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  • 11th April 2011

    US HIV patients want right to HIV organ transplants 6

    US law forbids HIV-positive organs going to HIV-positive recipients

    4:05 PM — HIV-positive patients in the US are lobbying for the right to receive HIV-infected transplant organs. They argue that there are hundreds of HIV-infected organs available every year and that making the change would save lives and give more people the chance of a transplant.

  • US students charged with indecency for lesbian library sex

    The students were in a library study room

    2:42 PM — Two female students in the US state of Georgia have been charged with public indecency offences for allegedly having sex in a college library.

  • Lesbian judge in Chile fights for new US anti-discrimination laws 10

    Karen Atala's children were taken away from her

    1:57 PM — A lesbian judge from Chile is calling for new anti-discrimination laws to be introduced across North and South America. Karen Atala, 47, lost custody of her three daughters in 2004 because of her sexual orientation. She won custody of her children in two hearings, but they were overturned by the Supreme Court in 2006.

  • HIV charities surprised at gay blood ban reports 50

    HIV charities dismissed the reports

    12:09 PM — HIV prevention charities say they are surprised at reports that the government is announce the end of the gay blood donation before a review has been completed. The policy, which currently bars any man who has had gay sex from donating blood, is the subject of a review due to end this summer.

  • 10th April 2011

    Gay blood donation ban to be lifted for men who haven’t had sex for 10 years 357

    There is currently a blanket ban on gay men donating blood

    10:34 AM — The government is to lift the ban on gay men giving blood, ruling that a blanket ban is discriminatory and could be in breach of the Equality Act. However, lifting the ban will only apply to gay men who have not had sex for ten years prior to donating blood.

  • 8th April 2011

    Nepal’s gay MP: ‘Gandhi’s sexuality doesn’t matter’ 9

    Gandhi was bisexual, a book claimed

    5:25 PM — Nepal's only out gay MP says that Gandhi's legacy, rather than his sexuality, is what matters. This week, a new biography of the Indian leader claimed he had left his wife for a male bodybuilder.

  • Judge rules gay rights group can canvass outside Target 9

    Target lost its case against the gay group

    3:20 PM — A judge has ruled against US retailer Target in its bid to ban gay rights campaigners canvassing outside its San Diego stores. Target, which has been criticised for supporting anti-gay groups, claimed that Canvass For A Cause, which is working for gay marriage, was driving away its customers.

  • European parliament calls for special protection of gay and trans asylum seekers 31

    The European parliament voted for pro-LGBT asylum measures

    2:26 PM — The European parliament says that LGBT asylum seekers must be given special protection. MEPs voted this week to adopt a series of measures, such as ensuring that physical examinations are respectful and providing expert advice to asylum officials.

  • US military chiefs committed to ending gay ban 12

    The ban is set to be lifted in the summer

    10:35 AM — US military chiefs say they are making smooth progress towards lifting the ban on openly gay troops. During a House Armed Services Committee hearing yesterday, the leaders of the Navy, Army and Air Force and Marines said troops did not appear anxious about the change.

  • 7th April 2011

    Scottish parliament elections: Labour and Lib Dems promise gay rights action 18

    The election takes place on May 5th

    4:18 PM — The Scottish Labour and Liberal Democrat parties have made manifesto promises on marriage equality ahead of May's election. Labour - which is on an equal footing with the SNP in polls - says it will consult on the issue while the Lib Dems offer a firmer commitment.

  • Gay man attacked at London cruising spot 198

    Police are appealing for witnesses

    12:23 PM — Police are investigating after a man's nose was broken in a homophobic attack on Clapham Common. The 42-year-old victim was at the popular cruising spot on Sunday April 3rd shortly before midnight when he was approached by three men who attacked him.

  • Prop 8 judge speaks for the first time about being gay 14

    Judge Vaughn Walker has not mentioned his sexuality before

    9:05 AM — The judge who struck down California's ban on gay marriage has spoken publicly for the first time about the fact he is gay. US District Judge Vaughn Walker, now retired, was outed during the course of last year's trial by a newspaper which said his sexuality was an open secret.

  • 6th April 2011

    Hawaii moves forward with workplace transgender protection bill 3

    Hawaii will add trans employment protection to the statute

    4:02 PM — A bill to protect trans people from discrimination at work is moving forward in Hawaii. It has already been passed in the House and was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday.

  • Hungary gay groups to protest against new constitution 22

    Hungary's new constitution effectively bans same-sex marriage

    1:50 PM — Gay rights groups in Hungary are to protest over the country's new draft constitution, which they say includes a ban on same-sex marriage.

  • Court backs Wal-Mart sacking of anti-gay Christian worker 61

    Wal-Mart sacked Tanisha Matthews for harassment

    10:38 AM — A court has backed US retail giant Wal-Mart for sacking an anti-gay worker who claimed she was a victim of discrimination for being a Christian.

  • Civil partnerships legal on Isle of Man 16

    The first ceremonies will take place next week

    9:11 AM — Gay couples on the Isle of Man can now apply to have a civil partnership. A new law came into force today and the first ceremonies can take place next week.

  • 5th April 2011

    First Irish public civil partnerships take place 15

    The first ceremonies were due to take place today

    12:42 PM — Ireland's first public civil partnership ceremonies were due to take place this afternoon. The law came into force on January 1st, although the vast majority of couples were required to give three months notice of their intent to tie the knot.

  • Police release CCTV image of man wanted for anti-gay stickers 330

    The man is wanted in connection with anti-gay stickers around the east end

    9:59 AM — Police have released a CCTV image of a man wanted in connection with homophobic stickers placed around London's east end. The stickers, which have been found in Brick Lane, Poplar, Bow and Canary Wharf, show a red line through a rainbow flag and the words 'gay-free zone'

  • Gay socialite Philip Sallon attacked in central London 115

    Philip Sallon is recovering in hospital (Photo: fashionsmostwanted.blogspot.com)

    9:53 AM — Gay socialite and event organiser Philip Sallon is recovering in hospital after being assaulted in central London on Saturday morning. Friends said Mr Sallon suffered a fractured skull and broken bones in the attack, which took place in Piccadilly.

  • 4th April 2011

    Defense of Marriage Act still applies to US immigration 6

    The Defense of Marriage Act remains law

    4:48 PM — US immigration officials have confirmed that the Defense of Marriage Act still applies to gay spouses seeking a green card. The US Citizens and Immigration Service briefly put gay spouses' applications on hold while it took legal advice but has now returned to processing them.

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