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Author photoMarc Shoffman

Marc Shoffman was chief correspondent of PinkNews.co.uk between 2005 and 2006. He was online editor between 2006 and 2007.

  • 8th March 2006

    Gay banker masturbated in front of employee, tribunal told 4

    Mr Lewis was global head of equity trading and was believed to have earned around £1m a year

    12:00 AM — A gay banker was allegedly sacked by HSBC for masturbating in front of a male employee in the work gym shower, an employment tribunal has been told.43-year-old Peter Lewis, claims he was sacked by the bank because he is gay. He was dismissed by the banking giant for "gross personal misconduct". The incident in question relates to an encounter between Mr Lewis and another male employee of the bank, which ultimately resulted in a complaint of "sexual harassment".

  • New Zealand to lift gay sperm ban

    The controversial issue has been widely covered in the media due to a shortage of sperm donors in New Zealand and Australia

    12:00 AM — A ban on gay sperm donors may soon be lifted in New Zealand according to health authorities in the country.The controversial issue has been widely covered in the media due to a shortage of sperm donors in New Zealand and Australia. However, when a gay man in Wellington offered to help, he was turned away.

  • Gay media monitor launched

    Last week a Stonewall study revealed that only 0.06% of BBC airtime was devoted to sexual diversity

    12:00 AM — A new scheme has been launched by gay charity, Stonewall, to monitor the portral of gay people in the media, after the BBC was slammed for its coverage of homosexual issues.The project will allow TV viewers, radio listeners and newspaper readers to log any instances of homophobia they witness in the media.

  • MP defends meeting with anti gay Muslim group 2

    She was criticised by gay rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell who told her he had received death threats from the group because of his fergence of gay people

    12:00 AM — Former cabinet minister, Clare Short, has defended a meeting she held with a radical Muslim group last week, amid anger from fellow Labour MPs and gay rights activists.The former international development secretary invited Islamic group, Hizb ut-Tahrir, which the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, wishes to ban from Britain, to speak to MPs.

  • Gay icon handed unique restraining order 7

    The heiress's spokesman Elliot Mintz  said his client wants nothing to do with Mr Quintana and is happy to stay away from him

    12:00 AM — Gay icon, Paris Hilton, has been given an unusual restraining order to stay at least 100 yards away from an event producer, unless they are at the same party.Brian Quintana was granted the three-year order against the Simple Life star last month after he testified that she continuosly harassed and threatened him after their friendship ended.

  • 7th March 2006

    Brokeback Mountain director had Oscar speech cut

    The gay cowboy movie is banned in China

    12:00 AM — Brokeback Mountain director Ang Lee had his Oscar acceptance speech censored by the Chinese media on Sunday, it has been revealed.Chinese media editors cut certain parts from his speech during the broadcast of the Academy Awards, including references to his native Taiwan and gay issues, as homosexuality is still frowned upon in the country. It was seen as a mental disorder until 2001.

  • EastEnders actress explains lesbian role

    The 22-year-old star spoke openly about her breast enlargement and her character's upcoming shock lesbian affair

    12:00 AM — EastEnders actress Natalie Cassidy answered questions about her character's upcoming lesbian storyline on a visited to a North London hospital radio station this weekRadio Brockley, which has been based at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital for forty years, hosted Ms Cassidy, who plays Sonia Fowler in the BBC prime time soap. She told the show the storyline was a strange experience.

  • Gay men more aware of HIV drug

    The campaign also had a significant impact on the numbers of gay men seeking PEP

    12:00 AM — Gay men's awareness of a drug which could prevent HIV infection when someone has been exposed to the virus has doubled in the UK following a targeted national education campaign. The drug, called Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP), has an 80% chance of preventing HIV infection if taken within 72 hours of exposure, for 28 days.According to new data from the National Gay Men's Sex Survey undertaken by Sigma Research, gay men in the UK in 2005 were twice as likely to be aware of PEP than they were in 2003, an increase from 22% to 39% following an awareness campaign coordinated by Terrence Higgins Trust.

  • Further student protests at gay blood discrimination 6

    Students across the UK are involved in the campaign and several colleges and universities have held local events to highlight the campaign

    12:00 AM — Inequality in the Scottish blood transfusion service is being highlighted this week with a series of events being held by students across Scotland.Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dunfermline and Kilmarnock will all see events held outside blood transfusion venues on 9 March, where students will urge members of the public to give blood because gay and bisexual men are banned from doing so. Scotland needs 1,000 blood donations per day to keep up with demand.

  • 6th March 2006

    Brokeback Mountain scores best director award at Oscars

    the gay cowboy movie received awards for best music score, best director and best adapted screenplay (from the book by Annie Proulx)

    12:00 AM — Despite being nominated for eight Oscars including best actor for Heath Ledger, Brokeback Mountain scored only three awards at the Oscars ceremony held in Hollywood yesterday.The film which has wowed audiences across Britain has scored some high profile fans including the Conservative leader, David Cameron.

