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  • 16th May 2011

    Teenager jailed for seven years over anti-gay attack 94

    Adam Ayres was jailed for seven years

    10:44 AM — A Leicestershire teenager has been jailed for seven years for his part in a vicious attack on a gay man. Adam Ayres, 18, tricked the gay man into meeting him in a car park and ambushed him last March.

  • Violence breaks out between Christians and gays in Australian city 215

    The gay rights rally was interrupted by Christian protesters

    10:40 AM — Police had to intervene when a clash broke out at a gay rights rally in Adelaide, Australia, this weekend. The rally was held to mark International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO).

  • 13th May 2011

    Mexican gay rights campaigner murdered 32

    The campaigner's death is being investigated

    5:46 PM — A Pride organiser in Mexico was attacked and killed last week in what may have been a homophobic attack. Quetzalcoatl Leija Herrer was killed while walking home from a night out in Chilpancingo, the capital of Guerrero State, on May 4th.

  • Ugandan parliament adjourns without vote on anti-gay bill 50

    The bill would have strengthened Uganda's current laws against homosexuality (Photo: Brett Lock)

    3:16 PM — Uganda's parliament adjourned today without voting on a gay execution bill. The anti-homosexuality bill was expected to be debated today but Speaker Edward Ssekandi Kiwanuk said there is no time to take up the bill in this session.

  • Teen arrested over anti-gay stickers may be charged with inciting hatred

    The stickers were found across the East End

    2:26 PM — Prosecutors are considering whether to charge a teenager arrested over homophobic stickers in London's East End with inciting anti-gay hatred. If Mohammed Hasnath is charged with the offence, it will only be the second time the law has been used.

  • Man jailed for conning gay prostitutes – again 113

    Michael Goldsmith was jailed for three years

    11:50 AM — A man jailed for conning male prostitutes has been handed another prison sentence for the same offence. Michael Goldsmith, 40, of Menai Bridge, Wales, was caught out when he tried to con an earlier victim again.

  • US condemns ‘odious’ Ugandan anti-homosexuality bill 72

    Uganda may debate the bill today

    10:58 AM — The US State Department has strongly condemned Uganda's anti-homosexuality bill. Addressing journalists yesterday, State Department spokesman Mark Toner said: "No amendments, no changes, would justify the passage of this odious bill."

  • 12th May 2011

    Minnesota Senate approves referendum on gay marriage ban 5

    Voters are likely to support a constitutional ban

    4:05 PM — The Minnesota Senate has given the go-ahead to a 2012 voter referendum on whether the state should have a constitutional ban on gay marriage. The bill, introduced by Republican senator Warren Limmer, passed by 30-27 votes. One Democrat senator, Leory Stumpf, joined Republicans in voting for it.

  • Delaware governor signs civil unions into law 8

    Gay couples in Delaware will soon be able to have civil unions

    3:12 PM — The governor of the US state of Delaware has signed a civil unions bill into law. As he signed the bill yesterday, Governor Jack Markell told gay couples in a 500-strong audience: "Your family is now equal under the law."

  • US House panel attempts to delay lifting of military gay ban 18

    The ban is expected to be lifted this summer (Photo: US Army)

    2:00 PM — A US House panel has approved a defence bill which contains a clause to delay the lifting of the ban on openly gay soldiers. The House Armed Services Committee voted 33-27 to approve an amendment requiring the chiefs of all four military services to certify that the change won't hurt military readiness, AP reports.

  • Uganda to debate gay execution bill tomorrow 48

    An earlier protest against the bill (Photo: Brett Lock)

    10:49 AM — Uganda's parliament will debate the anti-homosexuality bill tomorrow (Friday). There was confusion yesterday over the status of the bill, which was apparently removed and then replaced on the day's order paper.

  • 11th May 2011

    Man charged over East End anti-gay stickers

    The stickers were found across the East End

    5:25 PM — An 18-year-old man has been charged with a public order offence over homophobic stickers found plastered around London's East End. Mohammed Hasnath, 18, of Leamouth, Tower Hamlets, was arrested last month at his home.

  • Updated: Confusion over Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill 23

    The status of the bill is unclear

    4:48 PM — Update: 17.30 GMT. Associated Press reports that officials have indicated that the bill will now be debated on Friday in an extra session.

  • Two drag queens attacked in Liverpool’s gay quarter 44

    Two people have been attacked in the city's gay quarter in recent weeks

    3:17 PM — Two drag queens have been attacked in separate incidents in Liverpool's gay quarter. Last Friday, drag queen and DJ Lady Shaun was punched in the face in the early hours of Friday morning. She was knocked unconscious and suffered a broken jaw. Several weeks earlier, another performer was attacked.

  • Peter Tatchell claims WikiLeaks soldier Bradley Manning is a ‘gay hero’ 16

    Bradley Manning has been called a "gay hero"

    12:28 PM — Bradley Manning, the US soldier held for allegedly leaking secret government files, is a "gay hero", rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has claimed. Mr Tatchell said that if Mr Manning had leaked the documents to WikiLeaks, he should be praised as a human rights defender.

  • US Navy backtracks over gay weddings on bases 13

    The Navy backtracked over the plans

    10:57 AM — The US Navy has reversed its plans to conduct gay weddings on bases, saying that officers need more time to look at the legal issues. The change was due to take place this summer.

  • 10th May 2011

    Foreign secretary William Hague says Britain is lobbying Uganda over anti-gay bill 57

    William Hague said the UK was continuing to lobby Uganda

    6:39 PM — Foreign secretary William Hague says that the UK is continuing to urge Uganda not to pass a bill that could see gay people executed. The bill may be discussed further tomorrow.

  • New York governor begins tour to highlight gay marriage 2

    New York may be next to allow gay marriage

    5:29 PM — Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, has kicked off a state tour to highlight his legislative agenda for 2011. Marriage equality is one of the priorities, along with a property tax and ethics reform.

  • US Navy wants to allow gay marriages on bases 10

    The Navy plans to allow gay marriages on bases

    10:32 AM — The US Navy is planning to allow chaplains to conduct gay marriages on its bases once the ban on openly gay soldiers is lifted this summer. The move would allow chaplains to perform the ceremonies in states which allow the practice.

  • 9th May 2011

    Girl, 13, is latest victim of South African ‘corrective rape’ 45

    South Africa's government condemned the attack

    4:39 PM — A 13-year-old girl in South Africa has reportedly become the latest victim of the 'corrective rape' epidemic. The girl, who was attacked on Thursday in Pretoria, was said to be open about being a lesbian and it is believed she was targeted for this reason.

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