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  • 21st December 2007

    Holiday homecoming for gay US soldier

    Sergeant Manzella joined the Army in April 2002 and deployed to Iraq, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom II, in March of 2004.

    12:25 PM — The Christmas holidays will be a whole lot brighter for the Manzella family, who are looking forward to welcoming a very special guest home.Sergeant Darren Manzella featured on last Sunday's US current affairs show 60 Minutes about "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."He arrived back in the United States yesterday with his unit, returning from a long tour in Kuwait. He got back to his base in the States yesterday.

  • Gay volunteer recognised with local hero award

    The Local Hero Award is part of the Bank of America's Neighbourhood Excellence Initiative. John Leander collected his award from Jonathan Moulds, President of Bank of America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

    12:05 PM — A Stonewall volunteer has been honoured for his charity work.As well as his prestigious Bank of America Local Hero Award,John Leander was given £3,000 for his nominated charity, which he donated to Stonewall.Mr Leander has volunteered full-time at Stonewall for 4 years, making a key contribution to their work promoting equality and justice for gay people.

  • Organisers appeal to gay community’s Olympic spirit 1

    Everyone can find out how they can get involved right now in the Games and Paralympic Games.

    11:30 AM — Next year the countdown to the 2012 Olympic Games begin in earnest. August 2008 marks the start of London's Olympiad.To kick-start the activities, London 2012 and the London Development Agency are launching the Get Set London roadshow on Wednesday 9th January in Trafalgar Square.This is a great opportunity for Londoners to find out how the 2012 Olympic Games Paralympic Games will benefit jobs and skills, culture, sports, business and regeneration in the capital.

  • 20th December 2007

    EHRC offers funding to grassroots organisations

    The Commission will launch a consultation regarding its permanent funding scheme in April 2008.

    12:58 PM — A grants programme worth up to £10 million aimed at funding grass roots organisations across all areas of equality was launched by the Equality and Human Rights Commission yesterday.The funding scheme has developed three areas for priority funding.Applicants from organisations working to promote good relations, highlight equality and human rights and case work will be encouraged. Examples include reducing the impact of hate crime.

  • 18th December 2007

    Comment: Is Renee Richards a trans hero? 3

    Renee Richards is an athlete who defied all the odds and through her courage was able to change the world.

    2:20 PM — Imagine waking up every day and feeling like you were in the wrong body.Imagine the frustration and angst it would cause to know that although you felt like a human being, those around you didn't treat you that way.Imagine spending a lifetime trying to excel at a sport only to be told that physically you were unable to compete because an unprecedented gender policy forbids your inclusion.

  • International LGBT group want gay-friendly schools

    New guidelines for the development of more friendly schools for LGBT people were launched.

    11:20 AM — 100 young LGBT people from all over Europe gathered in Málaga, Spain, last week for the three-day meeting of International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Queer Youth and Student Organisation.IGLYO member organisations discussed strategies for advancing equality and human rights for LGBTQ young people.Euro MP Michael Cashman spoke at the event. He is President of the European Parliament Intergroup on Gay and Lesbian Rights.

  • Third of young New York homeless are LGB 2

    Gay youth make up an inordinate amount of New York City's homeless population.

    11:10 AM — Gay youth make up an inordinate amount of New York City's homeless population according to the city's first ever census of homeless youth.It found that, of the nearly 4,000 young people under the age of 24 who go homeless each night in the city, nearly one-third identify themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual.While many homeless youth found temporary shelter with a friend or a relative, some 1,600 reported spending nights on the street.

  • Euro governments “must do better” on hate crimes 6

    More than 30 countries have legislation that allows for penalty enhancements when crimes are motivated by bias.

    10:30 AM — A majority of European governments get a poor grade in their efforts to tackle violent hate crimes, according to Human Rights First's 2007 Hate Crime Report Card.Released today at the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) meeting in Tel Aviv, the new study examines monitoring and reporting systems as well as the enforcement of hate crime laws in the 56 states that comprise the OSCE.Those states include the Russian Federation and the Central Asian states, Western Europe, the United States and Canada.

  • 17th December 2007

    IDAHO looks to next May 17th

    Planning is already underway for IDAHO on Saturday 17th May 2008.

    11:50 AM — The International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) campaign is already being planned for 2008.Last year, the 3rd international IDAHO was marked across the UK and the world.In over 50 countries on and around May 17th 2007 events took place and there were more than 100 initiatives and events in the this country.

  • 14th December 2007

    Premier league club commits to fight homophobia 1

    The start of the 2007/08 season saw a change in football ground regulations with homophobic abuse now deemed punishable.

    1:15 PM — Reading FC have pledged their support to The Football Association's campaign to ban homophobia from the terraces.The start of the 2007/08 season saw a change in football ground regulations with homophobic abuse now deemed punishable.Richard Howgill of the Gay Football Supporter's Network recently discovered that the Madejski Stadium outfit are top of the league when it comes to training their staff.

  • Help young homeless gays this Christmas 5

    Supported lodgings are available not just to those who are homeless, but also young LGBT people living in a hostile environment.

