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  • 21st September 2011

    Teen says he killed gay man because he came on to him

    The case continues

    11:30 AM — A Lincolnshire teenager accused of murdering a pensioner says he lashed out because the older man came on to him. Aiden Jackson, is accused of murdering David Cowley, 67, at Sleaford Rail Station in November last year.

  • Tasmanian parliament backs gay marriage 17

    Tasmania's decision puts pressure on federal Labor

    10:22 AM — The Tasmanian parliament's House of Assembly has backed gay marriage, putting pressure on the federal Labor government to follow suit. This is the first time a house in any Australian parliament has voted in favour of marriage equality. Tasmania only voted to legalise homosexuality in 1997.

  • 20th September 2011

    Obama praises end of military gay ban 15

    President Obama welcomed the repeal

    5:39 PM — President Obama has hailed the end of the ban on openly gay troops. The 1993 law was repealed today and the president said: "As of today, patriotic Americans in uniform will no longer have to lie about who they are in order to serve the country they love."

  • Mumbai police fine 150 gay men after breaking up party 25

    The party was raided by police

    3:12 PM — Police in Mumbai raided a “gay rave party” early on Sunday morning, fining around 150 men for drinking alcohol and committing "obscene" acts.

  • Lib Dems say 12-month gay blood ban must be lifted 27

    The Lib Dem conference voted to urge the government to remove the 12-month ban

    12:02 PM — The Liberal Democrat party has voted to urge the government to go further on removing blood donation restrictions on gay men. Members at the party's conference in Birmingham agreed that the new 12-month deferral period is "a ban by any other name".

  • Gay policeman and former Mr Gay UK cleared of all charges 49

    Mark Carter was cleared of all the charges against him

    10:57 AM — A gay policeman who won Mr Gay UK has had the last of a series of charges against him dropped. PC Mark Carter, from Birkenshaw, was cleared in June of three counts of sexual assault and one count of rape.

  • US military gay ban ends today 23

    Gay and lesbian troops can now be open about themselves

    10:10 AM — The ban on openly gay and lesbian US troops ends today after nearly two decades. The law, known as Don't Ask, Don't Tell, allowed gays and lesbians to serve in the military if they kept their sexual orientation a secret.

  • 19th September 2011

    Unitarian church disappointed by ‘discriminatory’ gay marriage plans 33

    The Unitarian Church wants to hold gay weddings

    5:13 PM — The chief officer of the British Unitarian Church says he is disappointed by the announcement of a government consultation on gay marriage. Derek McAuley said it would be discriminatory not to allow religious gay marriages and questioned why the process could not begin before Christmas, rather than the scheduled date of March 2012.

  • Peter Tatchell: The equal marriage consultation is not good enough 68

    Peter Tatchell has been campaigning for full equality

    1:49 PM — Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell says the consultation on marriage equality is not good enough - and not even necessary.

  • Brian Souter says society may ‘implode’ if ‘traditional marriage’ falls 100

    Brian Souter says 'traditional' viewpoints are becoming marginalised

    12:03 PM — Scottish entrepreneur and SNP donor Brian Souter says society is in danger of "imploding" if "traditional marriage" declines. The businessman, who fought to save Section 28 ten years ago, was answering questions about his views on gay marriage.

  • UK Home Office considering gender-neutral passports 27

    The government is considering gender-neutral passports

    10:52 AM — The Home Office has said it is considering the possibility of not displaying gender on passports. The proposals follow changes to Australian passport rules, which mean that intersex people who identify as neither gender can be listed as 'X', rather than having to choose between male or female.

  • 16th September 2011

    David Cameron ’emphatically in favour’ of gay marriage 124

    David Cameron is said to be confident of pushing through gay marriage plans

    9:14 PM — Prime minister David Cameron is 'emphatically' in favour of allowing gay couples to marry, PinkNews.co.uk has been told. A senior Downing Street source said Mr Cameron had "personally intervened" to ensure that a consultation on the issue takes place and that the law is changed within the lifetime of this parliament.

  • Government proposes introducing gay marriage after Cameron intervention 75

    The government will look at 'how' gay marriage can enacted (Photo: Ludovic Bertron)

    9:13 PM — A government consultation on the process for allowing gay couples to marry will take place next March, PinkNews.co.uk understands that prime minister David Cameron is "emphatically" in favour of the change.

  • Australia to allow transgender and intersex passport options 19

    Trans and intersex people can choose their passport gender

    11:48 AM — Changes to passport rules in Australia are about to make travel a great deal easier for intersex or trans individuals. Under the new rules, gender may be recorded on passports as 'M', 'F' – or 'X'.

  • Gay troops prepare for end of military ban 25

    The ban will end on September 20th

    11:24 AM — The ban on openly gay US troops will come to an end on Tuesday, 18 years after it was signed into law. Despite some attempts to derail the repeal, the process is on track.

  • Welsh clerics to consider pensions for gay partners 9

    The Church in Wales will look at pension rights for gay clergy

    10:13 AM — The Church in Wales is to consider giving pensions to the partners of gay clergy. Currently, surviving partners of gay clergy can claim a pension calculated from 2005, when civil partnerships became legal.

  • 15th September 2011

    Two assaults in Liverpool’s gay quarter 6

    Police are investigating two attacks in the gay quarter

    5:05 PM — Liverpool police are investigating two attacks on young men on streets in the city's gay quarter. Police say there is no evidence yet that the assaults were motivated by homophobia but have sought to reassure the gay community.

  • Maryland teenager jailed for five years over attack on transgender woman 40

    Trans activists held a protest after the attack

    1:11 PM — A teenage girl from Baltimore, Maryland, has been sentenced to five years in jail for attacking a transgender woman in a McDonalds' restaurant.

  • Edinburgh police investigate gay sauna death 4

    Police are appealing for information

    10:30 AM — Police in Edinburgh are investigating after a man died suddenly during a visit to the city's most popular gay sauna. The man, in his sixties, was visiting the Number 18 sauna on Leith Walk and was rushed to hospital after being given CPR.

  • 14th September 2011

    PayPal won’t announce action against ‘gay hatred’ groups 47

    PayPal says it has to respect religious freedom

    3:47 PM — PayPal has responded to calls for it to cancel the accounts of faith groups accused of promoting hate against gay people. The e-payments service said it could not comment on individual accounts and has to take "freedom of religion" into account.

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