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  • 19th January 2012

    Pride London’s chair to retire 6

    Paul Birrell has been involved in Pride for 18 years

    9:43 AM — The chair of Pride London, the largest Pride event in the UK, has announced he will stand down from the board after 18 years of involvement in the event. After being registered as a charity in 2004, Pride London appointed Birrell Chair of the Board in 2005.

  • 18th January 2012

    University records 5% gay applicants 3

    Elmhurst is a liberal arts college (Photo: Flickr user Discover DuPage)

    12:23 PM — A university in the US state of Illinois has said 5% of student hopefuls voluntarily noted they were gay, bi or trans on admission forms. Elmhurst College, based outside Chicago was the first university in the country to ask prospective students the question.

  • Obituary: Janey Buchan (1926-2012) 3

    Janey Buchan (1926 - 2012)

    9:43 AM — John Hein remembers the former MEP, civil rights campaigner and patron of the arts Janey Buchan, who has died aged 85.

  • 17th January 2012

    Video: Gay documentary plea goes viral 11

    Second Class Citizens

    4:36 PM — A video of key moments in the US' gay rights movement has become a viral hit. The montage of clips is a plea by film-maker Ryan James Yezak for funding to make a documentary on discrimination in America.

  • Fundraising evening to follow Peter Tatchell Day 4

    Some of Peter Tatchell's memorable placards will feature on the walls

    4:00 PM — Gay club night QueerlyOut will be celebrating the 60th birthday of gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell with a fundraiser on the 26 January. Door proceeds will be donated to the Peter Tatchell Foundation to continue the valuable work that Peter does, without a salary.

  • Sweden keeps sterilisation rule for trans recognition 24

    Some countries require sterilisation for legal recognition of gender identity

    2:56 PM — The Swedish Government have announced that they will not modernise a law from the 1970s which makes sterilisation compulsory for transgender people before the state will recognise their gender identity.

  • US comedian Todd Glass comes out 10

    Glass' decision was prompted by the recent swathe of teen suicides (Photo: Youtube/toddglasscomedy)

    11:38 AM — US comedian Todd Glass has come out, after 25 years in the business. The comedian talked about being told of other people's supposed homosexuality when people thought he was straight.

  • US teen ‘killed himself weeks after It Gets Better video’ 15

    EricJames Borges died earlier this month (Photo: Youtube)

    10:13 AM — A Trevor Project teen volunteer has reportedly committed suicide weeks after filming an It Gets Better video. Just a month after participating in the video project, the teenager was reported to have committed suicide, shocking close friends and supporters.

  • Kuwait: Reports highlight police brutality to trans community 2

    A Kuwaiti trans woman said the situation is "intolerable"

    9:40 AM — Transphobia is widespread throughout Kuwait following the introduction of a discriminatory law in 2007 that arbitrarily criminalises “imitating the opposite sex”, reports say.

  • 16th January 2012

    First trans teen in Miss England competition leads heat 42

    Jackie Green is the first trans teen to enter (Photo: freshacademy.co.uk)

    4:38 PM — The first transgender teenager to enter the Miss England competition is leading in her heat of the pageant.

  • Israeli trans man gives birth 16

    A patient described "shock" after Yuval Topper's arrival

    4:28 PM — A transgender man in Israel has reportedly become the first in the state's history to give birth. Yuval Topper, 24 had his child at the Sheba Medical Center on Thursday of last week.

  • US cross-dressing sitcom cancelled after two espiodes 5

    The network's entertainment president said he "didn't get" the complaints

    3:47 PM — US television network ABC has axed its new sitcom 'Work It', about a pair of cross-dressing men looking for work, after only two episodes, but its entertainment president said it could be compared with Tootsie.

  • Mr Gay UK pledges portion of winnings to HIV charity 32

    Samuel Kneen was crowned Mr Gay UK 2011

    1:14 PM — Newly coronated Mr Gay UK, Samuel Kneen has pledged a portion of his prize money to the HIV/AIDS charity, the Terence Higgins Trust. Kneen, 22, is to give a portion of the £2000 prize money to the charity in support of a friend who was diagnosed with HIV.

  • 15th January 2012

    Gay dean to sue Church of England after twice being rejected as bishop due to his sexuality 93

    Rev Jeffrey John has twice been rejected as a bishop

    12:47 PM — Britain’s most senior openly gay cleric has threatened to sue the Church of England unless it promotes him to Bishop. The Very Rev Jeffrey John, currently the Dean of St Albans has twice been overlooked to become a bishop due his sexuality. Dr John is in celibate civil partnership.

  • 13th January 2012

    US group aims for ‘dot gay’ web domain 19

    The group wants .gay to be an "empowering resource" (Photo: Flickr user Adikos)

    10:45 AM — As applications for new top level domains on the web open today, an American group is trying to secure '.gay' for the LGBT community, saying it will make it "an exemplary beacon of social entrepreneurship and an empowering resource".

  • 12th January 2012

    Pat Buchanan: ‘Militant gays’ try to take me off air 70

    Buchanan said "militant gay rights groups" tried to "deny him speeches"

    11:07 AM — US political commentator Pat Buchanan has said "militant gay rights groups" and "people of colour" have been trying to take him off TV for "years and years and years", following his absence from the MSNBC network.

  • Sean Bean takes on trans role for BBC drama 75

    Sean Bean as Tracie in Accused

    10:10 AM — The BBC has announced Sean Bean will play a transgender character in an episode of its drama Accused, in a storyline it said was "untold on mainstream television".

  • 11th January 2012

    Stephen Fry supports Catholic priest’s ‘gay panic’ petition 6

    Fry drew his 3.7 million followers' attention to the petition

    10:01 AM — Stephen Fry backed an Australian Catholic priest's petition to eliminate the "gay panic" defence from Queensland's criminal courts as signatures reached 10,000. He recently topped a PinkNews.co.uk list of the most influential Tweeters on gay life.

  • 10th January 2012

    Video: Gay Korean-American film among features at Sundance 8

    Two gay films to feature at Sundance

    10:44 AM — A film about a gay Korean man who yearns for a family - which the director used to come out to his own parents - will feature at this year's Sundance festival.

  • Comment: Future sex – beyond gay and straight 171

    Peter Tatchell questions what equality means for the future of gay and straight labels

    10:18 AM — Peter Tatchell argues that gay and straight identities will be insignificant in a future without homophobia: With the demise of "straight supremacism" and the gay labels we use in self-defence, people will be free to acknowledge desires for all genders.

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