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  • 3rd March 2006

    Gay health removed from government website

    The page, ran by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's (SAMHSA),  discussed safer sex and the impact of discrimination as well as drug abuse

    12:00 AM — A US gay rights group is accusing the government of bias towards christian groups after it removed gay health information from its website following anti gay groups complaints.The Family Research Council (FRC), a Judeo-Christian group which promotes marriage and family as the centre of society, encouraged its members to complain to the Department of Health and Human Services over a web page they believe contains destructive behaviour and biased views. Within two weeks the material was removed.

  • Sweden looking for gay campers

    Swimming is just one of the activities taking place at the camp

    12:00 AM — A Swedish group has set up a camp for gay, bisexual men and others who want to explore their homosexuality.The International GayCamp 2006, for Men who have Sex with Men, will take part for 8 days from July 23 outside Stockholm in Sweden. The Gay-Camp Organisation is a non-profit organisation run by men from the gay community for males who wants to explore their sexuality.

  • Gay marriage push in China

    Homosexuality was seen a mental disorder in China until 2001

    12:00 AM — A Chinese sociologist is encouraging her country to allow gay marriage so that homophobic discrimination will end.Li Yinhe, a sociologist and member of the advisory body to parliament, is submitting a proposal on same-sex marriage. Until 2001 Homosexuality was seen a mental disorder in China.

  • Spectator readers show support for gay rights and pornography

    The Spectator survey used slightly stronger wording, but it still demonstrates a clear change in public perception of homosexuality

    12:00 AM — It might be the bastion of Tory middle England, but the Spectator has proven that its nickname the "Sextator" might be quite apt. A surprising survey of readers found that most had rather liberal attitudes to homosexuality and pornography.The Spectator, the right leaning, Conservative supporting news magazine found in a survey of readers that women were more liberal than their husbands when it came to homosexuality. Only 14 per cent of female readers considered homosexuality to be "morally wrong in all circumstances" compared to 27 per cent of men.

  • New York’s gays can’t decide whether to back Hillary Clinton

    Mrs Clinton has come under fire for her views on gay marriage

    12:00 AM — A week after PinkNews.co.uk reported that gay groups in New York were not backing Hillary Clinton's re-election campaign, it has emerged that the groups are split over whether to sever donations to the former first lady.Last week, a confidential memo written by Alan Van Capelle, theexecutive director of the Empire State Pride Agenda, was leaked to the gay media. It recommended that gay groups should not contribute funds to Mrs Clinton's re-election campaign for her seat in the Senate.

  • Brokebat Mountain: “Batman is gay”, says George Clooney 16

    Fans have debated for years on the sexuality of Bruce Wayne's alter ego

    12:00 AM — Gotham City superhero, Batman, is gay, according to Hollywood superstar George Clooney.The actor who was being interviewed on an American Oscar show, replied to host Barbara Walters' who asked if he would ever play a gay cowboy. Mr Clooney said he believed he had already played a gay character, "I was in a rubber suit and I had rubber nipples. I could have played Batman straight, but I made him gay."

  • Governor hears anti gay adoption views 10

    Mr Romney has said he could not legally offer the church an exemption from a law that requires all adoption agencies work with same-sex couples

    12:00 AM — Further establishing himself as a right wing politician, Gov. Mitt Romney said this week he would sign a bill outlawing abortion, even in cases of rape or incest, and that he would discuss exempting Catholic charities from gay adoptions.The governor has agreed to meet with the state's Roman Catholic bishops to discuss their bid to exempt Christian charities from gay adoptions.

  • Study reveals high HIV risk from outdoor sex

    Data was collected using a cross-section of men from directly within the PSE

    12:00 AM — People who have unprotected anal sex outdoors are at high risk of HIV reinfections, research shows.According toa Scottish Study, those who have been tested HIV are still at risk of infection, the paper "describes sexual risk behaviours and HIV testing amongst men who cruise an urban public sex environment (PSE) in southern England."

  • 2nd March 2006

    Minister faces ban for marrying lesbian couples

    The Rev Jane Spahr of San Rafael will be tried by the judicial body of the Presbyterian Church, punishment could include anything from a rebuke to a 30 year ban from the ministry

    12:00 AM — An American minister could face expulsion after accusations that she led marriage ceremonies for two lesbian couples in California.The Rev Jane Spahr of San Rafael will be tried by the judicial body of the Presbyterian Church, punishment could include anything from a rebuke to a 30 year ban from the ministry.Ms Spahr, who is also a lesbian activist, insists she was honouring her personal conscience and relationship with God when she officiated at the ceremonies.

  • Gay officer sues township

    The lawsuit says there is rampant homophobia in the law enforcement community

    12:00 AM — A gay police officer who's colleague outed him to the rest of his force is pursuing legal action against his department.In 2001 Michael J. Kurz, 34, who worked at the Washington Township Police Department confided in a co worker that he was gay, his secret was then exposed to the rest of his colleagues.

