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  • 14th July 2011

    Men attacked in Vauxhall after London Pride 129

    Police are appealing for witnesses

    10:13 AM — Two men were attacked and robbed in Spring Gardens, Vauxhall, after London Pride. The men, aged 25 and 33, were returning home from a night out at around 1.40am Sunday July 4th when they were set upon by a gang of between eight and ten black males.

  • 13th July 2011

    Ohio lesbian loses custody battle over ex-partner’s daughter 5

    The court heard that the women planned to be parents together

    4:18 PM — A lesbian in Ohio, US, has lost a custody battle over the biological daughter of her former partner. Michele Hobbs and Kelly Mullen had lived together in Cincinnati and made the decision to become parents before Ms Mullen gave birth to the child, Lucy, in 2005.

  • Equality commission defends ‘compromise’ plan for gay and religious rights clashes 284

    Counsellor Gary McFarlane refused to work with gay couples

    2:22 PM — The Equality and Human Rights Commission says the rights of gays and lesbians will not be diminished by an intervention into legal cases where Christians workers refused to serve gay people. Instead, the body said that its heavily criticised plans would lead to "better respect for religious rights within the workplace ... without diminishing the rights of others".

  • Jersey allows religious civil partnerships 30

    Gay couples will be able to have religious civil partnerships - if they can find a willing church

    10:55 AM — Jersey has passed a law to allow civil partnerships - including giving gay couples the right to tie the knot in church if they - and religious organisations - wish.

  • 12th July 2011

    Lib Dem MP says Home Office appears ‘institutionally homophobic’ on asylum 27

    Mike Hancock said he had 'grave concerns'

    6:12 PM — A Liberal Democrat MP has accused the Home Office and the UK Border Agency of appearing "institutionally homophobic" in cases of gay asylum seekers. Mike Hancock, the MP for Portsmouth South, wrote to immigration minister Damien Green on behalf of a gay Ugandan constituent who was due to be deported on Monday.

  • Stonewall ‘deeply disturbed’ at equality commission U-turn on religious rights 68

    The EHRC says 'compromises' should be found in cases where gay and religious rights clash

    1:50 PM — Gay rights charity Stonewall has condemned a move by the Equality and Human Rights Commission to intervene in two legal cases where Christians workers refused to serve gay people. Chief executive Ben Summerskill said the body must state clearly that it does not agree that religious beliefs should allow people to discriminate against gays and lesbians.

  • Sainsbury’s apologises for transgender toilet ban 20

    Stephanie Collins was told to use the disabled toilets

    1:07 PM — Sainsbury's has apologised after a transgender woman was told by a Surrey store that she could not use the women's toilets.

  • 11th July 2011

    US city to reimburse gay workers for unfair tax 21

    Workers will be reimbursed for unfair taxes

    2:23 PM — A Massachusetts city will become the first to pay gay public workers more than their straight colleagues because gay workers are subject to more federal tax. The city of Cambridge has been looking for a solution to the issue of unfair federal taxes for six months and now plans to reimburse affected workers.

  • 9th July 2011

    How the News of the World threatened PinkNews after Ashley Cole expose 48

    7:33 PM — Five years ago, PinkNews.co.uk became entangled in one of the most complex libel disputes in recent times between the News of the World and the footballer Ashley Cole. Legal threats against PinkNews.co.uk made by the News of the World could have threatened this publication with closure. As the News of the World prepares to publish its last edition, we look back at this extraordinary case.

  • 8th July 2011

    Transgender woman told by Sainsbury’s to use disabled toilet 219

    Two transgender women have been told not to use women's toilets

    12:56 PM — A transgender woman in Surrey has described how staff at a Sainsbury's supermarket told her to use the disabled toilets instead of the women's facility. Stephanie Collins, 55, said she used the women's toilets but as she came out, a staff member stopped her and told her she should not have done.

  • 7th July 2011

    MP complains over anti-gay preacher’s UK visit 60

    John Hagee blamed gay Pride for Hurricane Katrina

    3:18 PM — An MP has asked Home Secretary Theresa May why an anti-gay US preacher is being allowed into the UK. Labour MP Richard Burden said people would question why Pastor John Hagee is allowed into the country while other hate preachers, such as Muslim speaker Sheikh Raed Salah, are banned.

  • New York register offices to open on a Sunday for gay weddings 12

    New York will soon allow gay couples to wed

    2:04 PM — Some register officers in New York are to open on a Sunday to give gay couples a chance to marry as soon as they can.

  • Gay journalist threatened with knife in Dublin homophobic attack 25

    Police have released CCTV images

    11:26 AM — Police are searching for two men who punched a well-known gay journalist in the face during a homophobic attack in Dublin. The 46-year-old victim was said to be "deeply traumatised" after the incident, which took place on June 8th.

  • More women than men having civil partnerships 24

    More women than men had civil partnerships last year (Photo: MCLA Pictures)

    10:38 AM — For the first time, more women than men are having civil partnerships in the UK. According to figures released by the Office for National Statistics, 49 per cent of last year's ceremonies were held by men. In 2009, men held 51 per cent of all civil partnerships.

  • 6th July 2011

    Comment: One year on from gay asylum ruling, have things changed? 26

    Have things improved for LGBT asylum seekers? (Photo: B Hernandez)

    5:21 PM — One year ago, the Supreme Court unanimously handed down a landmark decision in LGBT human rights. Asylum campaigner Paul Canning examines whether things have changed.

  • Lesbian asylum seeker wins right to stay in UK 6

    A court ruled that the woman could stay in the UK

    4:34 PM — A lesbian asylum seeker from Jamaica has been granted the right to stay in the UK after immigration judges ruled that she could face persecution if sent home. The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was originally told by the Home Office that she could not stay.

  • California Assembly passes gay education bill 17

    Schools would be require to teach about gay rights figures like Harvey Milk (right)

    3:31 PM — A bill requiring schools in California to teach pupils about LGBT history has been passed by the Assembly. It has already been approved by the Senate and now goes to state governor Jerry Brown, who has not said whether he will sign it.

  • 5th July 2011

    Trial begins for US teen accused of shooting dead gay classmate

    Larry King was shot dead by his classmate

    2:43 PM — The trial has begun in the case of an American teenager accused of shooting dead a gay classmate. Lawrence King, 15, who self-identified as gay and wore feminine clothing, was shot twice in the head on February 12th 2008 during a lesson at E.O. Green Junior High School in Oxnard, California.

  • Peter Tatchell: ‘David Cameron should come out in support of gay marriage’ 30

    David Cameron should back gay marriage, Peter Tatchell claims

    1:48 PM — Peter Tatchell says same-sex marriage "reeks of assimilationism" - but prime minister David Cameron should support it.

  • 4th July 2011

    Lesbian MSP Ruth Davidson tipped to lead Scottish Tories 46

    Ruth Davidson has been tipped as the next Scottish Tory leader

    2:01 PM — Lesbian MSP Ruth Davidson is being tipped as a contender to become the next leader of the Scottish Conservatives. Despite only being elected two months ago, the former BBC journalist is said to have impressed senior figures at Westminster and Holyrood, who have urged her to stand in the contest.

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