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Author photoRoss von Metzke

  • 14th December 2005

    Brokeback Mountain leads gay charge on Golden Globe Awards

    The critically championed Brokeback Mountain scored seven nominations

    12:00 AM — The nominees for the 2006 Golden Globe Awards were announced from Hollywood yesterday and, as predicted, it was the year to be gay in Hollywood as gay films, performances and actors dominated the nominations.The critically championed Brokeback Mountain scored seven nominations, the most of any film, including Best Picture - Drama, Best Screenplay and a Best Director nod for Ang Lee.

  • 13th December 2005

    Ford meets with Gay leaders

    Matt Foreman, executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, said the group would ask Ford to explain why it dropped the ads

    12:00 AM — Ford Motor Company executives have agreed to meet with leaders of gay rights organizations next week to discuss allegations that the automaker's decision to pull advertisements for its Land Rover and Jaguar lines from gay publications was prompted by pressure from the anti-gay American Family Association."We look forward to the dialogue with the leadership of the gay community," said Ford spokesman Mike Moran.

  • 9th December 2005

    Appeals court continues ban on gay marriage in New York

    The Appeals court found that Justice Doris Ling-Cohan was wrong to find that denying gay marriage was unconstitutional

    12:00 AM — An appeals court has thrown out a ruling that would have allowed gay couples to marry in New York City, saying it is not the role of judges to redefine the terms 'husband' and 'wife'.The state Supreme Court's Appeals Division ruled 4-1 that Justice Doris Ling-Cohan was wrong to find that denying gay marriage was unconstitutional.

  • 7th December 2005

    Gay HIV positive man takes Condoleezza Rice to court 1

    The case names Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. The State Department is under her jurisdiction.

    12:00 AM — A gay rights organisation this week initiated a case in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia on behalf of a man who was allegedly denied employment as a Foreign Service Officer by the U.S. State Department because he is HIV positive.The case names Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. The State Department is under her jurisdiction.

  • 5th December 2005

    Schools can’t out students as gay, US court rules

    Judge James Selna found that  schools do not have the automatic right to disclose a student's sexual orientation

    12:00 AM — A federal judge in Los Angeles ruled Thursday that a high school does not have the right to "out" a student without his or her permission.The American Civil Liberties Union brought the lawsuit on behalf of Charlene Nguon, a senior in Orange County's Garden Grove Unified School District, who claimed the principal violated her right to privacy by telling her parents she was a lesbian after he disciplined her for being affectionate with her girlfriend.

  • 3rd December 2005

    South African High Court Says Yes to Gay Marriage 1

    African nations are generally intolerant of gay relationships

    12:00 AM — The high court of South Africa ruled on Thursday that same-sex marriages will enjoy the same legal status as those between men and women, making the nation one of just five worldwide that have removed legal barriers to gay and lesbian unions.But the Constitutional Court effectively stayed its ruling for one year to give Parliament time to amend a 1961 marriage law. Should legislature balk, the court said the law will be automatically changed to make its provisions gender-neutral.

  • 23rd November 2005

    Rabbi compares Christian right in USA to Nazis over their stance on gay rights

    Rabbi Yoffie said that the right's attitude to family values is too narrow

    12:00 AM — The attitude of American 'religious right' leaders toward gays and lesbians is akin to the anti-gay policies promoted by Adolf Hitler, according to the president of the Union for Reform Judaism, Rabbi Eric Yoffie.Yoffie made the controversial comments Saturday during the movement's national biennial conference in Houston."We cannot forget that when Hitler came to power in 1933, one of the first things that he did was ban gay organizations," Yoffie said. "Yes, we can disagree about gay marriage but there is no excuse for hateful rhetoric that fuels the hellfires of anti-gay bigotry." The audience of 5,000 responded to the speech with enthusiastic applause.

  • 22nd November 2005

    Man sues over USA gay ‘Wife Swap’

    Mr Bradford says he was “misled“ and “threatened“ by the producers

    12:00 AM — An Oklahoma man is suing the American version of Wife Swap over the show's producers sending a gay man to live with him and his family as his half of the swap.Jeffrey Bedford, who lives with his wife and kids outside Muskogee, is seeking $10 million in damages from Walt Disney - the parent company of ABC - the network, and the show's production company RDF Media.

  • 21st November 2005

    Vancouver Gay Bookstore Takes Case to Supreme Court

    The case made by the store may have implications for the rights off all Canadians

    12:00 AM — One of Vancouver's largest gay bookstores has been given the go-ahead to argue in front of Canada's Supreme Court that the government should fund its legal dispute with Canada Customs.Yesterday, the top court granted Little Sisters Book and Art Emporium the right to appeal a lower-court decision that cut its funding lifeline for the legal fight.Jim Deva, one of the bookstore's co-owners, said fighting Canada Customs in court could cost the store $500,000 to $1-million, which he characterized as an impossibly high figure for a bookstore, or almost anyone else, to come up with.

