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Author photoMarc Shoffman

Marc Shoffman was chief correspondent of PinkNews.co.uk between 2005 and 2006. He was online editor between 2006 and 2007.

  • 3rd March 2006

    EastEnders star wants fans support for lesbian storyline 5

    Natalie Cassidy wants her fans to be behind her when the Albert Square resident leaves on screen husband Martin  for a lesbian relationship

    12:00 AM — EastEnders actress Natalie Cassidy has asked viewers to be undestanding over her characters upcoming stortyline as a lesbian.Ms Cassidy, who plays Sonia Fowler in the BBC soap, wants her fans to be behind her when the Albert Square resident leaves on screen husband Martin (James Alexandrou) for a lesbian relationship with Naomi Julien (Petra Letang.)

  • Auction site offers Brokeback money 1

    The auction site contains numerous listings for “Bank of Gyllenhaal“£20 notes

    12:00 AM — As if t-shirts, dolls, sweet dispensers are not enough, eBay sellers are now offering Brokeback Mountain money.The auction site contains numerous listings for "Bank of Gyllenhaal"£20 notes. British bidders can make offers for the notes which contain images of one of the stars of the gay cowboy movie.

  • Police to protect transgenders using toilets

    The move, under the Which Loo? Campaign, has been endorsed by Metropolitan Police

    12:00 AM — A Croydon based gay police group has persuaded Scotland Yard to agree on guidance to protect transgenders from abuse when they use public toilets.One of the fears of those changing gender is being verbally abused, assaulted or seen as breaking the law for being in what others may see as the wrong toilet.

  • Brokebat Mountain: Batman is gay, says Clooney 11

    Fans have debated for years on the sexuality of Bruce Wayne's alter ego

    12:00 AM — Gotham City superhero, Batman, is gay, according to Hollywood superstar George Clooney.The actor who was being interviewed on an American Oscar show, replied to host Barbara Walters' who asked if he would ever play a gay cowboy. Mr Clooney said he believed he had already played a gay character, "I was in a rubber suit and I had rubber nipples. I could have played Batman straight, but I made him gay."

  • 2nd March 2006

    Will bisexual MP be next Lib Dem leader?

    Simon Hughes, 54, admitted to being bisexual at the end of January amid accusations of lies over his sexuality

    12:00 AM — The Liberal Democrats will announce their new leader later on today, in what has been a roller coaster six week campaign.Votes from the party's 73,000 members will be counted today in a choice between Simon Hughes, Sir Menzies Campbell and Chris Huhne.All three insist they can win the contest which began in January when former leader Charles Kennedy resigned.

  • British politicians back protests for Moscow gay pride

    12:00 AM — British political parties have stated their support for international protests against the Moscow Gay Pride ban taking place outside Russian Embassies this afternoon.Gay groups will picket outside Russian Embassies in London, Paris and Warsaw this afternoon against Yury Luzhkov, the mayor of Moscow who announced that the city government will notallow a gay parade "in any form" and any attempt to hold a gay event will be "resolutely quashed".

  • Jewish writer challenges religion with lesbian story

    The book seeks to reconcile religiosity and homosexuality

    12:00 AM — A Jewish novelist is challenging her religious upbringing in a debut book about a lesbian affair with an Orthodox rabbi's wife.Naomi Alderman, 31, wrote "Disobedience" to raise questions of the central values of Orthodox Judaism and to highlight women's issues in the religion.

  • Brokeback Mountain gets sweet tooth 1

    Previous Brokeback bidding wars have included dolls and clothes worn in the hit film

    12:00 AM — The online auction frenzy for Brokeback Mountain memorabilia continues this week with an auction for sweet dispensers dedicated to the gay cowboy movie.An American seller on eBay is offering buyers two Pez dispensers which feature the heads of actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger. The custom made sweet holders of characters, Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar, are made from Sculpey Clay and hand painted. The name "PEZ" is outlined in rhinestones.

  • Menzies Campbell wins Lib Dem leadership race

    Lib Dem vice president Lord Dholakia announced this afternoon that  Sir Menzies Campbell will be the party's new leader

    12:00 AM — Bisexual MP Simon Hughes has missed out on the Liberal Democrat leadership post to acting leader Sir Menzies Campbell (sometimes referred to as Ming Campbell.)Lib Dem vice president Lord Dholakia announced this afternoon that Sir Menzies Campbell will be the party's new leader after Charles Kennedy resigned at the end of January. Over 70% of party members turned out to vote between Simon Hughes, Sir Menzies Campbell and Chris Huhne.

  • Pro gay Campbell prepares to lead Lib Dems 2

    The MP for North East Fife had been acting leader since Charles Kennedy resigned in January

    12:00 AM — Sir Menzies Campbell has raced Britain at the Olympics and Commonwealth Games and has previously held the British 100m record, but nothing could have prepared him for this closely fought Liberal Democrat leadership election..He was appointed the party leader today defeating defeating Chris Huhne 57% to 43% after a six week campaign between him, Chris Huhne and Simon Hughes.

