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  • 8th February 2012

    Comment: Does today mean change for the trans community? 16

    The representation of trans people is being discussed at the Leveson Inquiry today (Photo: NS Newsflash)

    2:30 PM — Listen. That sound you don’t hear: the silence. That is the UK’s trans community waiting with bated breath. Because today, by a strange co-incidence of events, really does feel to many like the day that things change.

  • Trans charity to speak at Leveson Inquiry today 11

    The Leveson Inquiry is taking place at the Royal Courts of Justice in London (Photo: Flickr user antmoose)

    10:19 AM — The Leveson Inquiry will hear today from Trans Media Watch, a charity which supports accurate and respectful reporting on trans and intersex people in the media.

  • 6th February 2012

    Canada: Trans woman detained under US flight rules 16

    Jennifer McCreath was travelling to the US (Photo: Duncan Brown)

    5:56 PM — In the wake of Canada’s continued support of a no-fly rule for anyone who fails to meet gender norms, as subjectively assessed by that country’s border police, a harrowing tale emerges of an incident last year in the United States.

  • 2nd February 2012

    London protest follows Sweden’s trans sterilisation rule 24

    A protest was held outside the Swedish embassy in London this week (Photo: Metro Centric)

    10:55 AM — Worldwide protest at continuing insistence by the Swedish government on what has been described as a policy of eugenics in respect of trans men and women led on Monday to the unusual sight of a demo outside that country's London embassy.

  • 31st January 2012

    Comment: The Canadian rule which bans transgender flight 39

    Passengers must 'appear to be of the gender indicated on their identification' to fly (Photo: Simon Grubb)

    11:48 AM — Jane Fae examines the rules, introduced last July but only now coming to light, which state that an air carrier “shall not transport a passenger if [...] the passenger does not appear to be of the gender indicated on the identification he or she presents”.

  • German trans girl ‘to be institutionalised’ 70

    The girl's identity has been rejected by her father

    10:31 AM — News that an 11 year old trans girl in Berlin, Germany, is about to be committed to a mental institution by local authorities – following intervention by her absent father – has prompted grave concern by the International LGBTQ Youth and Student Organisation.

  • 27th January 2012

    Interview: Jackie Green, the first trans Miss England? 24

    Jackie Green is leading her heat in the Miss England competition (Photo: Maxine Heron)

    12:36 PM — She made history recently as the first trans woman to enter the Miss England competition. Now she speaks to PinkNews.co.uk about the pageant, Lady Gaga, her aspirations, goals and love life.

  • 26th January 2012

    Data changes raise concerns for trans and intersex university students 16

    HESA said the changes have not yet been finalised

    4:48 PM — Concerns have been expressed this week after it was revealed that the Higher Education Statistics Authority (HESA) is considering changes to the way it records data on sex and gender, with implications for trans and intersex students enrolling at university.

  • 18th January 2012

    University records 5% gay applicants 3

    Elmhurst is a liberal arts college (Photo: Flickr user Discover DuPage)

    12:23 PM — A university in the US state of Illinois has said 5% of student hopefuls voluntarily noted they were gay, bi or trans on admission forms. Elmhurst College, based outside Chicago was the first university in the country to ask prospective students the question.

  • 17th January 2012

    Sweden keeps sterilisation rule for trans recognition 24

    Some countries require sterilisation for legal recognition of gender identity

    2:56 PM — The Swedish Government have announced that they will not modernise a law from the 1970s which makes sterilisation compulsory for transgender people before the state will recognise their gender identity.

  • Kuwait: Reports highlight police brutality to trans community 2

    A Kuwaiti trans woman said the situation is "intolerable"

    9:40 AM — Transphobia is widespread throughout Kuwait following the introduction of a discriminatory law in 2007 that arbitrarily criminalises “imitating the opposite sex”, reports say.

  • 16th January 2012

    First trans teen in Miss England competition leads heat 42

    Jackie Green is the first trans teen to enter (Photo: freshacademy.co.uk)

    4:38 PM — The first transgender teenager to enter the Miss England competition is leading in her heat of the pageant.

  • Israeli trans man gives birth 16

    A patient described "shock" after Yuval Topper's arrival

    4:28 PM — A transgender man in Israel has reportedly become the first in the state's history to give birth. Yuval Topper, 24 had his child at the Sheba Medical Center on Thursday of last week.

  • US cross-dressing sitcom cancelled after two espiodes 5

    The network's entertainment president said he "didn't get" the complaints

    3:47 PM — US television network ABC has axed its new sitcom 'Work It', about a pair of cross-dressing men looking for work, after only two episodes, but its entertainment president said it could be compared with Tootsie.

  • 12th January 2012

    Sean Bean takes on trans role for BBC drama 75

    Sean Bean as Tracie in Accused

    10:10 AM — The BBC has announced Sean Bean will play a transgender character in an episode of its drama Accused, in a storyline it said was "untold on mainstream television".

  • 6th January 2012

    Actor slams “dragphobic” complaints to tampon advert 90

    Sandee Crack, left, has hit back (Photo: Youtube)

    12:35 PM — The drag queen who featured in a recently-pulled "transphobic" tampon advert has hit back at critics. Sandee Crack, a stage name, said the transgender people who had complained were clearly "dragphobic", pointing out that he "never considered" himself trans, "and never will do".

  • 3rd January 2012

    New Zealand company pulls “transphobic” advert 43

    The advert takes place from the point of view of a bathroom mirror (Photo: Youtube)

    11:36 AM — Libra, a company which manufactures feminine hygiene products in Australasia, has pulled an advert which provoked outrage among the trans community.

  • 30th December 2011

    UK trans artist offers to play any pride event in 2012 for free 29

    Chrisie Edkins aims to play as many pride events as possible

    2:52 PM — Trans singer and DJ Chrisie Edkins is offering to play any pride event in the world in 2012 for free.

  • 29th December 2011

    Trans teenager pleads guilty to £2,500 Katie Price identity theft 16

    Katie Price's bank accounts were accessed without her permission (Photo: Flickr user Philip Rosie)

    12:46 PM — A teenager from Lincolnshire has admitted stealing thousands of pounds from former glamour model Katie Price by pretending to be her at a local bank. Kerry Marshall, 18, appeared before Lincoln Crown Court and pleaded guilty to five charges of fraud this autumn.

  • 23rd December 2011

    Trans personality Karen Gayle in this year’s Alternative Christmas Message 8

    Karen was seen on this year's My Transsexual Summer

    12:26 PM — Channel 4's annual Alternative Christmas Message will this year feature Karen Gayle, one of the stars of its popular documentary, My Transsexual Summer. The broadcaster will air two Alternative Christmas Messages, given by contributors to what it called "some of 2011's most powerful and celebratory factual programming".

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