  • Publisher jailed after printing gay list

    Homosexuality is a crime in Cameroon punishable by between six months and five years in prison, and a fine

    12:00 AM — The newspaper publisher who outed prominent public figures he thought were gay in Cameroon has been jailed for defamation.Jean Pierre Amougo Belinga, publisher of L'Anecdote, was jailed for four months for defaming a government minister who was named in a list of 50 presumed homosexuals in the African country where homosexuality is illegal.

  • Banker to tell tribunal he was sacked because he was gay 4

    Mr Lewis was global head of equity trading and is believed to earn around £1m a year

    12:00 AM — A banker's £5m compensation claim against HSBC over allegations that the City giant sacked him because he was openly gay is due to start at an employment tribunal in east London today.An investment banker who claims he was sacked from HSBC because he was gay will have his case heard at an employment tribunal this week.

  • Gay Jews may get marriage rights

    Conservative Judaism believes in Jewish law and tradition (halakhah,) while adapting to modern conditions

    12:00 AM — The UK Masorti movement has said it would never consider Jewish same sex unions, in reaction to its US equivalent considering allowing gay marriage and gay rabbis this week.American gay Jews may soon be allowed to get married and become rabbis after the Conservative Judaism movement meets this week.Previously the group, which is in the centre of Jewish thought between liberal and orthodox movements, has banned same sex marriage and gay rabbis.

  • Pensioners demand right to be anti gay 2

    pensioner Joe Roberts, 73 and his wife Helen, 68, are demanding £10,000 compensation for being denied the rights to freedom of expression and to hold religious beliefs

    12:00 AM — Two Christian pensioners are planning to sue their local police and council claiming they have the right to be anti gay.The retired couple faced a police investigation for "potentially homophobic" comments in December after objecting to Wyre Borough Council's stance on gay issues.Devout Christians, Joe Roberts 73, and his wife Helen, 68, of Fleetwood, Lancashire, wrote to the Council accusing them of "pandering" to minority groups. They said they felt discriminated against.

  • Fans complain after tabloids say singer is gay 2

    The case could set a precedent for other entertainers who may have something to hide

    12:00 AM — American Idol fans are suing a music company after complaining that they were duped into buying the music of a former contestant after claims that he is gay.The contestant, Clay Aiken, appeared in the 2003 series of American Idol, he was marketed through his boyish looks and Christian beliefs which have helped him sell millions of records. However, his followers have reacted angrily to tabloid allegations that he met men in gay sex chat rooms.

  • Gay Boyzone star to wed partner

    The singer is reported to have set a date for March 20 for a ceremony

    12:00 AM — Gay Boyzone star Stephen Gately is set to have a star studded civil partnership ceremony with his partner, internet entrepreneur, Andy Cowles, after setting a date this week.The singer is reported to have set a date for March 20 for a ceremony thought to be held at his London home.

  • DJ files legal action over gay orgy claims 24

    DJ Masterstepz was not named by either newspaper,  both of which printed stories claiming a well-known DJ had taken part in gay sex acts with Premiership footballers (Choice FM publicity picture)

    12:00 AM — The DJ who was featured in an internet picture with footballer Ashley Cole after tabloid allegations of a gay orgy has initiated legal action against the Sun and the News of the World.Ian Thompson, known as DJ Masterstepz, was not named by either newspaper, both of which printed stories claiming a well-known DJ had taken part in gay sex acts with Premiership footballers. An unedited version of the obscured picture that the News of the World printed was later published on PinkNews.co.uk.

  • Free fertility treatment for lesbians 5

    Some health trusts are now saying they will extend the offer of one treatment to single or lesbian women who are experiencing fertility problems, at the same priority as a married couple

    12:00 AM — Single women and lesbians will soon be able to get free fertility treatment on the NHS, according to reports.Currently the Health Service allows one free IVF cycle to mixed-sex couples where the woman is under 40. Some health trusts are now saying they will extend the offer of one treatment to single or lesbian women who are experiencing fertility problems, at the same priority as a married couple.

  • 3rd March 2006

    Auction site offers Brokeback money 1

    The auction site contains numerous listings for “Bank of Gyllenhaal“£20 notes

    12:00 AM — As if t-shirts, dolls, sweet dispensers are not enough, eBay sellers are now offering Brokeback Mountain money.The auction site contains numerous listings for "Bank of Gyllenhaal"£20 notes. British bidders can make offers for the notes which contain images of one of the stars of the gay cowboy movie.

  • Police to protect transgenders using toilets

    The move, under the Which Loo? Campaign, has been endorsed by Metropolitan Police

    12:00 AM — A Croydon based gay police group has persuaded Scotland Yard to agree on guidance to protect transgenders from abuse when they use public toilets.One of the fears of those changing gender is being verbally abused, assaulted or seen as breaking the law for being in what others may see as the wrong toilet.

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