  • Cameron invites gay community to vote Conservative

    This statement echoes his vision of modern compassionate Conservatism which he spelt out earlier this week as part of  a plan for general election success

    12:00 AM — The gay community should seriously consider supporting the Conservative Party, according to David Cameron.Mr Cameron, leader of The Conservatives told PinkNews.co.uk: "We want the gay community to look at us and hear what we have to say so that they can decide if we look and sound like their kind of party."We are an open and inclusive party and we are passionate about acting to ensure that at every level, we are representative of modern Britain."

  • International protests against gay pride ban

    The Moscow Gay Pride parade is scheduled to take place on 27 May, the anniversary of the 1993 abolition of Soviet era laws against male homosexuality

    12:00 AM — Demonstrators picketed the Russian Embassy in London today in protest at the ban on the Moscow Gay Pride parade by the city's mayor. They also condemned the threats of violence against the Pride marchers by Russian religious leaders.Today's London protest coincided with simultaneous protests Paris, Stockholm, Vienna and Warsaw.

  • 1st March 2006

    Contraception scientist pens lesbian comedy with Doctor Who star 1

    Taboos explores the consequences of becoming a biological and legal parent, and covers controversial issues such as sperm and embryo donation

    12:00 AM — The man who invented the Contraceptive Pill is now embracing more family planning issues by writing a lesbian comedy.Carl Djerassi, is one of the world's most famous scientists and is credited with starting a social revolution in the 1960s. The play, Taboos, explores the consequences of becoming a biological and legal parent, and covers controversial issues such as sperm and embryo donation.

  • Popular gay clubbing drug becoming global issue

    Also known as 'tina', 'krank' or 'ice', the ease of production due to poor restrictions on manufacturing the chemicals, and euphoric effects have ensured dramatic escalation of the drug's distribution worldwide

    12:00 AM — The use of crystal meth is becoming a global problem, according to the United Nations.Crystal meth, or methamphetamine is already rife amongst the gay dance scene and doctors predict it will spiral out of control into the UK's mainstream culture.Also known as 'tina', 'krank' or 'ice', the ease of production due to poor restrictions on manufacturing the chemicals, and euphoric effects have ensured dramatic escalation of the drug's distribution worldwide.

  • 28th February 2006

    Gay pride ban against human rights, group says

    Protests against the ban are planned outside Russian embassies in London, Paris, Warsaw and Stockholm on Thursday

    12:00 AM — The mayor of Moscow's plans to ban the city's gay pride march are a threat to civil liberties and civil society, according to a human rights group.Human Rights Watch has written a letter to the mayor, Yuri Luzhkov calling on him to let the parade go ahead on the scheduled date of May 27. The document accuses him of inhibting freedom of expression and promoting prejudice.

  • Report criticises BBC gay coverage 3

    The report suggests the BBC needed “balanced and unsensational” coverage in its news and current affairs programmes, and should develop authentic gay characters in their programmes

    12:00 AM — Gays and lesbians are rarely featured positively by the BBC, according to research.The study by gay charity Stonewall revealed that only 0.06% of airtime was devoted to sexual diversity. The figures suggest that lesbian and gay lives were covered in just six minutes out of 168 hours of prime time television.

  • 27th February 2006

    Footballer offers to “cure” lesbian MSP 1

    The Ibrox defender, who is a devout Christian, labelled gays “an abomination“

    12:00 AM — A footballer in Scotland has been criticised over comments about gays and lesbians.Gay groups voiced concern over Rangers Trinidad and Tobago star Marvin Andrews after he said his church could "cure" lesbian Liberal Democrat MSP Margaret Smith, who announced her civil partnership plans last week.

  • Christian t-shirt slams Brokeback Mountain

    Second Coming Clothing Co. encourages believers to “Wear the Mission” of preaching the gospel message

    12:00 AM — An American Christian clothing company is courting controversy after satirising gay cowboy movie Brokeback Mountain with a t-shirt alluding the film to sinners at the giving of the Ten Commandments.The T-shirt states, "The Original 10 Commandments, BrokeBack on the Mountain." It features ancient Israelites and gay people dancing around a Golden Calf whilst Moses watches angrily from Mount Sinai.

  • Study reveals homophobic abuse on LGBT teachers

    The study, which marks this month's LGBT History Month, also claims that 71% of respondents experienced discrimination or harassment by their pupils, 46 % by colleagues, 37% experienced it from their managers and 16% from pupils' parents

    12:00 AM — A strict code of conduct is needed in schools to combat homophobic abuse, a teaching survey has revealed.The research, conducted by the Teacher Support Network, a charity providing practical and emotional support to UK teachers and lecturers, claims two thirds of respondents from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender teaching community have felt discriminated against in the workplace because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

  • Priests publicly oppose Vatican gay stance

    Rev Raymond Gravel said the Vatican's invocation of “natural law“ to support its antigay position was not legitimate, because the Church has been wrong on issues related to “the mysteries of life“ before

    12:00 AM — A group of Canadian priests have publicly criticised the Vatican's ban on gay clergy.In the largest internal opposition to the Catholic stance on homosexuality, 19 priests condemned the church's view on being gay and requested a new dialogue on the issue.They wrote a letter published in Montreal newspaper La Presse opposing the Catholic view that being gay is a "disorder"

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