  • US gays denied lower tax rates 1

    Gay families pay on average higher taxes and get fewer benefits

    12:00 AM — Gay couples in America who are married have no right to lower tax rates as the US government only recognises straight marriage, according to the Internal Revenue Service.The IRS has sent out warnings that same sex couples legally married in Massachusetts or registered as domestic partners in states such as California and New Jersey still have to file separate income tax forms, rather than joint ones which straight couples who divide their incomes do.

  • Republicans using gay marriage campaign to recruit members

    The discs contain video clips from state governors talking about what they consider as the dangers of gay marriage and why they believe a constitutional amendment is needed to ensure marriage remains between a man and woman

    12:00 AM — The Minnesota Republican Party is being accused of secretly building up a voter database through a CD-Rom campaigning for a gay marriage ban.Democrats are complaining that the disc will gather false data just from people putting it on their computers. The discs contain video clips from state governors talking about what they consider as the dangers of gay marriage and why they believe a constitutional amendment is needed to ensure marriage remains between a man and woman.

  • 1st March 2006

    Warship to host gay wedding 1

    The Warrior is known as the pride of Queen Victoria, launched in the 1860s, it revolutionaries warship construction. It was fuelled by steam and sail

    12:00 AM — One of the 19th Century's fastest and largest battleships is set to make more waves when she hosts her first civil partnership.Lieutenant Commander Jim Phillips, 31, will become the second Royal Navy officer to have a same sex ceremony when he registers his partnership to Marcus Rutter on HMS Warrior this weekend.

  • Gay marriage bans cause stress, study says 4

    The research claims that bans increases depression and isolation

    12:00 AM — Same sex marriage bans cause mental stress for gays and lesbians, according to a US study.The research, "I do, but I can't," at the National Sexuality Resource Centre, in San Francisco, found that denying same-sex couples the same marriage rights as heterosexuals created "the mental distress of second-class citizenship." They claim bans increases depression and isolation.

  • Size matters to gay men, research shows

    The team questioned over 250 gay men in their twenties about their self esteem and how they saw their own bodies

    12:00 AM — Dutch researchers have found that genitalia size is of prime importance to how gay men see themselves.A study at Utrecht University, in the Netherlands concluded that gay men believe a larger penis contributes to a better life and lovemaking.The team questioned over 250 gay men in their twenties about their self esteem and how they saw their own bodies.

  • 28th February 2006

    Gay killer quizzed over second murder 1

    Police are now speculating whether Nudds murdered 83 year old Colonel Riley Workman after a gay affair

    12:00 AM — A man jailed yesterday for killing an alleged gay lover is facing fresh questioning over the murder of an ex colonel.Northampton Crown Court found Christopher Nudds, 27, guilty of shooting traveller Fred Moss, dismembering his body and burning it in the countryside. He was jailed for 30 years.However, police are now speculating whether the killer also shot 83 year old Colonel Riley Workman after a gay affair.

  • Africans jailed for gay sex

    Homosexuality is seen as a curse in some traditional African beliefs

    12:00 AM — Two Cameroonians were jailed yesterday after admitting to having gay sex.A court in Cameroon, where homosexuality is illegal, jailed the men for a year. One of the men said he had been tricked into the act on a false promise that he would be taken to Europe.The country's tabloid newspapers sold out last month after publishing lists and photos of allegedly gay public figures in what their editors justified as a crusade against "deviant behaviour".

  • Senior Bishop backs gay support group

    Changing Attitude has branches in more than half the dioceses of the Church of England and has sister organisations in Scotland and New Zealand

    12:00 AM — A senior Suffolk bishop has sparked controversy amongst worshippers after helping to launch a gay Christian support groupThe Rt Rev Richard Lewis, Bishop of the St Edmundsbury and Ipswich Diocese, will launch the Gay Christian Support Group which will recognise the contributions that gay and lesbian Christians make.Rev Lewis is a patron of Changing Attitude, a worldwide Anglican group which works for gay and lesbian affirmation within the community

  • Gay Games will not row on Crystal Lake

    Gay Games officials believe the opposition is an excuse to discriminate against the gay and lesbian community

    12:00 AM — The Crystal Lake Park District in Chicago has given in to residents complaints by turning down the Gay Games request to host its rowing event in the area.Illinois residents filed complaints last week with the Crystal Lake Park District over plans to allow this summer's Gay Games to host a rowing event in the area.

  • Sheffield gay bar ransacked

    Sheffield gay bar, Club X-es was trashed by a gang of five early on Sunday morning

    12:00 AM — Gay clubbers were attacked on the weekend in a suspected homophobic attack on a Sheffield night club.Sheffield gay bar, Club X-es was trashed by a gang of five early on Sunday morning. Three patrons who tried to intervene were injured and many others were hurt in the crossfire of smashed windows and optics.South Yorkshire Police confirmed they are treating it as "a homophobic incident".

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