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  • 13th July 2010

    Catholic cardinal says gay marriage in Argentina is the work of the devil 25

    The Catholic Church does not recognise gay marriage

    6:24 PM — Argentina's highest-ranking Catholic prelate has warned that the country's gay marriage bill is a "machination" of the devil. Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio has called on priests in Buenos Aires, where he is archbishop, to protest against the bill.

  • Hawaii governor who vetoed civil unions compares them to incest 28

    Linda Lingle compared civil unions to allowing siblings to marry

    5:11 PM — Linda Lingle, the Hawaii governor who vetoed a civil unions bill last week, has compared them to condoning incest. The bill had passed both houses and would have given both straight and gay couples the right to have their partnerships recognised with all the rights of marriage.

  • Parliament report: Two small victories for trans activists 8

    The Commons heard that gender could be removed from official documents

    4:12 PM — Trans activists were celebrating a double victory last week. A rather clumsy proposal to “help” the transgendered by outing them was kicked into touch. Meanwhile, one member of the coalition government hinted publicly that it might be time to remove gender entirely from official documents, unless it was genuinely necessary.

  • One million gay teens’ data could be at risk after US magazine goes bankrupt 2

    One million subscribers could find their details are being sold

    2:44 PM — The creditors of a US magazine for gay teenagers and its accompanying website have been warned not to sell off any of their young subscribers' personal information after going bankrupt.

  • Judge in rent boy scandal resigns before he was expected to be sacked 5

    udge Gerald Price QC, 60 is married with two children

    12:31 AM — A senior circuit judge has resigned following newspaper revelations last year over his relationship with a male sex worker. He was suspended last year pending an investigation. Judge Gerald Price QC, 60, who is married with two children, reportedly had a nine-month relationship with 25-year-old prostitute Christopher Williams, allowing him to sit in court and see confidential documents.

  • 12th July 2010

    Glasgow gay centre: funding axed and boss suspended after financial inquiry

    Ruth Black has been suspended from the Labour Party

    5:51 PM — The boss of a Glasgow gay centre has been suspended from the Labour party after evidence of serious financial irregularities was uncovered. The Castro centre, headed by Labour councillor Ruth Black and her partner Jeanie McDougall, has also had its council funding of £50,000 suspended, meaning it is likely to close down.

  • Anti-gay preacher arrested for ‘homophobic’ election leaflets 46

    Paul Shaw was arrested over his election leaflet

    10:47 AM — A Christian street preacher has been arrested for distributing leaflets which allegedly said gay men and lesbians should be "locked up".

  • 9th July 2010

    Australia delays plans to block ‘inappropriate’ websites 25

    Australia will delay the new law for 12 months

    4:57 PM — Australia will delay plans to block "inappropriate" websites, including gay porn sites, the government's communications minister has said. Stephen Conroy said the public needed to have more confidence about which websites would be on the blacklist.

  • Ireland’s upper house passes civil partnerships bill 15

    The Irish parliament approved the bill

    3:55 PM — A civil partnerships bill has now passed both houses of the Irish parliament and will go to the president to be signed into law. The bill, which grants almost all of the rights of marriage, passed in the Dail last week and was approved in the Seanad last night after two days of debate.

  • Gay cruisers targeted by ‘violent robber’ 5

    Tudeley Woods are a popular cruising spot

    3:15 PM — Gay men meeting for sex in a Kent woodland are apparently being targeted by a robber armed with a crowbar. The RSPB carpark at Tudeley Woods near Tonbridge is a popular meeting spot for outdoor sex and several people have reportedly been a victim of the man.

  • Killer who murdered London gay man must serve full sentence 63

    David Kilcullen failed to have his sentence reduced

    1:07 PM — A man who attacked a south London gay couple, leaving one dead, has failed to get his jail sentence reduced. David Kilcullen, 47, of Bickley, was jailed for a minimum of 32 years in prison last December for the murder of Gerry Edwards, 59, and the attempted murder of Chris Bevan, 57.

  • Massachusetts judge rules Defence of Marriage Act is unconstitutional 9

    The ruling means gay couples in the state have access to federal benefits

    10:42 AM — A judge in Boston, Massachusetts, has ruled that America's federal ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional as it interferes with the individual rights of states. The ruling means the estimated 16,000 married gay couples in Massachusetts have the right to the same federal benefits enjoyed by married straight couples.

  • 8th July 2010

    Legal charity warns US gay soldiers not to answer Pentagon survey 3

    One group warned gay soldiers not to complete the survey

    5:32 PM — Gay soldiers soldiers have been warned by one legal group not to answer a Pentagon survey on lifting the military's ban on out troops.

  • Sark will equalise age of consent for gay men 15

    Sark will equalise the age of consent

    3:50 PM — Sark, in the Channel Isles, is to equalise the age of consent for gay men. The island is following advice that the current age, 21, breaks international human rights laws.

  • Cameroon denies gay asylum seeker was persecuted 8

    Cameroon said the man was not persecuted

    2:38 PM — Cameroon's communications minister has denied that a gay asylum seeker to the UK faced persecution in his home country. The man, known only as HT, won a case in the Supreme Court yesterday which ruled he had the right to asylum in the UK.

  • US Catholic priest ‘spent $1.3m on male escorts and hotels’

    The priest is accused of embezzling almost $1.3 million

    1:59 PM — A Catholic priest from Connecticut has been accused of embezzling almost $1.3 million (£857,000) from his church and spending it on a lavish lifestyle and male escorts.

  • Chinese gay man has blood donation lawsuit rejected 3

    China bans both gay men and lesbians from donating blood

    12:52 PM — A Chinese gay man who tried to sue after being barred from donating blood has had his lawsuit rejected by a court. Wang Zizheng hoped to sue the Beijing Red Cross centre for discrimination as China bars gay men and lesbians from donating blood.

  • 7th July 2010

    Legal club drug NRG-1 ‘should be banned’ 13

    The drug may be banned

    5:22 PM — A drug used on the gay clubbing scene should be banned, the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) has said. NRG-1, which is made from the chemical naphyrone and is similar to mephedrone, is a legal high but should be made a class-B drug, the body advised.

  • Comment: What exactly is the coalition government’s stance on gay marriage? 42

    The UK allows civil partnership but not full marriage equality

    4:53 PM — To some, the difference is negligible. To others, the word 'marriage' is the only way they want to see their relationships recognised in law. Civil partnerships were a fantastic milestone for gays and lesbians but it is clear now they are not good enough.

  • Hawaii governor rejects gay civil unions bill 17

    Linda Lingle vetoed the civil unions bill

    11:26 AM — Hawaii's governor Linda Lingle has rejected a bill which would have allowed civil unions for gay couples in the state. The bill would have given both straight and gay couples the right to have their partnerships recognised with all the rights of marriage.

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