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Author photoStephen Price

  • 30th July 2009

    Comment: A Gay Council of Britain? 42

    The Gay Council of Britain

    5:16 PM — We've got Peter Tatchell at one side and Stonewall at the other - but is it time for a more democratically-elected representation?

  • 24th July 2009

    Comment: They’re at it again 20

    The article cites three "troubling positions" on homosexuality

    11:04 AM — Around this time last year, the Presbyterian Church of Wales made national news after paying out a record sum to a gay employee who had endured ‘grotesquely’ discriminatory conduct and sexual harassment. You might reasonably assume, then, that they’d watch their step when it comes to the ever-so-touchy subject of homosexuality. You would, of course, be wrong to make such an assumption.

  • 17th July 2009

    Comment: If pagans can get time off for Halloween, can we set up a gay religion? 36

    Should there be a gay religion? (Photo: Flickr user Steve Punter)

    5:27 PM — Pagan members of the police force are to get holidays on their religious festivals, bringing them in line with more established faiths. While some religious groups have protested, it proves that no one religion is really any more entitled to respect than others. Are Druid spells any more irrational than prayers to an unseen and unresponsive God? We asked Stephen Price to consider whether gays should set up their own religion in order get Pride days off.

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