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  • 24th June 2011

    New York gay marriage vote delayed again 37

    New York's gay marriage bill drags on (Photo: Ludovic Bertron)

    10:37 AM — The New York Senate's vote on gay marriage has been delayed again. The bill has already been approved by the Assembly but amendments to give religious groups more protection are being discussed.

  • 23rd June 2011

    Transgender woman banned from using Poole stadium toilets 52

    Victoria Saxe-Coburg says she was banned from the women's toilet

    3:36 PM — A transgender woman has described her humiliation at being barred from using the women's toilets at Poole stadium. Victoria Saxe-Coburg, 55, was watching a speedway event between Poole Pirates and Wolverhampton Wolves on June 8th when security staff told her in front of other fans that there had been a complaint about her.

  • New Jersey man charged over murder of transgender model

    Victoria Carmen White was shot dead in an alleged hate crime

    11:43 AM — A New Jersey man has been charged with murder and bias intimidation over the death of a transgender woman last September. Victoria Carmen White, 28, was shot dead after an altercation on September 12th 2010 at a house in Maplewood.

  • 22nd June 2011

    New York gay marriage vote could be decided on Wednesday 50

    New York's Senate could vote on gay marriage tomorrow

    10:54 AM — New York senators are expected to vote on gay marriage tomorrow (Wednesday) or Thursday. The bill was to go to the vote last Friday but stalled after Republicans raised concerns about protections for religious groups.

  • 21st June 2011

    Turkey accused of ignoring violence against gays 26

    Turkey has been accused of ignoring LGBT discrimination

    5:18 PM — Turkey has been accused of ignoring cases of harassment, discrimination and violence against LGBT people. According to an Amnesty International report published today, the government has refused to back laws against discrimination.

  • 17th June 2011

    Lesbian couple ‘told to stop kissing at baseball game’ 54

    The fans were told to "adhere to the ten commandments"

    4:56 PM — A lesbian couple say they were told off by a security guard for sharing a brief kiss at a Minnesota Twins baseball game. Taylor Campione and Kelsi Culpepper, from Minneapolis, say the Target Field guard told them: "We don't play grab-ass here".

  • Australian PM Julia Gillard faces gay marriage grilling 47

    Julia Gillard is in for a long evening

    11:07 AM — Australian prime minister Julia Gillard is to be pressed on her views on gay marriage when she hosts a dinner for three gay couples. As part of a charity auction, the prime minister offered to host a dinner for six guests at her official residence in Canberra.

  • 16th June 2011

    Gay policeman found not guilty of rape 93

    Mark Carter was cleared of three charges, including rape

    5:17 PM — A policeman and former Mr Gay UK has been cleared of rape and two counts of sexual assault. Mark Carter, from Birkenshaw, was charged with sexually assaulting three men and raping a fourth in December 2009 while on a work night out.

  • New York Assembly passes gay marriage bill 26

    New York's Assembly passed the bill

    10:30 AM — The New York Assembly has approved a gay marriage bill, setting the stage for a crucial Senate vote on Friday. The Democrat-controlled Assembly passed the bill by 80-63 votes yesterday.

  • 15th June 2011

    Verdict expected on gay policeman accused of rape

    Mark Carter denies all charges against him

    4:45 PM — A jury is expected to return a verdict in the case of a policeman and former Mr Gay UK accused of rape and sexual assault. Mark Carter, 27, of Birkenshaw, was charged with sexually assaulting three men and raping a fourth in December 2009 while on a work night out.

  • New York ‘close to legalising gay marriage’ 26

    New York may be next to back marriage equality

    12:07 PM — New York is reportedly on the brink of marriage equality after another Republican senator said yesterday he would support the move. Governor Andrew Cuomo introduced the legislation in both houses yesterday.

  • Federal court upholds gay judge’s ruling on California gay marriage ban 42

    A court ruled that judge Walker did not have a conflict of interest

    11:21 AM — A US federal court has upheld a ruling by a gay judge that California's ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional. This is the latest round in a long legal battle over the issue.

  • 14th June 2011

    French parliament rejects gay marriage bill 62

    The French government rejected gay marriage (Photo: Ludovic Bertron)

    6:10 PM — The French parliament has rejected a bill designed to give gay couples the right to marry. Today, lawmakers voted by 293 votes to 222 to block the bill, which was not expected to pass.

  • Former Mr Gay UK ‘devastated’ by rape charge

    Mark Carter denies rape and sexual assault

    5:16 PM — A policeman and former Mr Gay UK has told a court he was "devastated" at being charged with rape after a Christmas night out with colleagues. PC Mark Carter, from Birkenshaw, was charged with sexually assaulting three men and raping a fourth in December 2009.

  • US defence secretary says progress on gay ban could come this month 14

    The ban is set to be repealed this year

    3:10 PM — US defence secretary Robert Gates says he sees no bar to repealing the military gay ban and could endorse the change at the end of this month. Speaking to Associated Press, Mr Gates said he will back progress if the chiefs of the military recommend moving forward at the end of this month.

  • 13th June 2011

    Video: Croatian gay pride march attacked by extremists 32

    The Croatian gay pride march ended in 100 arrests

    5:05 PM — A gay pride march in a coastal town in Croatia ended in violence on Saturday when a stone-throwing mob attacked marchers. The march, in the town of Split, attracted 200 LGBT people and their allies, but police said thousands of people lined the streets in protest.

  • Peter Tatchell: Gay rights groups need to stand up to Islamist homophobia 127

    Peter Tatchell says gay campaigners are terrified of being accused of racism for objecting to Islamist homophobia

    1:47 PM — Why did a few anti-gay stickers in East London provoke an outcry by gay groups, while far worse homophobia passed without protest?

  • Gay Girl in Damascus blog written by 40-year-old Edinburgh man 23

    Mr MacMaster admitted to being the author of the blog

    10:46 AM — A 40-year-old married man in Edinburgh has admitted to being the author of the Gay Girl in Damascus blog. Tom MacMaster, an American graduate student at the University of Edinburgh, admitted pretending to be Amina Arraf but said he believed the hoax had not harmed anyone.

  • 9th June 2011

    Australian man killed gay housemate over sexual advances

    The trial continues

    3:17 PM — An Australian man killed his gay housemate when the man made drunken sexual advances to him, a court has heard. Aaron James Johnstone, 29, admits attacking 46-year-old Philip Higgins at their Seaford home in September 2006 but denies he intended to kill him.

  • 8th June 2011

    Three out of four Australians believe gay marriage will soon be a reality 18

    Three out of four Australians say they believe gay marriage will soon be legal in their country

    12:07 PM — Three out of four Australians believe same-sex marriage will be made legal in their country, a poll showed Wednesday, prompting gay activists to renew their fight to be able to marry.

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