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  • 28th December 2005

    Ireland to consider gay marriages 2

    Irish Justice Minister Michael McDowell announced the creation of a government committee to examine the case for gay marriages

    12:00 AM — Ireland may follow the UK in changing the law to allow gay marriages.Irish Justice Minister Michael McDowell met with gay rights campaigners in Dublin following the first marriages in Britain and announced the creation of a government committee to examine the case for gay marriages."Our view is that the centre of gravity in Ireland has shifted," Mr McDowell told the gathering.

  • Gay clubbing drug Special K to be re-classified 4

    “Special K“ is currently classified only as a controlled substance (Picture posed by models)

    12:00 AM — An anaesthetic used by vets to tranquilise horses, which has been increasingly popular on the gay clubbing scene, is to be re-classified to make it a serious crime to possess it.Ketamine, nicknamed "Special K", is currently classed as a controlled substance, but is not a classified drug. This means that the drug users caught by the police can only be charged with possessing a controlled substance.

  • 27th December 2005

    Lithuania looks towards banning gay marriages 2

    Mr  Sabatauskas said: “the Civil Code gives a comprehensible definition of marriage with a person of the opposite sex.

    12:00 AM — Lithuania looks set to follow Latvia in banning gay marriages after the Chairman of the country's legal committee labelled them as unconstitutional.Julius Sabatauskas, a Social Democrat MP and chairman of the parliamentary legal committee made the declaration that gay marriages will be unconstitutional.Earlier this month, Latvia passed a constitutional amendment banning gay marriages from occurring.

  • 26th December 2005

    Former teenage dot.com millionaire comes out for web revival 1

    Mr Cohen said starting the business was “a bit of a fluke“

    12:00 AM — Benjamin Cohen, one of the stars of the late 1990s dot.com boom has returned to the industry with a new business set to revolutionise the gay media world as Britain heads for a dot.com revival in 2006.Cohen as a teenager created the soJewish/JewishNet websites in the height of the internet mania of the late 90s. He was dubbed 'Britain's first teenage dot.com millionaire' and was the focus of a BBC fly on the wall documentary.

  • 25th December 2005

    Revolution in British gay media about to begin 1

    It's still secret, but our new product will take the gay community by storm

    12:00 AM — In the early part of 2006, PinkUnlimited.co.uk will be launching our largest and most exciting product.It's still under wraps so we can't say exactly what it will be but rest assured that it will take our community by storm.Here are a few words to describe our secret product: interesting, exciting, quality, direct, overdue. Plus here's one more: FREE.

  • 24th December 2005

    Doctor Who star to have gay marriage 2

    Mr Barrowman said that he and his partner are aiming for a low-key affair

    12:00 AM — Doctor Who star John Barrowman is to marry his boyfriend in a civil ceremony in the New Year.Mr Barrowman who plays bisexual character Captain Jack is to take part in a Civil Partnership ceremony with his boyfriend of ten years, the architect Scott Gill.Mr Barrowman told the Sun that he and his partner are aiming for a low-key affair: "We're just going to sign the civil register."

  • Memoirs Of A Geisha

    12:00 AM — Originally to have been directed by Steven Spielberg, this big screen adaptation of the bestselling novel of the same name is so sprawling in its period complexity, and takes place in such an unusual setting for a Hollywood film, that an experienced hand on the tiller was always going to be necessary.Taking a story set in pre-war Japan, with an almost exclusively Japanese and Chinese cast, would have been a challenge even for the current master of American cinema.

  • Match Point

    12:00 AM — Yep, it's that time of year - the perennial excuse for film fans the world over to ask, "Has Woody Allen finally got good again?" Meanwhile, a whole slew of others rant on about how he was never any good in the first place.Whichever side of the argument you tend to lean towards, New York's very own paranoid whiner is back with his annual big screen excursion, and it is guaranteed to spark some debate.

  • Thanks

    12:00 AM —

  • 23rd December 2005

    Legal advice site launches to help gay couples tie the knot

    gay couples will able to purchase documents such as wills and pre-nuptial agreements

    12:00 AM — Britain's first online legal service for the gay community has been launched to coincide with the introduction of the Civil Partnerships Act.PinkLegal.co.uk provides gay couples with free advice on all the legal aspects of gay relationships. Couples will also be able to purchase documents such as wills and pre-nuptial agreements for a fraction of the cost of visiting a high street law firm.

