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  • 24th January 2012

    Malta: Lesbian attack prompts call for hate crime law 7

    Malta is one of the most densely population countries in the world

    3:17 PM — An attack in Malta which left a 16-year-old lesbian with a fractured nose has prompted calls for the government to introduce hate crime legislation to protect gays.

  • Russia: Gay pride suspicion stops nationalist jog 10

    The nationalist joggers were anonymously reported to the police (Photo: Andrew Malone)

    11:45 AM — Police in the Kaliningrad outpost of Russia have reportedly stopped a group of right-wing joggers after being wrongly tipped that they were staging an illegal gay pride parade.

  • 23rd January 2012

    Ex-South African president: Ugandan anti-gay bill makes no sense 23

    Mbeki said Uganda should not intervene in private matters

    4:53 PM — The former president of South Africa, Thabo MBeki, has criticised Uganda's infamous anti-gay bill, saying it does not "make sense" to intervene in people's private lives.

  • 20th January 2012

    Three anti-gay leaflet defendants guilty 540

    These are the first convictions under the new laws (Photo: James Cridland)

    3:06 PM — Three of the defendants accused of stirring up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation in Derby have been found guilty. Five Muslim men stood trial at Derby Crown Court on the charges, which carry a maximum sentence of seven years in prison and an unlimited fine.

  • Blackmail alleged at gay teen murder trial

    Jack Frew was found dead in 2010

    1:08 PM — The jury at the Scottish trial of Craig Roy, accused of killing gay teenager, Jack Frew, has heard claims that the defendant was being blackmailed by the schoolboy and that the two had slept together.

  • 19th January 2012

    Qrushr date attacker convicted of attempted murder

    Clifford David was convicted of attempted murder on Tuesday

    4:59 PM — A 21 year old student was convicted of attempted murder earlier this week after stabbing and bludgeoning a man he met on mobile phone 'app,' Qrushr.

  • Jury to deliberate on anti-gay leaflets

    The men face seven years in prison and an unlimited fine if convicted (Photo: James Cridland)

    10:15 AM — A jury is set to start its deliberations today in the trial of five men accused of distributing leaflets which would stir up hatred against gays, the first under the newly-created offence. In the seven days of the trial which have elapsed, the defendants have admitted creating and distributing the leaflets, but deny they were "threatening" and say they had no intention to stir up hatred.

  • 18th January 2012

    ‘Life tariff’ upheld for killer of four gay men 19

    The ECHR building, Strasbourg, where the ruling was made

    4:56 PM — A man convicted of killing four gay men lost an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights yesterday to overturn the sentence which will see him die in jail.

  • 17th January 2012

    Leaflet defendant has ‘no problem with gays’

    The men face seven years in prison and an unlimited fine if convicted

    3:36 PM — One of five men charged after distributing anti-gay leaflets has said in Crown Court that he has no problem with gays. Kabir Ahmed, 28, said that the leaflets contained historical facts and quoted the Koran, and were non-threatening.

  • Comment: Repeal the Public Order Act’s sweeping Section 5 87

    Peter Tatchell says the law is "sweeping, draconian and chilling in effect"

    12:54 PM — Peter Tatchell argues the law criminalising 'insulting' speech is open to abuse by over-zealous police and prosecutors and constitutes a ban on free speech and the right to protest.

  • 13th January 2012

    Man arrested for Facebook gay date in Saudi Arabia 110

    Homosexuality is illegal in Saudi Arabia

    10:32 PM — As British prime minister, David Cameron visits Saudi Arabia today, activists report the plight of a man arrested by the religious police who may face corporal punishment.

  • Leaflet defendant had to ‘stop gays or risk tsunami’

    The defendant reportedly told police he feared a natural disaster (Photo: James Cridland)

    2:06 PM — A man accused of stirring up hatred with anti-gay leaflets said homosexuality needs to be stopped or society risks a natural disaster, a court has heard.

  • Full court martial recommended for gay Wikileaks soldier 17

    Manning was arrested and has been in custody since 2010

    11:17 AM — Bradley Manning, the gay soldier at the centre of a storm over leaked military information, has been recommended for a full court martial following a pre-trial hearing over Christmas. Officials at Fort Meade, Maryland said there was sufficient evidence to proceed to a military jury.

  • 12th January 2012

    Anti-gay leaflet defendant ‘wanted police to check slogans’

    A leaflet entitled 'Death Penalty?' was distributed outside a mosque

    12:08 PM — A man accused of stirring up hatred with anti-gay leaflets had met with police to ask for advice on how to stay within the law, a court has heard. There is no indication police approved the anti-gay content, but a lawyer says it is clear he did not mean to break the law.

  • 11th January 2012

    Gay man “terrorised” by leaflets, court told

    The leaflets were distributed to the public and to private homes (Photo: James Cridland)

    10:45 AM — Gay men have appeared in court in Derby to tell of their experience receiving homophobic leaflets which questioned whether gays should be executed. One said he felt "terrorised" when the leaflets were pushed through his letterbox and thought he was the victim of a hate campaign.

  • Stephen Fry supports Catholic priest’s ‘gay panic’ petition 6

    Fry drew his 3.7 million followers' attention to the petition

    10:01 AM — Stephen Fry backed an Australian Catholic priest's petition to eliminate the "gay panic" defence from Queensland's criminal courts as signatures reached 10,000. He recently topped a PinkNews.co.uk list of the most influential Tweeters on gay life.

  • 10th January 2012

    8,500 sign Catholic priest’s petition to end “gay panic” defence 28

    Father Kelly is unhappy the defence can even be raised (Photo: Flickr user The Man in Blue)

    11:24 AM — A Catholic priest in Queensland, Australia has seen huge support for his petition to have the “gay panic" defence struck out. Defendants claim "gay panic" in murder cases to try and downgrade the charge, saying the victim made a gay advance and they lost control of their actions.

  • 9th January 2012

    Homophobic Welsh crime rate up on “improved victim confidence” 9

    The police said the near-doubling of the number was down to victim confidence

    4:33 PM — A 40% rise in reported homophobic crime over the last three years in South Wales has been attributed to the increased confidence of gay people to come forward. 401 homophobic incidents were reported to South Wales Police in 2011, up significantly on the 289 in 2008.

  • Five men on trial today for “gay death penalty” leaflets

    The men face seven years in prison and an unlimited fine if convicted

    2:14 PM — The trial of five men accused of stirring up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation begins today. The defendants are accused of breaking new laws by handing out leaflets calling for gays to be executed.

  • Malaysian opposition leader’s sodomy charge thrown out 8

    Key evidence Anwar Ibrahim's case has been rejected (Photo: Didiz)

    10:48 AM — The former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia has been cleared today of the sodomy charges in Kuala Lumpur after key DNA evidence was questioned. Anwar, 64, the current leader of the political opposition in the Asian country said he was a "little surprised".


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