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Author photoDylan Vox

  • 20th May 2008

    California honours murdered gay politician

    “If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door.“ Harvey Milk (R) with friend Jerry Pritikin in 1978

    12:31 PM — Just days after the Supreme Court lifted the ban on same-sex marriage, another LGBT related provision passed the State Assembly in California. On Monday, it was announced that a bill to recognise slain San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk.

  • 2nd May 2008

    School outs gay couple: the week in review

    The school's administrative staff circulated a list of dating couples

    10:28 AM — This gay week, teen queen Miley Cyrus sheds her inhibitions and then regrets it; the Greek Isle of Lesbos hates lesbians and a Memphis school board gets in trouble for outing a gay couple.

  • 1st May 2008

    Beckham’s jersey gift sparks legal action

    Beckham removed his shirt and handed it to two 10-year-old former close friends and soccer teammates

    10:31 AM — Over the past few years, many people have become obsessed with soccer player David Beckham, but this week his appeal reached a whole new and somewhat disturbing level.

  • 21st April 2008

    US gay couples struggle to divorce: the week in review 1

    Domestic partnership laws benefit same-sex couples but the rules surrounding divorce are not as clear cut

    9:45 AM — After years of fighting for equal treatment in regards to marriage, some gay couples are finally hearing the other shoe drop.

  • 27th March 2008

    US martial arts fighter reveals he is gay

    Smith started fighting at an early age because of he was concerned about someone discovering his sexual orientation.

    6:40 PM — Mixed martial arts has become a national phenomenon in America, and with the creation of the Ultimate Fighting Championships, only continues to grow in popularity.This week, competitor Shad Smith became the first openly gay fighter in the sport when he revealed his sexuality in a New York Times interview.According to the article, Smith entered his first fight in 2000 shortly after his release from prison, where he was serving time for carjacking, one of his many stints.

  • 25th March 2008

    COMMENT: Can celebs swing the Democratic nomination?

    Just because Oprah can turn books into best-sellers or put companies out of business if she doesn't like their products doesn't mean she or any other celebrity can decide what is best for the country.

    2:50 PM — Obama or Clinton? It seems to be a question at the forefront of every American Democrat's mind going into to this year's important Presidential election.While the Republican Party has elected their representative as John McCain, the other side seems to be a struggle less about the ideals of the candidates, which are very similar, and more about a popularity contest.Questions have been raised about who is more electable, who has more experience, and who has a better message.

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