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Author photoMarc Shoffman and Benjamin Cohen

  • 28th July 2010

    Best of PinkNews: Why was Opus Dei member Ruth Kelly appointed Minister for Equality? 6

    Ruth Kelly resigned from Government in 2008

    1:31 AM — As PinkNews.co.uk celebrates its fifth birthday, we take a look back at some of the most important exclusive stories we've broken.  Following the last Tony Blair Government reshuffle, PinkNews.co.uk in conjunction with Andrew Pierce, then of The Times, investigated why Ruth Kelly, a well known member of the right-wing Catholic group Opus Dei had been appointed Minister for Equality. The end result was the front-page question on The Independent "Ruth Kelly: Minister for Sin?" and a lead story on the ITV News.

  • 27th May 2006

    Arrests made as activists defy gay pride ban 4

    Campaigners were met with religious and nationalist protesters chanting anti gay slogans and 1000 riot police aiming to stop demonstrations (Photo by Lazyoldsun)

    12:00 AM — Over 120 people including a German MP have been arrested in Moscow after campaigners attempted to hold the capital's first gay rights rally.Moscow's mayor, Yuri Luzhkov, and a Russian court, had rejected applications for the event claiming it would cause violent protests, but gay campaigners from all over the world converged in the Russian capital this afternoon.

  • 5th May 2006

    Gay HSBC banker was not sacked due to sexuality 4

    HSBC were cleared on 12 out of 16 complaints

    12:00 AM — A former senior banker at HSBC was not sacked because he was gay an employment tribunal ruled today.However, the tribunal found that Peter Lewis received "less favourable treatment on the grounds of sexual orientation"during the bank's internal investigation. But the report issued today concluded that the "the decision to dismiss was not in fact influenced by sexual orientation."

  • Gay councillor loses seat in “bizarre” campaign 3

    Charles Anglin received just 676 votes in yesterday's local elections, losing to Loma Campbell, the Labour candidate

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveFormer Liberal Democrat councillor, Charles Anglin, has blamed Labour lies about "policy, themselves" and his Party, for the loss of his seat, and control in the London Borough of Lambeth.Mr Anglin received just 676 votes in yesterday's local elections, losing to Loma Campbell, the Labour candidate receiving 1586 votes from electors in the Princes Ward.

  • 27th March 2006

    Gay groups voice concern over Bulger killer’s outing 6

    The Daily Mail and The Sun reported this week that Thompson, now 23, has been given permission by his probation service minders to live with his homosexual lover

    12:00 AM — Gay groups have expressed dismay at a media frenzy over allegations that one of Jamie Bulger's killers, Robert Thompson, is gay.Thomson, who abducted and murdered toddler Jamie Bulger, with his friend Jon Venables when they were ten years old in 1993, is now believed to be living with a gay lover.

  • 8th March 2006

    HSBC “masturbator” secretly filmed disciplinary hearing, tribunal told 4

    Mr Lewis was global head of equity trading and was believed to have earned around £1m a year

    12:00 AM — The gay, former HSBC investment banker who is claiming unfair dismissal told an employment tribunal that he secretly filmed his disciplinary appeal hearing because he did not trust his employer.Peter Lewis, claims he was sacked by the bank because he is gay. He was dismissed by the banking giant for "gross personal misconduct". The incident in question relates to an encounter between Mr Lewis and another male employee of the bank, which ultimately resulted in a complaint of "sexual harassment".

  • Ashley Cole uses internet to discover impact of “gay” rumours 23

    Mr Cole wishes to find how his fans found out about the rumours

    12:00 AM — The solicitors for footballer Ashley Cole in his libel case against the News of the World and the Sun are taking to the internet to decipher how articles relating to a "gay orgy" have affected the public perception of the Arsenal and England star.Answers to the questions will be used as evidence in a civil court case against the papers involved, and some of the respondents may be called as witnesses.

  • 20th February 2006

    Internet rumours “name” bisexual football star 39

    The News of the World's photograph of the “bisexual“ stars

    12:00 AM — The internet has today been rife with rumours surrounding the identity of two leading Premiership footballers, filmed in a gay orgy and viewed by a reporter at the News of the World.The tabloid newspaper said that the footballers, who can not be named for legal reasons, were caught on camera in an orgy with well a known music industry figure. The newspaper claimed that one player engaged in sexual acts using a mobile phone as a sex toy.

  • 26th January 2006

    Hughes considered quitting over bisexual revelations 19

    “I hope that does not disqualify me from doing a good job in public life,“ Mr Hughes said today

    12:00 AM — Simon Hughes, who today revealed that he is bisexual, said that considered quitting the race to become leader of the Liberal Democrats after he was forced to admit that he had lied about his gay past.Mr Hughes who is the Lib Dems' president had previously denied that he was gay but revealed today in the Sun that he has had, "both homosexual and heterosexual relationships in the past." This morning, Mr Hughes confirmed to PinkNews.co.uk that he is "bisexual."

  • Tatchell: “I thought that Simon Hughes was queer too” 19

    “It is good that Simon is finally being frank and honest about his sexuality,” Mr Tatchell said today

    12:00 AM — Peter Tatchell, who was defeated as the Labour candidate in the 1983 Bermondsey by-election that saw Simon Hughes enter Parliament today claims that he always believed Mr Hughes had a gay past."It is good that Simon is finally being frank and honest about his sexuality." Mr Tatchell said in reaction to Mr Hughes's admission that he is bisexual. "It is a shame he felt he needed to deny it but now he has made the decision to be truthful we should leave it at that and move on."

  • 13th January 2006

    Gay rights groups protest over Pope’s stance on same sex marriage 13

    The Pope this evening faces demonstrations from gay rights groups

    12:00 AM — Gay rights activists protested outside St Peter's Square this evening, following the condemnation of gay marriage by the Pope, Benedict XVI on Thursday.The group avoided entering the square, which is Vatican territory, but demonstrated just outside of it with banners criticising the Church's stance on homosexuality.

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