  • 17th November 2005

    Mayor Claims Gay Photos ‘Placed’ On Computer

    Mayor West faces a  recall election over the sex scandal

    12:00 AM — As a Washington judge prepares to decide whether the contents of Spokane Mayor James West's city-owned computer are part of the public record, the mayor is arguing that numerous gay-oriented photos on the laptop were placed there automatically.This is the latest development in the ongoing saga of West, who was outed earlier this year after chatting with an undercover reporter in a gay chat room. West was subsequently accused by two men of using his position as mayor to offer career advancements in exchange for sex.

  • 14th November 2005

    STD rates rise sharply in amongst American gay men 1

    The rates of sexually transmitted diseases are on the up

    12:00 AM — Gay men practicing risky sexual activity are fueling a sharp increase in the incidence of syphilis and a smaller, albeit concerning rise in gonorrhea resistant to commonly used antibiotics, federal researchers said this week.The latest report of increases comes at a time when STD rates among historically important risk groups (including women and minorities) have been declining, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • 11th November 2005

    Texas bans gay marriages but Maine rejects ban 2

    Joe Solmonese, President of the Human Rights Campaign said, “the fight for fairness isn't over, and we won't give up”

    12:00 AM — Texas voters this week overwhelmingly approved a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, making their state the 19th to take that step.The same-sex marriage contest in Texas was a landslide victory; near-complete returns showed the gay-marriage ban supported by about 76 percent of voters. Like every other state except Massachusetts, Texas didn't permit same-sex marriages previously, but the constitutional amendment was touted as an extra guard against future court rulings.

  • 8th November 2005

    Gay no longer used to describe women 1

    The report claims that the term gay has become more increasingly associated with men

    12:00 AM — According to a recent article in the International Herald Tribune, the word 'gay' no longer pertains to both men and women, as evidenced by a series of articles the paper referenced in the investigative feature.Take, for example, a recent article about a referendum coming to a vote in Maine. The Associated Press reports that opponents of broadened civil rights protections for homosexual men and women claim that such legislation, already signed into law by the governor, would "grant a new status to gay men and lesbians that could open the door to same-sex marriage."

  • 28th October 2005

    Star Trek actor comes out as gay 1

    Takei told the press, “Brad's my partner, we've been together for 18 years“

    12:00 AM — George Takei, better known as Mr. Sulu from the hit TV series (and subsequent six movies) Star Trek, has made it official in a new interview with Los Angeles based Frontiers magazine."Brad's my partner, we've been together for 18 years," Takei tells Frontiers. "I've been 'open,' but I have not talked to the press."The 68-year-old actor was born in Los Angeles but spent much of his childhood in Japanese internment camps in Arkansas and Northern California.

  • 27th October 2005

    “God made me gay” vicar faces trial today 30

    Stroud says Jesus loves and accepts gays  (photo credit: Ian Britton/ freefoto.com)

    12:00 AM — A Methodist minister who was defrocked after telling her Pennsylvania congregation she is gay has her credentials back, but her ordination could again be revoked this week after she goes before the church's highest judicial panel.The Judicial Council of The United Methodist Church will hear Irene Stroud's case in Houston today. Decisions by the council are final.

  • 25th October 2005

    USA gay groups mourn death of Rosa Parks 1

    Rosa Parks triggered the Montgomery bus boycott

    12:00 AM — Rosa Parks, the Alabama seamstress whose soft-spoken refusal to give up her bus seat to a white man triggered the Montgomery bus boycott, the first great mass action in the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s, died yesterday at 92.USA gay civil rights groups are remembering the role Parks played in beginning of the fight for equal rights in America.

  • 18th October 2005

    US City Mayor visited gay sex sites during official business hours 27

    12:00 AM — City investigations have revealed that Spokane mayor James E. West used his city computer to check out online profiles of gay men while traveling on official business, The Spokesman-Review reported Saturday.

  • Ex-wife to be “best woman” at husband’s gay wedding 4

    12:00 AM — A Belgian woman offered up her services as "best woman" when her ex-husband married her hairdresser in a gay wedding. Tania Van Rysselberghe, 41, from Ghent, said her ex-husband, Guy Van Autreve, 40, and Danny Van der Heyden, 44, were like 'Ying and Yang.'

  • 10th October 2005

    Oz MP Resigns After Gay Affair Leaked

    12:00 AM — South Australian Liberal MP Mark Brindal has announced he is officially withdrawing his name as a candidate for the state seat of Adelaide at next year's election on the heels of revelations he had an affair with a 24-year-old man earlier this year.

  • Liverpool to Build Gay Quarter

    12:00 AM — Liverpool City Council voted unanimously on Monday (19th September) to back the idea of creating a gay quarter in the already liberal city.The ambitious plan was first put before the council earlier this month. Now that the plan has received full council support, the city planning department has announced it will begin to map out the neighborhood's boundaries and work on a plan to attract gay businesses to the area.

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