    1:04 PM — Iconic out gay actor Sir Ian McKellen has teamed up with the Albert Kennedy Trust to offer a very special gift this Christmas.For its 'Safe and Sound' appeal, the Trust, who support homeless gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people, is offering supporters the opportunity to buy a gift voucher priced £18.Just £18 provides a safe shelter for an LGBT young person for one night. The vouchers are presented inside Christmas cards specially designed by Sir Ian.

  • 13th December 2007

    Exhibition of gay history to tour Czech Republic

    The exhibition will not shy away from the homophobia Czech gays faced under the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Nazis.

    4:42 PM — An exhibition detailing gay life from antiquity to the modern day was unveiled earlier this week in Prague.Archives, photos and pages from gay publications will detail the experiences of gay people in the Czech Republic."We want to show to the public that gays and lesbians did not fall from the Mars," gay rights advocate Jiri Hromada told CTK."The older generation used to say there were no homosexuals in its youth."

  • Diana award for gay youth group founder 1

    Joe Whitbread, 18, received his award after he set up the first gay youth group in West Kent.

    12:03 PM — A Stonewall volunteer has been awarded a prestigious Diana Award for his outstanding commitment to helping vulnerable young lesbians and gay men in his Kent hometown.Joe Whitbread, 18, received his award after he set up the first gay youth group in West Kent for young people to socialise and support each other in a safe environment.Having been bullied at school himself, Joe wanted to ensure that other young gay people did not suffer the same discrimination that he did.

  • 12th December 2007

    Runners raise money to fight homophobic bullying

    The money was raised by London Frontrunners through its sponsorship of the 4th London Pride Run held in August.

    12:59 PM — London Frontrunners has raised almost £3500 to support Stonewall's work tackling homophobic bullying in schools.Helen Smethurst and Graham Kennedy, presidents of capital's leading lesbian and gay running group, presented the gay charity a cheque for £3,457 to help Stonewall continue its Education for All campaigning work in schools.The money was raised by London Frontrunners through its sponsorship of the 4th London Pride Run held in August.

  • Help for friends and family of HIV+ people from THT

    THT says that family and friends play a vital supportive role.

    12:45 PM — HIV and sexual health charity, Terrence Higgins Trust (THT), is running a new workshop in Sussex aimed at the friends and family of those living with HIV.The one day workshop is being trialled on 1 March in central Brighton but the charity is keen to get people signed up as soon as possible.The Friends Family workshop will act as a starting point for anyone who has found out that a friend or family member is HIV+.

  • 11th December 2007

    Fruit flies study raises questions about homosexuality 4

    The research, published online by the journal Nature Neuroscience, seems to show that in some animals homosexuality is not hard-wired. photo: the alpha wolf

    2:04 PM — A new scientific study at the University of Illinois has found that genetic manipulation in fruit flies can "turn" their homosexual behaviour on and off within a few hours.Biologist David Featherstone said that his team had discovered a "gender-blind" gene in fruit flies which could be altered with drugs, turning them bisexual."The gender-blind mutant males treated other males exactly the same way normal male flies would treat a female," he said.

  • Help for the one in four LGBT people who suffer domestic abuse

    about one in ever four LGBT people will experience domestic abuse of a sexual, emotional, financial or physical nature.

    10:23 AM — Victims of sexual abuse can now find help at Galop, a safety charity for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.A new caseworker at the London-based charity is available to help LGBT victims of sexual violence make anonymous reports to the police and provide them with advice.According to the caseworker, Jamey Fisher, the aim of the service is to "help LGBT people who have experienced sexual abuse at any point in their lives."

  • 10th December 2007

    NI equality commission explores LGB concerns 3

    Hetrosexism, the assumption that everyone is heterosexual, further exacerbates the problem of LGB invisibility.

    5:20 PM — A report has been published by the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland to help enable lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals to access their rights under equality law.The purpose of the report was to explore the obstacles facing both LGB individuals and equality bodies when it came to the realisation of LGB rights.Its findings showed that many LGB people are cautious about disclosing their sexuality.

  • Desmond’s new theory on causes of male homosexuality 35

    Morris suggests that some gay men may have had unpleasant experiences with girls during the stand-off.

    1:25 PM — A new book by a well-known British academic suggests that some men are gay because they don't break with other boys during childhood and retain some of their juvenile characteristics when they become adult.In The Naked Man: A Study Of The Male Body, Desmond Morris questioned why "a certain percentage of adult human males, with or without the approval of society at large, find members of their own gender attractive."

  • 7th December 2007

    Government-funded gender reassignment surgery successful

    Rabie first approached a lawyer in August 2005 and legal papers calling for him to be legally recognised as a man were filed in June last year.

    1:11 PM — A Bahraini trans person's gender reassignment surgery, paid for by his government, has been successfully carried out in Thailand.According to English-language newspaper Gulf Daily News, 33-year old Hussain Rabie underwent eight hours of surgery.Rabie, who is partially blind in his right eye, hopes to return to represent the Bahrain Disabled Sports Federation in the men's shot put and discus.

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