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  • 7th October 2010

    New Jersey senator says he’ll introduce anti-bullying legislation on US college campuses 5

    Tyler Clementi, who committed suicide last month.

    12:04 PM — The senator of New Jersey, Frank Lautenberg, announced yesterday that he planned to introduce legislation requiring colleges to adopt a code of conduct that prohibits bullying and harassment. This comes in the wake of a student's recent suicide after his involvement in a gay sexual encounter was secretly filmed and broadcast online.

  • Accused Stonewall Inn ‘gay basher’ denies he’s a homophobe 5

    The alleged homophobic assault took place at New York City's Stonewall Inn last Sunday

    11:11 AM — Matthew Francis, one of the two men accused of assaulting a gay man in New York City's Stonewall Inn early last Sunday, claimed in a prison interview yesterday that he doesn't hate gay people.

  • 6th October 2010

    Saudi prince ‘was not in gay relationship with servant’

    The case continues

    4:24 PM — The Saudi prince accused of killing his servant in a London hotel was not in a gay relationship with him, his lawyer said. Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud, 34, was accused of murdering Bandar Abdulaziz, 32, in a "sexually-motivated" attack last February.

  • 5th October 2010

    Gay Saudi prince ‘strangled servant in sexual killing’

    The case at the Old Bailey continues

    4:24 PM — A gay Saudi prince has been accused of killing his servant in a London hotel room. Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud, 34, was accused of murdering Bandar Abdulaziz, 32, in a "sexually-motivated" attack last February.

  • Gay skydiving instructor sues after being sacked for ‘groping woman’ 10

    Donald Zarda has filed a lawsuit

    1:34 PM — A gay skydiving instructor is suing his company after he was sacked for allegedly groping a young female student. Donald Zarda, 40, says there is "no way" the alleged incident could have happened because he is "100 per cent gay".

  • ‘Homophobic’ attack at New York’s Stonewall Inn

    A gay man was allegedly attacked in the Stonewall Inn

    1:29 PM — Two men were arrested on Sunday evening after a man was beaten in a "homophobic" attack in the Stonewall Inn in New York. The pub is a symbol of the birth of the gay rights movement after patrons staged protests in 1969 against police raids.

  • Hong Kong trans woman barred from marrying boyfriend 4

    The couple cannot marry under Hong Kong law

    11:00 AM — A trans woman in Hong Kong has been barred from marrying her boyfriend. The woman, known only as 'W', was born male and transitioned several years ago. However, she is barred under city law from changing her birth certificate to female, meaning she has been unable to marry.

  • 4th October 2010

    Megachurch pastor accused of seducing young men says faith has been strengthened

    Eddie Long has not addressed the lawsuits directly

    5:25 PM — Eddie Long, the American megachurch pastor accused of seducing young men, says his faith has been strengthened. In his second Sunday sermon since the allegations broke, the Atlanta pastor made no explicit reference to the four lawsuits against him.

  • George Michael: ‘I’m not getting special treatment in prison’ 8

    George Michael said he had been treated with kindness at the prison

    11:03 AM — Pop star George Michael has released a statement saying that he is not getting special treatment in prison. The former Wham! singer, 47, said he released the statement to counter the "usual rubbish" he had been reading about himself.

  • 3rd October 2010

    Five ‘gay’ US teens kill themselves in just three weeks 23

    Raymond Chase is the latest US teenager to take their own life

    1:06 AM — Five US teenagers believed to have been gay have taken their own lives in the past three weeks, it has emerged. The most recent, Raymond Chase, was a 19-year-old studying at Johnson and Wales University, Rhode Island. He reportedly committed suicide by hanging himself in his dormitory.

  • 1st October 2010

    ‘Transphobic’ attack at trans conference in Sweden 19

    The third European Transgender Council is being held in Sweden this year

    5:14 PM — Two trans women were attacked at a transgender conference in Sweden last night. The women, who were attending the third European Transgender Council in Malmo, received minor injuries in what police are treating as a transphobic assault.

  • Gay vicar forced to postpone civil partnership 19

    The Rev Colin Coward has postponed his civil partnership (Photo: Scott Gunn)

    4:51 PM — A gay vicar who hopes to tie the knot with his Nigerian fiance has postponed the ceremony because the Home Office has not yet approved his residency in the UK.

  • Four US teens bullied for being gay commit suicide in a month 26

    Asher Brown was one of four US teenagers to commit suicide after anti-gay harassment

    3:33 PM — At least four incidents of young men killing themselves after being bullied over their sexual orientation have been reported in the US in the last month. The most recent death was of New Jersey student Tyler Clementi, who jumped from a bridge after his roommate allegedly taped him having sex with a man.

  • Two charged after gay Edinburgh man is beaten unconscious 4

    The victim said the attack was homophobic

    1:28 PM — Two men have been charged over an attack in which a gay man was beaten unconscious in Edinburgh. The retail worker, who has asked not to be named, says that he was attacked because of his sexual orientation.

  • Equality Act comes into force 15

    New laws will offer more protection against discrimination

    11:27 AM — A range of new equality laws came into force today as the Equality Act was implemented. The change consolidates nine separate pieces of legislation into a single act, giving new anti-discrimination protections to a variety of people with "protected characteristics".

  • 30th September 2010

    Tasmania to recognise foreign gay marriages 4

    Tasmania will recognise foreign gay marriages

    3:15 PM — Tasmania is to become the first Australian state to recognise gay marriages performed abroad. They will be recognised as Tasmanian deeds of relationship, which are similar to civil partnerships.

  • California governor Schwarzenegger signs ‘gay cure’ repeal bill 3

    California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the repeal bill

    2:24 PM — California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a bill to remove a 'gay cure' provision from the state's laws. The 1950 law instructed California's State Department of Mental Health to investigate and research "the causes and cures of homosexuality".

  • 29th September 2010

    21 years in jail for man who killed London trans woman 2

    Destiny Lauren was killed last November

    4:09 PM — A man convicted of killing trans woman Destiny Lauren has been sentenced to at least 21 years in prison. Leon Fyle, 22, was found guilty of Ms Lauren's murder last month.

  • Sir Ian McKellen: Gay marriage has to be on Stonewall’s agenda 15

    Sir Ian McKellen said there are still inequalities for gay people

    3:11 PM — Stonewall co-founder Sir Ian McKellen said today that the gay charity should lobby for gay marriage but issues such as tackling homophobic bullying must take priority. He becomes the second co-founder of Stonewall to call on the charity to campaign for gay marriage, Michael Cashman authored a column for PinkNews.co.uk on Monday entitled, "What part of 'equality' can't Stonewall understand?"

  • Lesbian mother wins legal battle over child support 8

    The lesbian mother won her case at the European Court of Human Rights (Photo: D Sharon Pruitt)

    1:33 PM — A lesbian who had to pay more child support than if she was in a heterosexual relationship has won her case at the European Court of Human Rights. She was awarded £2,550 in damages and £15,275 after the court ruled that she had been discriminated against.

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