  • 22nd December 2005

    Latvian President concedes defeat as she changes constitution to ban gay marriage 1

    Ms Vike-Frreiberga has in the past strongly objected to the ban but was forced to approve the amendment by MPs

    12:00 AM — Despite personal objections, Latvian President, Vaira Vike-Freiberga has signed a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.Ms Vike-Frreiberga has in the past strongly objected to the ban but was forced to approve the amendment after 65 out of 80 Latvian MPs voted in favour of the change.The amendment makes the Balkan state the only member of the EU to ban gay marriage in its constitution.

  • 21st December 2005

    Gay vicar defies Bishop to marry partner

    Rev Wardale said: “it's very important to us to do this“

    12:00 AM — An openly gay vicar has defied the Bishop of Durham and taken part in a gay wedding earlier today.The Rev Christopher Wardale, 59, from Darlington, married Malcolm Macourt, 58, in a civil ceremony in Newcastle. They then received a blessing in church.Rev Wardale, vicar of Holy Trinity Church, Darlington, Co Durham has been in a gay relationship with Mr Macourt for over 19 years.

  • 20th December 2005

    Elton John and David Furnish opt for private gay wedding ceremony

    Sir Elton said that his love for his partner David “doesn't come with a price tag”

    12:00 AM — Sir Elton John's gay wedding to his partner David Furnish will be a private affair after he turned sown an offer worth over £6m to broadcast the occasion.The popstar and his entertainment producer partner will be one of the first couples in Britain to take advantage of the Civil Partnership Act, which will allow 'gay marriages' in all but name from the 21st December.

  • 18th December 2005

    Shayne wins X Factor then heads off to gay club to celebrate

    Shayne Ward thanked his backer backer, the music impresario Louis Walsh

    12:00 AM — Shayne Ward has won the television talent contest X Factor by a margin of just 1.2 percent over rival Andy Abraham. Immediately after being announced the winner, he headed straight off to a live performance at London's largest gay night club.Mr Ward dedicated his victory to his mother Philomena saying: "this is for you mum, this is for you."

  • 16th December 2005

    Police express disappointment at lack of convictions for gay barman’s killers 2

    Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur says he disappointed that the jury did not convict the gang of murder

    12:00 AM — A leading policeman has expressed "disappointment" that the killers of David Morley were not convicted of murder.A teenage girl, who can not be named for legal reasons, and her co-defendants Reece Sargeant, 21, Darren Case, 18 and a youth aged 17, were found guilty of the manslaughter of David Morley on Wednesday.Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur says he disappointed that the jury did not convict the gang of murder.

  • 15th December 2005

    Latvian Parliament amend constitution to ban gay marriage

    The amendment to the constitution must now be signed by the country's President, Vaira Vike Freiberga

    12:00 AM — MPs in Latvia have passed an amendment to their constitution barring gay marriages from taking place.65 MPs voted in favour of the change, six voted against the change whilst nine abstained from voting.Gay marriages have been illegal under civil law in Latvia since 1993 but the constitutional amendment ensures that any future recognition of gay relationships will be hard.

  • 12th December 2005

    3.6 million British gays – government audit claims 1

    In the first national quantification of the gay population, the Treasury have found that 6% of the country is gay

    12:00 AM — Government officials have this weekend revealed that 3.6 million British people are gay or lesbian.In the first national quantification of the gay population, the Treasury have found that 6% of the country is gay.The Treasury conducted the estimate to assess the financial impact of the introduction of the Civil Partnership Act this month.

  • Gay police offer accepts £30,000 in homophobia case 1

    Angela Black, representing Norfolk Police Authority and Norfolk Constabulary, said: “the police authority and constabulary strongly deny these allegations.”

    12:00 AM — An openly gay police officer that accused his force of homophobic bullying and anti-gay discrimination accepted a £30,000 out of court settlement this week.Inspector Neil Ferguson of the Norfolk Constabulary originally claimed £400,000 from the force and the local police authority over his claims to have suffered homophobia.

  • The Producers

    12:00 AM — Films based on books are commonplace. Films based on plays are likewise ten a penny. Films about putting on plays also have a long tradition in Hollywood, especially when, as here, the "putting on a show" idea provides an excuse for a number of song and dance numbers. On top of this, these days remakes of existing movies seem to be cropping up every month. But it is still rare - in fact well-nigh unprecedented - to get a film adaptation of a play that was itself an adaptation of a film that was about putting on a play.

  • 9th December 2005

    Comment: If Robbie Williams thinks it’s ok to be gay, why sue for libel? 8

    Peter Tatchell writes: “Robbie comes across as two-faced“

    12:00 AM — Peter Tatchell of gay rights group OutRage!considers why Robbie Williams took the decision to sue over allegations relating to his sexuality.Whatever Robbie Williams' intention, his legal action has created the impression he thinks it is shameful to be gay. If he sees nothing wrong with being gay, why did he sue for libel?

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