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Author photoNikki Sinclair

  • 4th April 2006

    Keep Not Silent

    12:00 AM — This film explores the difficult subject of orthodox Jewish women living in Israel who try to reconcile their deep religious belief with (the forbidden) homosexual practice. The genre was more fly on the wall documentary than feature film and focused mainly on the real life stories of two lesbian women living in the ultra orthodox religious communities in Jerusalem.The first, a single woman, seeking understanding tolerance and acceptance from her family and permission from her rabbi to live as a lesbian women and practice her religion

  • 1st March 2006

    Comment: The small gay pride march with a lion’s roar 2

    South Africa's gay community celebrated Cape Town Pride last week

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk's Nikki Sinclair reports on South Africa's 5th gay pride celebrations in Cape Town. Imagine how delighted my girlfriend and I were last Thursday to find out that, through sheer serendipity, we had managed to arrive in Cape Town just in time for 'Pride' weekend, during our brief trip to South Africa. We had spent a very interesting ten days already, visiting the rather more conservative Durban and Pretoria, and were now staying very close to the gay village in Cape Town. We couldn't wait to take part in the festivities, and hopefully make some new friends along the way.

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