not a lesbian. Caroline French, 38, of Darlington, is said to have groomed a 13-year-old student who was being bullied by giving her cigarettes and alcohol.

  • Maltese trans man wins right to be recognised as male 3

    Photo: Jane Doan

    10:31 AM — A transgender man in Malta has won the right to have his birth certificate changed to 'male'. The 26-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was born female but said he had always felt and acted like a man.

  • Gay rights group wants military gay ban to end immediately 15

    The military gay ban remains in place

    9:05 AM — A gay Republican group has filed an appeal to end the US ban on openly gay soldiers immediately. The Log Cabin Republicans filed their brief in the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco yesterday.

  • 28th March 2011

    Maryland House approves transgender protections bill 7

    The bill does not give enough protection, trans campaigners say

    4:16 PM — The Maryland House has approved a bill to give transgender people more legal protection. However, trans campaigners are angry that the bill does not protect them from discrimination in hotels, restaurants and public toilets.

  • Breast massage woman files charges after learning masseur was not gay 54

    The woman says she consented to the massage because she thought the therapist was gay

    1:41 PM — A US woman who had a breast massage from a masseur she thought was gay has filed criminal charges against him after learning that he has a girlfriend.

  • Australian gay man pleads guilty to erotic asphyxia murder 18

    An Australian court heard that a gay man had been involved in two erotic asphyxiation deaths

    10:26 AM — An Australian gay man has pleaded guilty to the murder of a lover halfway through his trial. David Richard Fraser, of Adelaide, admits strangling 28-year-old Luke Noonan during a sex act involving erotic asphyxia in September 2009.

  • 25th March 2011

    Vigil for New York teen killed in anti-gay attack 21

    Anthony Collao was killed in the Queens district of New York

    5:50 PM — A vigil has been held for a New York teenager who was allegedly killed in a homophobic attack. Anthony Collao, 18, was attacked at a party last Saturday by a gang who allegedly shouted anti-gay slurs before kicking, punching and beating him with a metal pipe.

  • Reports say Ugandan anti-gay bill has been killed 31

    Uganda's anti-gay bill has reportedly been killed

    4:33 PM — Reports from Uganda say the country's anti-homosexuality bill has been dropped. The controversial legislation would have strengthened Uganda's current laws against gay sex but several reports say the government has intervened to drop it.

  • US retailer Target sues gay rights group 45

    1:06 PM — Target is suing a San Diego gay rights group for canvassing outside its stores. The US retail giant claims that Canvass For A Cause, which is working for gay marriage, is driving away its customers.

  • Man takes ‘gay sex addict’ drug case to court 37

    Didier Jambart says medication turned him gay (Photo: E-Magine Art)

    10:55 AM — A French man who claims a faulty Parkinson's Disease drug turned him into a gay sex addict is demanding £390,000 in compensation. Didier Jambart, 52, from Nantes, is suing ReQuip manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline for his psychological trauma.

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