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  • 26th April 2010

    Church of Scotland could ban ministers who have sex outside marriage 19

    The Church of Scotland is considering what to do about gay ordinations

    12:06 PM — The Church of Scotland could consider banning ministers who have sex outside of a marriage as a way to deal with the issue of gay ministers.

  • Second Puerto Rican LGBT killing in six months 1

    Activists want police to investigate the death as a hate crime

    11:22 AM — Puerto Rican police are investigating after a trans woman was found murdered in her home last week. Ashley Santiago Ocasio, a 31-year-old beauty salon owner, was shot in the head in the central mountain town of Corozal last week

  • 23rd April 2010

    White House protesters released 6

    The six chained to the White House fence on Tuesday

    4:12 PM — Gay US soldier Dan Choi and five other military veterans have been released from jail after chaining themselves to the White House fence.

  • Gay man ‘knocked out after argument with girl’

    Ian Baynham died last September

    11:41 AM — The trial of three teenagers accused of the manslaughter of a gay man in Trafalgar Square heard this week that he was punched after hitting one of the girls with her handbag.

  • 22nd April 2010

    Allowing gay divorce ‘strengthens’ Texas gay marriage ban 2

    Texas does not recognise gay marriage

    5:48 PM — An attorney from one of the gay men attempting to get a divorce in Texas has argued that it would actually strengthen the state's gay marriage ban.

  • Chinese man arrested for ‘killing six in gay sex games’

    The man was arrested on suspicion of murder

    5:27 PM — A Chinese man has been arrested in connection with the deaths of six men who joined in sado-masochistic games. Zhou Youping, a singer in bars in the central province of Hunan, is said to have advertised for men to be his "slave" on gay websites.

  • Gay centre at heart of Purcell corruption probe

    Steven Purcell is being investigated by police

    2:11 PM — Glasgow's LGBT centre is at the heart of claims that former council leader Steven Purcell was involved in corruption. The Labour leader resigned from his position in early March citing stress and exhaustion.

  • Bisexual men ‘not gay enough’ for softball team 23

    The players say they were deemed not gay enough

    11:45 AM — Three bisexual American men are suing after they were ruled to be not gay enough to play in a gay softball league. The trio say they were interrogated about their sex lives.

  • 21st April 2010

    Brighton Police launch summer hate crime drive 3

    Brighton has a large gay population

    1:44 PM — Police in Brighton have launched their annual summer operation to tackle homophobic hate crime. The area has a large lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans population of around 35,000 people, with this number increasing in the summer due to the city's popularity as a gay tourism hotspot.

  • Gay soldier Dan Choi arrested again at White House 12

    The six chained to the White House fence yesterday

    11:14 AM — Gay US soldier Dan Choi and five other people in uniform chained themselves to the White House fence yesterday to protest the military's ban on out gay soldiers. Lt Choi was arrested last month for a similar stunt.

  • 20th April 2010

    Anti-gay sign protected by law 34

    The message quoted Leviticus

    6:15 PM — An American homeowner who painted his fence with an anti-gay phrase will be allowed to keep the message because it does not break the law. Chris Trumbull, who lives in Casper, Wyoming, painted the words "Leviticus 20:13, To be gay = death" on his fence.

  • Gay victim ‘was called a batty man’

    A CCTV image shows two blonde women near the scene of the attack

    6:03 PM — The gay man who died after being attacked in Trafalgar Square last autumn was called a "batty man" before he was kicked and stamped on, the Old Bailey heard.

  • Texas attorney general to appeal second gay divorce 6

    Gay marriage is banned in Texas

    4:29 PM — Texas attorney general Greg Abbott has said he will appeal a second gay divorce in order to protect heterosexual marriage in the state.

  • Video: Obama heckled by gay rights activists 13

    Barack Obama was heckled by gay activists

    3:03 PM — Gay rights activists interrupted a fundraiser yesterday to heckle US president Barack Obama on repealing the military gay ban.

  • Homophobic Ugandan MP may be banned from Britain 34

    David Bahati could be banned from entering the UK

    1:30 PM — The government is attempting to ban the Ugandan MP who introduced legislation to execute gays from entering the UK. David Bahati, the MP for Ndorwa West, introduced the anti-homosexuality bill last year.

  • BNP candidate was convicted for carrying ‘weapon’ at gay Pride march 12

    Ian Meller is standing for North West Leicestershire

    12:04 PM — A BNP candidate for Leicestershire is a former National Front member who was once convicted for carrying an offensive weapon at a gay rights parade.

  • 19th April 2010

    Two arrested over death of gay Indian professor

    Two people were arrested

    4:28 PM — Two journalists have been arrested in connection with the death of a gay Indian professor who was filmed having sex with a man. Srinivas Ramchander Siras, professor of modern languages at Aligarh Muslim University, was found dead earlier this month at his home.

  • Trial begins over death of Ian Baynham

    Ian Baynham died last October

    3:46 PM — The trial of three teenagers accused of attacking a gay man in central London last year has begun. Ian Baynham, 62, died in hospital on October 13th 2009, several weeks after he was kicked and punched while on a night out near Trafalgar Square.

  • Gay Malawi defendant ‘ill in prison’ 8

    Steven Monjeza is said to be ill in prison

    1:55 PM — One of the two men in custody in Malawi for homosexuality offences is ill, campaigners say. Steven Monjeza, who was arrested with Tiwonge Chimbalanga after they had a marriage ceremony in December, is said to be suffering from vomiting, chest pain and tiredness.

  • Man jailed for trying to blackmail gay priest 19

    The priest was blackmailed for £5,000 (Photo: runneralan2004)

    11:54 AM — A Birmingham man has been jailed for 18 months after he threatened to out a Roman Catholic priest. Towlys Pericleous, 28, had a relationship with the Birmingham-based victim but blackmailed him when he tried to end the affair.

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