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  • 31st January 2012

    German trans girl ‘to be institutionalised’ 70

    The girl's identity has been rejected by her father

    10:31 AM — News that an 11 year old trans girl in Berlin, Germany, is about to be committed to a mental institution by local authorities – following intervention by her absent father – has prompted grave concern by the International LGBTQ Youth and Student Organisation.

  • 30th January 2012

    LGBT history month begins this week 4

    LGBT History Month takes place every February

    3:39 PM — Peter Tatchell will join a panel of figures from gay and transgender life on Wednesday night at the launch of 2012's LGBT history month in London.

  • 29th January 2012

    UN secretary general: African governments must respect gay rights 36

    Ban Ki  Moon spoke out against homophobia in Africa

    3:24 PM — The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has told African leaders that they must respect gay rights in an unusually outspoken declaration made at an African Union summit in Ethiopia.

  • In Photos: Peter Tatchell 60th Birthday party fundraiser 13

    1:01 PM — Last Thursday to celebrate the 60th birthday of the legendary human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, QueerlyOut held a fundraiser party with all door proceeds donated to the Peter Tatchell Foundation to continue the valuable work that Peter does day in, day out.

  • 27th January 2012

    Interview: Jackie Green, the first trans Miss England? 24

    Jackie Green is leading her heat in the Miss England competition (Photo: Maxine Heron)

    12:36 PM — She made history recently as the first trans woman to enter the Miss England competition. Now she speaks to PinkNews.co.uk about the pageant, Lady Gaga, her aspirations, goals and love life.

  • 26th January 2012

    Data changes raise concerns for trans and intersex university students 16

    HESA said the changes have not yet been finalised

    4:48 PM — Concerns have been expressed this week after it was revealed that the Higher Education Statistics Authority (HESA) is considering changes to the way it records data on sex and gender, with implications for trans and intersex students enrolling at university.

  • 25th January 2012

    Sao Paulo Metro launches campaign to combat homophobia 4

    The advertising campaign

    10:55 PM — The Brazilian State of São Paulo in partnership with the São Paulo City Metro (Underground) launched yesterday a campaign to combat homophobia entitled: “See beyond prejudice. Respect differences.”

  • PinkNews.co.uk readers’ messages for Peter Tatchell Day 16

    Peter Tatchell thanks PinkNews.co.uk readers for their birthday wishes

    3:42 PM — PinkNews.co.uk has been asking readers to leave their comments for Peter Tatchell to mark his 60th birthday today.

  • Nikolay Alekseev: The visionary Peter Tatchell 4

    Nikolay Alekseev on the "visionary" Peter Tatchell

    2:52 PM — "Peter is a visionary. He has this capacity to understand how to take a problem and drive the maximum public attention to it in order to make the society think and force the politicians to address it."

  • Simon Hughes: A privilege to be Peter Tatchell’s MP 21

    Simon Hughes was elected to Parliament in the 1983 Bermondsey by-election

    11:57 AM — Nearly 28 years after his victory over Peter Tatchell at the 1983 Bermondsey by-election, Hughes sends a message for the human rights campaigner, the deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats sends a message to Peter Tatchell on his 60th birthday.

  • ‘Happy birthday, Peter Tatchell’ 29

    Public figures are wishing Peter Tatchell a happy 60th birthday today

    11:40 AM — Politicians, celebrities and activists including Simon Hughes, Dan Choi, Simon Callow and Will Young share their birthday messages to Peter Tatchell on his 60th birthday.

  • The timeline of Peter Tatchell 6

    Peter Tatchell marks 45 years of rights campaigning today

    10:41 AM — To mark Peter Tatchell's 60th birthday and 45 years of service to the gay community through his human rights campaigning, QX Magazine presented a timeline of the life of this remarkable man so far.

  • Peter Tatchell on arresting Robert Mugabe and interrupting Archbishop Carey 6

    Peter Tatchell talks about two of his most famous protests

    10:09 AM — In Peter Tatchell's own words, his account of hijacking the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Easter Sermon in 1998 and his first attempt at a citizen's arrest of Robert Mugabe.

  • Nick Clegg: Peter Tatchell, never bullied into silence 25

    Nick Clegg is the deputy prime minister

    8:55 AM — Deputy prime minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, writes that Peter Tatchell has never allowed physical or verbal attacks to bully him into silence

  • Video: Peter Tatchell through the years 11

    Peter Tatchell through the years

    12:42 AM — In celebration of his 60th birthday and more than 45 years of campaigning, the Peter Tatchell Foundation has created a video showing some iconic images from the life and times of Peter Tatchell.

  • 24th January 2012

    A prose poem for Peter Tatchell, by Stephen Fry 26

    11:55 PM — Author, actor and television presenter Stephen Fry wrote this prose poem to mark Peter Tatchell's 60th birthday. It forms part of our day long celebration of the life of Peter Tatchell, Britain's iconic LGBT rights champion

  • 23rd January 2012

    Jane Lynch to get ‘authentic gay life’ honour 5

    Jane Lynch plays Sue Sylvester in Glee

    1:40 PM — Gay actress Jane Lynch is to be honoured by the National Center for Lesbian Rights for "blazing a path not just for the artists who follow in her footsteps, but for young people everywhere who look up to her."

  • Grindr ‘mandatory update’ to tackle hack 1

    Grindr said it will release a mandatory security update to prevent hacking

    11:33 AM — Man-locating app Grindr has said it will release a mandatory security update after thousands of Australian users' accounts were put at risk. The company says personal information and chat history has not been compromised.

  • 20th January 2012

    Video: Gay girl forced to use boys’ changing room 26

    The video contains several teenagers giving their  own accounts of being bullied at school

    4:37 PM — In a video posted a month ago by LGBT Youth North West a schoolgirl from Oldham, Manchester tells her account of being made to change in the boys' changing rooms at school after coming out as lesbian.

  • US study: ‘Sexual minority stress’ risk for older gays 6

    Some men were affected by losing peers to AIds

    11:47 AM — A US study says sexual minority stress, along with aging-related stress, endangers the mental health of middle-aged and older gay men. Sexual minority stress was defined as a combination of men feeling the need to hide their sexuality or concern that others avoided them because of it.

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